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April 19, 2024

Boom Supersonic Gets Authorization for Supersonic Flights

XB-1 Now has a Date with the Black Mountain Supersonic Corridor

Boom Supersonic got the first instance of Special Flight Authorization to go supersonic, planning to push their XB-1 aircraft beyond the sound barrier. The FAA granted the authorization for them to test fly at Mach 1+ in the R-2508 Complex and part of the R-2515 High Altitude Supersonic Corridor. The FAA says that it completed a thorough review and Environmental Assessment, paving the way for future supersonic flight testing in the commercial sphere. The testing will see the XB-1 push the limited with a T-38 chase plane tagging along, monitoring, recording, and adding some extra safety of flight assurance. Naturally, the authorization extends to the chase plane, too.

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Blackcomb Helicopters Opens Powerline Training Facility

Mission-Driven Helo Playground Provides Realism in Training

Blackcomb Helicopters announced a new addition to its Advanced Training Center in the Powerline Training Facility, a skill-building emporium of structures suited to proper SAR operations. The location in Pemberton, British Columbia, "stands as a testament to Blackcomb Helicopters’ commitment to excellence in utility operations, offering a controlled and safe environment where crew can hone their abilities and ensure precision performance in the field." Powerline is equipped with a double circuit, 138KV monopole with five structures; a self-supporting lattice tower; a single circuit, 230 KV H-frame with four structures; a practice H-frame structure; 2 culverts for pole sets; and

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EP Systems' Battery Offers 90 Minutes of Flight Time with 1/2-Hr Quick Charge

Usable Battery Pack On the Way for Flight Trainers, Pattern Burners

EP Systems came to AERO 2024 in Friedrichshafen, Germany with their EPiC 2.0 aircraft energy storage system. The system is said to provide 30 minutes of additional flight time over existing battery packs used in electric aircraft, while requiring no considerable engineering to make the switch. The drop-in system replaces their EPiC 1.0 TSO package, allowing early adopters to stay abreast of modern tech and gain about 50% in endurance. 

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Airborne 04.16.24: RV Update, Affordable Flying Expo, Diamond Lil

Also: B-29 Superfortress Reunion, FAA Wants Controllers, Spirit Airlines Pulls Back, Gogo Galileo 

Van's Aircraft posted a short video recapping the goings-on around their reorganization as they continue to move away from the brink, and by all accounts, things are going great. Clyde Hamstreet indicated that things are going pretty well in the Chapter 11 process, and they expect their reorganization plan to be approved by the court come May. Hammerstreet noted, with pleasure, that few companies in a similar position manage to survive the process, but Van's is sitting pretty. The Affordable Flying Expo is on the books for January 9th throu

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500th PT-6 E Series Engine Rolls off the Line

2019 Introduction Becoming a Fast Favorite on the Turboprop Scene

It may seem a bit silly to have a favorite engine in the aviation world, with so many stalwart classics to choose from, but for enjoyers of smaller, more accessible aircraft, the Pratt & Whitney PT-6 series probably finds a spot on the top 10 no matter what. The E-Series, as Pratt & Whitney designates their latest and greatest version, recently shipped out the 500th unit at their Lethbridge, Canada production line. The engines have mostly been delivered to Daher for their TBM 960, and Pilatus for use in their PC-12 NGX.

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ALPA Expresses Support for Boeing Congressional Oversight Efforts

ALPA Prez Ambrosi Applauds Congressional Boeing Oversight

On April 17, 2024, in response to recent U.S. Senate hearings scrutinizing Boeing's safety practices, Captain Jason Ambrosi, president of the Air Line Pilots Association International, expressed strong support for the oversight efforts. The hearings, spearheaded by Senators Maria Cantwell of Washington and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, addressed concerns over Boeing's handling of safety protocols in their manufacturing processes and whistleblower treatments.

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AMA IAC in Muncie Hosted Eclipse Observers

AMA Hosts Eclipse Watchers, Promotes Model Aviation

On April 8, 2024, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) International Aeromodeling Center (IAC) in Muncie, Indiana, became a bustling hub of activity as over a thousand enthusiasts and spectators gathered to witness a rare total solar eclipse. The AMA IAC, recognized as an official viewing site, partnered with the city of Muncie to host this unique astronomical event, which captivated attendees with more than just a celestial phenomenon.

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Airborne Affordable Flyers 04.18.24: CarbonCub UL, Fisher, Affordable Flyer Expo

Also: Junkers A50 Heritage, Montaer Grows, Dynon-Advance Flight Systems, Vans' Latest 

Officially, the Carbon Cub UL and Rotax 916 iS is now in its 'market survey development phase', meaning it's just about to head into the oven, but the recipe isn't inked just yet. CubCrafters VP Brad Damm wants to see everyone chip in with their two cents to see how they feel about the prospective aircraft. So far, everything that's been shown off paints a very attractive portrait of a lightweight, capable, eager little bird, boasting an empty weight "well below 900 lbs..." CKD Aerospace hit innovation preview with a couple goodies right off the bat, updati

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Airborne-Flight Training 04.17.24: Feds Need Controllers, Spirit Delay, Redbird

Also: Martha King Scholarship, Montaer Grows, Textron Updates Pistons, FlySto

The FAA is hiring thousands of air traffic controllers, but the window to apply will only be open for a short time. The FAA has issued a call to action, requesting anyone and everyone meeting the relatively accommodating standards. They will have to bolster their numbers soon, with plans to hire 1,800 more controllers this year, and another 2,000 in 2025. Spirit Airlines announced its decision to defer the delivery of new Airbus aircraft and furlough approximately 260 pilots. The budget airline, headquartered in Miramar, Florida, is taking these measures as part of its s

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Airborne 04.12.24: SnF24!, G100UL Is Here, Holy Micro, Plane Tags

Also: Seaplane Pilots Association, Rotax 916’s First Year, Gene Conrad

After a decade and a half of struggling with the FAA and other aero-politics, G100UL is in production and there are a million gallons currently available. You can NEVER have too many good aids in keeping a flight safe... Holy Micro has an interesting approach to keeping pilots informed. The folks at Plane Tags have collected memorabilia from over 200 aircraft of all makes and categories... And offer mementos of great planes in aviation’s proud history. SPA’s Steve McCaughey updates the Airborne team on the latest and greatest in one of the aviation world&rsquo

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Klyde Morris (04.19.24)

Klyde's Plans For SUN n FUN Continue To Cause Grief...


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North Dakota UAS Set Site Celebrates 10th Anniversary

NPAUSTS UAS Set Site Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUASTS) in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is celebrating its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of significant contributions to the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry. Since its inception in December 2013, the site has been instrumental in developing systems, rules, and procedures to integrate UAS safely into the National Airspace System.

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FAA Allows Alaskan Flights After Computer SNAFU

Alaska and Horizon Jets End Grounded for an Hour

Alaska Airlines was given a brief ground stop by the FAA, lasting from 10:50 eastern to just about an hour later on April 17th. The culprit? A computer system "upgrade" that messed with their flight planning capability. In a statement to the media, Alaska Airlines said "This morning we experienced an issue while performing an upgrade to the system that calculates our weight and balance," only adding that the knock-on effects of the pause would affect flights throughout the day.  

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Airborne 04.11.24: SnF24!, King's 50th, Top Rudder, Aileronics

Also: Flight Club, Jet Shades, MyGoFlight’s FlightFlix Acquisition

FIFTY YEARS! What a milestone for the aviation world’s master aero-education duo! John, Martha, along with their CEO Barry Knutilla have come to Sun ‘n Fuin to celebrate a half-century of keeping us educated while also casting eyes upon the future. Ya want to land and take off REALLY short? Ya want to keep it simple? Ya want it to cost less than your house? Bryce Angell’s newly created Top Rudder aircraft has some affordable, highly capable STOL-ready aero-toys for you! The ultimate cockpit visual aid? Aileronics has introduced the Sentinel, a portable senso

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Airborne 04.10.24: SnF24!, A50 Heritage Reveal, HeliCycle!, Montaer MC-01

Also: Bushcat Woes, Hummingbird 300 SL 4-Seat Heli Kit, Carbon Cub UL

The newest Junkers is a faithful recreation that mates a 7-cylinder Verner radial engine to the airframe offered last year with a Rotax 912... but a desire for more historic accuracy led to the A50 Heritage. The Helicycle has gone through a number of owners and iterations but looks to be in good hands with a company that keeps tweaking and improving this unique turbine single-engine, single-seat kit helicopter. The Brazilian Montaer MC-01 is about to be joined by a four-place sibling, the MC-04. The two-seater is holding its own though with a number of impressive fleet sales and growing pop

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IMPORTANT: eSportPlane Resource Guide Survey Data Sought

Easy Online Forms Available For Sport Plane Manufacturers And Suppliers To Be Listed In The Upcoming eSPRG

Work on the SportPlane Resource Guide is going well… Albeit a little bit behind schedule, because as we got into this process, things became a bit more complicated simply because we learned we could do an even better job at certain aspects of this project than we thought from the beginning. They say that the enemy of true quality is the phrase "good enough" and we want to be far more than “good enough.” FMI:, Read More

Airborne Programming Continues Serving SportAv With 'Airborne-Affordable Flyers'

With The eSPRG Only Weeks Away From Its Start Date, A-AF Will Help To Support Sport Flyers, Worldwide

With the all-new and all-digital SportPlane Resource Guide getting ready for publication early next year, the Aero-News Network is pleased to announce yet another addition to the Airborne video news programming roster… Airborne-Affordable Flyers. Dedicated to keeping people up-to-date on the most affordable aspects of sport and general aviation, Airborne-Affordable Flyers is one of our most exciting offerings yet. A-AF will delve into more than just the current LSA community, but look at all aspects of aviation to examine and ev

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NTSB Final Report: Luscombe 8A

Surveillance Cameras Recorded The Airplane Depart The Runway Surface, Bounce, And Impact A Hangar

Analysis: The pilot reported that during the landing roll his feet become entangled in the rudder pedals and he inadvertently applied brake pressure. The airplane veered left and the pilot unsuccessfully attempted to regain directional control with opposite rudder and increased engine power. Airport surveillance cameras recorded the airplane depart the runway surface, bounce, and impact a hangar, which resulted in substantial damage to both wings and the fuselage.

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We're Accepting Resumes -- AND Hiring! ANN Puts Out 'Help Wanted' Sign

BIG Upgrades In The Works --- ANN Is Seeking EXCEPTIONAL New Staffers

The last few years have been about as challenging a time as we can recall... but we survive (yeah, we're kinda surprised, too) and look forward to 2023 and what we see as a very rewarding (and yes, still challenging) new generation of activities at ANN. After some truly weird times during the pandemic, ANN continues to expand slowly, but surely, and we have some truly intriguing upgrades coming up over the next few months. In other words, we're about to grow again -- REALLY/TRULY -- and in some novel directions. The much-appreciated expansion of  Read More

Expanding Our Vast Horizons... ANN Now Available on Roku and FireTV!

And That's But One Of Over A Dozen Major Developments Planned For The Next Year Or So

Aero-News Network is now available on Roku and Amazon FireTV! That’s right folks. You can now get your daily dose of aviation news… right on the ol' giggle box! This is an EPIC development for our network, one of many to come, and we’re thrilled to offer you this new way to watch our news programming. Whether you’re a traditional website reader, podcast listener, or YouTube subscriber, we’re dedicated to giving you quality, honest, aviation news that you can trust and broadening our reach and audience aggressively in the coming years, so that we may both Grow and Inform the aviatio

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Aero-Biz Survival 101 (1120a): Expert Ideas To Help You Through Tough Times

Brand New! Avoid The Need For A Comeback... Get Your Marketing Right, Right Now!

Some time ago, the Aero-News Network, responding to numerous requests, established a marketing and communications sister company by the name of AEROPRENEUER... and it's been doing amazing work under these difficult circumstances -- and getting results! We're getting rave reviews from our clients, and working hard to earn the trust of a number of new marketing partners along the way. ANN's Amber Cedroni has come up with a few tips to help aero-businesses stay alive in these tough times, and

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The SportPlane Resource Guide RETURNS!!!!

Emphasis On Growing The Future of Aviation Through Concentration on 'AFFORDABLE FLYERS'

It's been a number of years since the Latest Edition of Jim Campbell's HUGE SportPlane Resource Guide first saw the light of day. That massive 1100 page book last featured over 800 exciting sport aircraft from all over the SportPlane universe... at a time when the SportPlane industry was still a healthy, thriving enterprise (those were the days...). While there has been some consideration, off and on, toward updating the nearly 5 pound book, the near implosion of the SportPlane and kit industry over the last decade has made such a pursuit an unwieldy one... until now.

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Read/Watch/Listen... ANN Does It All

There Are SO Many Ways To Get YOUR Aero-News!

It’s been a while since we have reminded everyone about all the ways we offer your daily dose of aviation news here is a full list of ways you can subscribe to our channels and get notifications when there are new episodes or breaking news! 1) Subscribe To Our Newsletter When surveyed, almost half of our audience shared with us that they rely on our daily newsletter to get their aviation news for the day and stay up-to-date in their field or craft. Are you subscribed yet? If not, use the link below to receive our daily Propwash emails that always feature a feed of our latest stories and breaking news. SUBSCRIBE >&g

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.19.24)

Aero Linx: Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC) The Latin American Civil Aviation Commission, LACAC, is an international organization with a consultative character, and its conclusions, recommendations and resolutions will be subject to the approval of each one of the member States. The primary objective of the Commission is to provide the civil aviation authorities of the member States an appropriate framework within which to discuss and plan all the required measures for cooperation and coordination of all their civil aviation activities.

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ANN FAQ: Follow Us On Instagram!

Get The Latest in Aviation News NOW on Instagram

Are you on Instagram yet? It's been around for a few years, quietly picking up traction mostly thanks to everybody's new obsession with mobile photography. Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone - which has lent itself well to the news industry. Did you know that approx. 62% of adults in the United States get their news from social media? That’s more than you thought right! Aero-News Net

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.19.24): Glideslope

Glideslope Provides vertical guidance for aircraft during approach and landing. The glideslope/glidepath is based on the following: Electronic components emitting signals which provide vertical guidance by reference to airborne instruments during instrument approaches such as ILS; or, Visual ground aids, such as VASI, which provide vertical guidance for a VFR approach or for the visual portion of an instrument approach and landing. PAR. Used by ATC to inform an aircraft making a PAR approach of its vertical position (elevation) relative to the descent profile. 

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (04.19.24)

"Following XB-1's successful first flight, I'm looking forward to its historic first supersonic flight. We thank the Federal Aviation Administration for supporting innovation and enabling XB-1 to continue its important role of informing the future of supersonic travel." Source: Blake Scholl, founder, and CEO of Boom Supersonic, commenting after the XB-1 received the FAA's OK to head into supersonic flight testing when the program progresses to the proper point to do so. 

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