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March 04, 2004

More Troubles For Sun 'n Fun

Widow of 2002 Crash Victim Sues Feds, City ANN has extensively reported on various safety concerns at the annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-In in Lakeland (FL). While event organizers seem to believe it's all in our heads, others realize the validity of the concerns we raised regarding the busy event's aircraft operations. Just ask one unfortunate woman, who lost her husband two years ago. The widow of a pilot killed at Lakeland's annual aeronautical event is now suing the federal government, the fly-in organizers and the city of Lakeland over his death in 2002. Jerry Morrison died when his Van's RV-6A collided with another aircraft during landing.

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RotorWay Exec Crashes In Ohio; Occupants Survive

NTSB Investigates 'Mechanical Problem' 

It could take several weeks before federal investigators determine what caused a small helicopter to crash into a Medina (OH) neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. The pilot, Brian C. Geoffrion, 47, of Willowick, and his wife, Linda, 33, were listed in fair condition Monday at Cleveland's MetroHealth Hospital, recovering from injuries in the crash. The couple, through a hospital spokeswoman, declined to comment. Geoffrion was flying his homemade experimental RotorWay Exec helicopter from an airstrip in Portage County to another landing area near Medina County's Litchfield Township when he reported experiencing a mechanical problem over Medina at 1:25 p.m. Sunday. As he attempted to make an emergency landing in a small cul-de-sac ne

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Update: Man Accused Of Stealing, Crashing Plane Arrested

Theft Was For Drunken Joy Ride

Authorities have arrested a man accused of stealing and crashing a single-engine plane in Brazoria County (TX). you may recall ANN's coverage on Tuesday, which described the attempted theft of a Cessna 172. The wrecked airplane was found, but the thief was long gone. On Wednesday, however, authorities caught their man. Louis Paul Kadlecek, 21, faces felony theft and criminal mischief charges. Authorities said Kadlecek had been drinking since his birthday the previous Wednesday and decided to take the Skyhawk for a joy ride. He must have forgotten the "eight hours -- bottle to throttle" rule.

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OurPLANE Selects ElectronicFlight Solutions For Training

Software To Be Used In Fractional Line

OurPLANE, the fractional ownership company for general aviation pilots, has selected the ElectronicFlight Solutions’ CompleteLearning avionics training software for its pilots. This multimedia avionics training program will allow the OurPLANE fractional owner to become proficient with the installed avionics before beginning the hands-on training. Partners in OurPLANE’s Cirrus aircraft will receive ElectronicFlight’s Garmin GPS training module with the S-TEC 55X Autopilot, WX-500 Stormscope and Skywatch Traffic Awareness modules. Owners of OurPLANE’s other aircraft will receive avionics training packages tailored the specific avionics installed in each aircraft.

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Politics As Usual? NATCA Endorses Kerry

The Real Deal Or NATCA Politics At Play? As the campaigning for the White house intensifies, so does the mix of political and industry issues. On Wednesday, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) gave its full support to Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign, declaring Senator Kerry as the candidate "who will ensure that the safety of the flying public never takes a back seat to political ideology or special interests." Mind you, NATCA seems to be basing their endorsement, in part, on a largely unsuccessful fight they waged last year over a situation that (technically) didn't exist -- namely FAA's so-called attempt to privatize ATC based on the decision to designate a small number of control towers to be operated under priv

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CASA: Fuel System Icing Can Be Fatal

Agency Offers Valuable Seminars

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia is conducting a national program of seminars to inform pilots of light aircraft of the dangers of fuel system icing. The series of 10 special seminars on icing in carburetors and fuel induction systems begins in Launceston on March 22. The seminars are being held in the wake of a report into a fatal light aircraft crash at Trefoil Island in Tasmania where fuel system icing may have been a significant factor.

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U.S. Wants Own Inspectors At Foreign Airports

Part Of New 'Immigration Security Initiative'

The United States wants to place its own inspectors at several foreign airports within months to seek out potential terrorists, a plan which some foreign officials say would undermine their sovereignty. Robert Bonner, the U.S. Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, told Reuters on Tuesday the agency was in preliminary talks with a number of countries about the new "Immigration Security Initiative," under which U.S. inspectors would vet the passports of U.S.-bound travelers.

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Lawmakers Meet With Boeing Chief

Discussed Tanker Deal, Among Other Things

With the 767 tanker program in trouble and the Wichita plant's future uncertain, members of Kansas' congressional delegation met Wednesday with Boeing chief executive Harry Stonecipher. And they have questions. Stonecipher's visit with Tiahrt, Roberts, Sen. Sam Brownback and Rep. Jerry Moran, R-Hays, is his first since taking over for ousted chief executive Phil Condit in December. The meeting was promised in January, after a rumored sale of Boeing Wichita prompted a hastily arranged conference call in which Stonecipher reassured lawmakers that the plant wasn't for sale -- right now. Since then, the sale rumors have died down while the tanker tribulation continues.

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Allied Pilots Association Submits Results to NTSB On AA Flight 587 Investigation

Eleven Safety Improvements Recommended

The Allied Pilots Association (APA), which represents the 11,000 pilots who fly for American Airlines, submitted this week its official recommendations to the NTSB following a nearly three-year long investigation into the crash of American Airlines Flight 587. As expected, the organization faulted the aircraft manufacturer. The accident occurred November 12, 2001, at Belle Harbor, New York, shortly after take-off of when the aircraft tail separated from the fuselage. APA investigators, led by First Officer John David, said four areas were critical in causing the accident, including the fact that aircraft manufacturer Airbus failed to notify pilots about the unique characteristics of the rudder control system.

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Millville Airport To Help Restore Vietnam-era Aircraft

A-4 Skyhawk To Get Beauty Treatment

A partnership between the Millville Army Air Field Museum and the New Jersey Academy of Aviation Science will allow an A-4 Skyhawk aircraft, which flew in Vietnam, to be restored for public display. The museum obtained this plane in the 1990s, Robbins said. Because the Navy opted to keep its engine, the fighter will remain on static display. The museum team found out the A-4 was previously used by the Navy's Blue Angels, leaving the blue/yellow paint scheme as a decorative choice for the museum.

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NAFI's New/Renewed Master Instructors

Organization Lauds February's Master CFIs

The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) just announced their February Master Instructors appointment/renewals. The Master Instructor designation is a national accreditation recognized by the FAA that is earned by a candidate through a rigorous process of continuing education and peer review. Much like a flight instructor's certificate, it must be renewed biennially. Simply put, the Master Instructor designation is a means by which to identify those outstanding aviation educators, those "Teachers of Flight," who are demonstrating an ongoing commitment to excellence, professional growth, and service to the aviation community. The FAA recently approved the designation as an alternate means for CFIs to renew their flight inst

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American Airlines to Reinstate Haiti Service

Flights To Resume On Friday

American Airlines will resume its daily service to Haiti on Friday, March 5 from both New York's Kennedy Airport and Miami. American had suspended all of its service to and from Haiti on Feb. 26 through Wednesday, March 3 after the civil uprising in the unstable Caribbean nation. American suspended service after many of its employees had difficulty getting to work at the Port-au-Prince airport because of civil disturbances. President Jean Betrand Aristide resigned and left the country on Sunday. A large extra contingent of US Marines then occupied the airport and other key facilities throughout the capital city of Port au Prince. With the international airport now under Us control, airlines -- like American -- are able to safely resume their operati

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NASA Returns Stolen Moon Rock To Honduras

Space Crime Doesn't Pay

A tiny lunar rock that was stolen from Honduras in the early 1990s was presented to Honduran President Ricardo Maduro on Saturday, at a ceremony to mark the rock's return. "Thank you for returning this material that is so valuable to the world," said Maduro, in a ceremony attended by NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe and Peruvian astronaut Carlos Noriega. NASA had turned over the moon rock to the Honduran ambassador in September after a federal court held the chunk rightfully belonged to Honduras. The rock was transported from the moon aboard Apollo 17. U.S. President Richard M. Nixon gave the 1.142-gram chunk to his counterpart, general Oswaldo Lopez Arellano, in 1973.

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Where No Man Has Gone Before

Rosetta Spacecraft Begins Voyage to Comet  

Europe's Rosetta space mission, which aims to chase and then land on a comet in search of secrets of the history of the solar system, has begun its ten year voyage after the spacecraft separated from an Ariane rocket early Tuesday. The rocket departed from the European Space Agency's (ESA) launch center in Kourou, French Guiana on the northeast coast of South America at 4:17 a.m. local time (2:17 a.m. EST) on the first stage of the mission's 4.34 billion-mile, 10-year journey to reach the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

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Lunar Travel Goes To The Really Big Screen

Tom Hanks Will Produce IMAX Moon Mission Documentary  

"Apollo 13" star Tom Hanks is set to return to the Moon, teaming up with big-screen movie firm Imax Corp. to produce a 3D documentary about NASA's historic lunar voyages. Imax said on Wednesday the two-time Oscar winner will co-produce and likely narrate "Magnificent Desolation," which will use never before seen photographs and previously unreleased NASA footage. Hanks and Imax first announced plans for the project in December 2002, but said the 45-minute movie is now on track for a 2005 release.

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ANN Free Classifieds Featured Ad: Kitfox III

For Sale: Kitfox III R582 0-timed, Ivo elec prop, LP Aero wndshld/bubble doors, Wing tanks, Matco wheels/brakes, Grove gear, strobes, Icom A200, Garmin GTX 320 xpdr, PAI 700 Vert. Card comp, Elec. Turn Co-ord, ASI, VSI, ALT, RPM, EGT, Fuel Press, Voltmeter, Dig. Clock/Timer Exterior Quality: 8, Interior Quality: 8 Used, will sell for $19,900.00 (or best offer)

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TX TFR 03/05

The Prez Is In Town

NOTAM:  4/1651  Issued:  03/02/2004 13:35  Effective:  03/05/2004 00:00 - 03/08/2004 17:05  State:  TX  Facility:  ZFW - FORT WORTH (ARTCC),TX.  Type:  VIP  Description:  WACO, TEXAS, MARCH 4-8, 2004 LOCAL.   

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (03.04.04)

Aero-News: Quote of the Day

"As far as tax revenues for government, as far as the economic impact statewide, Boeing's future is a huge issue for the state." Source: US Rep. Jerry Moran, R-Hays (KS) commenting on his first visit with new Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher. Moran and thee other US lawmakers met with the new Boeing chief on Wednesday. The meeting was promised in January, after a rumored sale of Boeing Wichita prompted a hastily arranged conference call in which Stonecipher reassured lawmakers that the plant wasn't for sale -- for now.

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AD: AeroSpace Technologies of Australia

AD NUMBER: 2004-05-02

MANUFACTURER: AeroSpace Technologies of Australia Pty Ltd. SUBJECT: Wing Fittings SUMMARY: The FAA adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all AeroSpace Technologies of Australia Pty Ltd. (ASTA) Models N22B, N22S, and N24A airplanes. This AD requires you to repetitively inspect wing fittings for fatigue defects, replace or correct defective wing fittings, and replace the stub wing front spar assembly and wing fitting when fatigue life limits are reached.

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AD: Mitsubishi MU-2

AD NUMBER: 2003-22-07R1

MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi SUBJECT: Pilot Training On Icing Conditions SUMMARY: The FAA is revising Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2003-22-07, which applies to all Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Mitsubishi) MU-2B series airplanes. AD 2003-22-07 requires incorporating information into the Limitations Section of the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) that requires pilot training before flight into known or forecast icing conditions after a certain date. AD 2003-22-07 resulted from the development of a new training video that includes information that is critical to safety of the MU-2B series airplanes.

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