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March 04, 2005

Klyde Morris 03.04.05

Klyde Adds A Little Perspective To Global Endeavors

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CABAA Gets The FAA In Their Corner

FAA Cooperates With Local Operators

The Chicago Area Business Aviation Association (CABAA) announced they've made vital progress in conjunction with the FAA to reduce low altitude flying over Lake Michigan.

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ILS Atlas V Gets Go-Ahead for GPS Mission in 2007

Seventh EELV to Launch

It's a go. International Launch Services will go ahead with a mission to launch a Global Positioning System satellite in early 2007 after the US Air Force gave the go ahead.

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SJ30-2 FAA Static Testing Finalized

Test Aircraft Is Removed From Test Rig

Can the SJ30-2 take the pressure and stress of certification? Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corp. says it can. The company announced Thursday that they have finalized all required static testing for FAA certification of their new airframe.

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Cougar Helicopters Picks Blue Sky Network And Iridium

No More Hide And Go Seek

Where's my helicopter? Cougar Helicopters plans to know the answer to that question from now on. Cougar will be using the Blue Sky Network SkyRouter Tracking System to manage their fleet of helicopters and workboats.

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Who's Really Behind GlobalFlyer?

Sure, There's Rutan And Branson, But Who Else?

If you were hoping for an expose on how the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderbergers are behind this affront to isolationism, you've come to the wrong website. But if you want to know about the amazing technology of this plane and who's behind it you came to the right place.

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Raytheon Aircraft Services Launches New Max Programs

Spend More, Save More

Raytheon Aircraft Company announced two new programs to help operators save money on Thursday. MaxPower and MaxServices programs are designed to reward aircraft owners for membership and the use of Raytheon Aircraft Services.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (03.04.05)

"...we believe that NTSB has yet to fully explain the benefit to the public of increasing the reporting burden on business aircraft operators." Source: NBAA President Ed Bolen, voicing concerns about the NTSB's recent notices about accident reporting.

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AD: Cessna

AD NUMBER: PL2005-05-52 MANUFACTURER: Cessna SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive PL2005-05-52 SUMMARY: Emergency AD 2005-05-51 was considered an interim action to immediately require visual inspection of the forward, aft, and auxiliary wing spars for cracks.

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Certified: 172S Skyhawk With G1000

Cessna Aircraft Company has just received a TC for its 172S Skyhawk equipped with the Garmin G1000.

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NBAA President Bolen Concerned About NTSB Accident Report Burden

NBAA President Ed Bolen has made it clear that he has concerns about the NTSB's recent notices about accident reporting.

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AOPA: FAA Plan to Decommission Two New England VORs 'Shortsighted'

"There Is No Logic..."

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association believes the Federal Aviation Administration is being shortsighted as the agency decides whether or not to decommission two heavily used VOR radio navigation aids (navaids) in southern New England.

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Look Ma... No Gauges! Another G1000 Milestone As Husband/Wife Students Solo DA40

It was only a matter of time before a new generation of aviators started climbing the aeronautical ladder... without benefit of (now) old-style "steam gauges." Well, it has started happening... and this time, it's a family affair.

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