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April 29, 2004

Gulfstream G450 ‘On Schedule And On Budget’

You Can Never Have Too Many Gulfstreams...

Gulfstream tells ANN that only one year after the large-cabin, long-range G450 business jet accomplished its first flight, Gulfstream remains on schedule for certification by the FAA in the third quarter of this year. They expect customer deliveries to commence in the second quarter of 2005.

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Black Hawk Found: South Carolina

All Three On Board Killed

A truck driver traveling along I-95 near Florence (SC) Tuesday night spotted it first -- the tangled wreckage of a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter missing for 24 hours.

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NTSB Publishes Prelim on FXE BRS/Cirrus Chute Incident

A preliminary report on the recent Florida CAPS deployment, in IMC, has been published. Please note that this is a preliminary report and does not constitute the final decision as to the causes leading up to this accident... which, thankfully, harmed no one. Regardless of what broke/malfunctioned or not, the one over-riding conclusion we can make at this time is that the pilot made a good decision in realizing that he did not know exactly what was happening to his airplane and resorting to the one solution that he had confidence in to avoid a catastrophic accident.

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Boeing Booms

Profits Way Up, Could Be Another Sign Of Industry-Wide Recovery

Fresh from signing a contract for 50 of its still-developing 7E7 Dreamliner, Boeing Wednesday announced a hefty profit for the last quarter and raised its earning expectations for the rest of this year and all of 2005.

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Communications Tower Drops Lawsuit Against Quebec Widow

But Will Profit If Other Suits Are Successful

Communications tower owner SpectraSite has dropped its lawsuit against the Canadian widow of a pilot who crashed into its tower three years ago. But don't think the company did so out of the kindness of its heart.

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Fighters Intercept Canadian-Bound 767

But Nobody Will Say Why

We're still not sure why, but Canadian CF-18s Tuesday intercepted and followed a domestic flight until it landed in Vancouver. Canadian officials aren't saying much about the incident.

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Can We Look At That Again?

AOPA Calls For New Study To Preserve Runway

The plan to close a runway at Eugene (OH) Mahlon Sweet Field (EUG) is based on information that is so flawed, the plan should be scrapped and the study redone, says AOPA. In a letter to the airport manager, the association said the wind study used to justify the closure is so broad that it's useless.

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Patty Mitchell Flies Again

Joins Gene Nora Jessen For Marion Jayne Air Race

Retired United pilot Patty Mitchell and former 99 President Gene Nora Jessen have entered the Marion Jayne Air Race. They will fly Mitchell's 1969 Cessna 182M (file photo of type, below) in tribute to 1929 race winner Louise Thaden and carry Thaden's Race #4 as their call-sign. Gene Nora was so inspired by the 1929 Air Derby that she wrote a well regarded book about the trailblazers of aviation of 75 years ago.

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Pilots And Cropdusters Get The Big Eye

FBI Thinks Al Qaeda May Use GA Aircraft In New Wave Of Assaults

In a massive hunt for terrorists hidden in the midst of general aviation pilots, the FBI has questioned more than 3000 flyers over the past year and investigated about 11,000 agricultural aircraft.

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EAA'S Pioneer Airport Opens 2004 Season This Weekend

Popular Ford Tri-Motor Refurbished For Airplane's 75th Anniversary 

Pioneer Airport, EAA's popular re-creation of a 1930s aerodrome complete with grass runway, opens the 2004 spring flying season this weekend at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. Visitors are invited to come take part in special programs as well as many vintage airplanes on display and in the air on May 1-2.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (04.29.04)

"It's a very sad story and we didn't want to put any extra pressure on her or extra grief. She didn't need that but it's done now and we are trying to do better." Source: Jean-Francois Lebrun, Canadian spokesman for the North Carolina-based company SpectraSite, owners of a broadcast tower destroyed after it was hit by a Cessna three years ago. Pilot Gilbert Paquette's body hung in the wreckage at the top of the tower for five days before the tower itself was demolished by workers who recovered the aircraft. The upshot is, under Canadian law, SpectraSite doesn't have to sue, as long as three broadcasters whose signals emanated from that tower continue their legal battle with Paquette's widow and three children. If they win, SpectraSite wins.

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It's Never Too Early

Start Planning For The 14th Annual AOPA Fly-In And Open House

June 5 may sound a long way off, but it's only a few Saturdays away. So it's already a good time to begin planning your trip to the 14th annual AOPA Fly-In and Open House at Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK) in Frederick (MD). Arrival procedures are now available online. VFR pilots should especially be aware of the special transponder code for arriving traffic, and pilots arriving from the west and south need to pay attention to route instructions intended to keep them well clear of both P-40 (Camp David) and the Baltimore-Washington ADIZ.

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Rob Logan Wins Air Race In His Lancair

Beats 34 Other Pilots On 95-Mile Course

Among the 35 pilots who raced in this year’s Sun 100 and Sun 60 Air Races (sponsored during their formative years by ANN predecessor, US Aviator magazine) at Lakeland, FL, Rob Logan posted the fastest time, averaging 263.232 kts. Logan, who flew in from Cleveland (OH) in a Lancair (below) to compete in the race, completed the 95-miles course in 18 minutes 49 seconds, beating out six others in the 300+ horsepower class.  Keith Phillips, was second in that class, flying a Swearingen SX-300 and Michael Smith took third in another SX-300.

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Texas TFR: 4/30/04-5/02/04

NOTAM:  4/3683  Issued:  04/27/2004 16:17  Effective:  04/30/2004 19:30 - 05/02/2004 22:30  State:  TX  Facility:  ZHU - HOUSTON (ARTCC),TX.  Type:  AIR SHOWS/SPORTS  Description:  DRUAGHON-MILLER CENTRAL TEXAS REGIONAL AIRPORT, TEMPLE, TX.

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Space Station Crews In Transition

What Are Those Guys Up To, Anyway?

The five-crew members aboard the International Space Station are busy with hand over briefings and scientific experiments following their arrival early last Wednesday. The outgoing Expedition 8 crew and incoming Expedition 9 crew held a Change of Command Ceremony Tuesday.

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AD: HPH s.r.o.

AD NUMBER: 2004-09-03 MANUFACTURER: HPH s.r.o. SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2004-09-03 SUMMARY: The FAA adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain HPH s. r. o. (HPH) Models Glasflugel 304CZ, 304CZ-17, and 304C sailplanes. This AD requires you to inspect to determine the airbrake handle attachment rivet material. This AD also requires you to replace any non-steel rivet with a steel rivet. This AD is the result of mandatory continuing airworthiness information (MCAI) issued by the airworthiness authority for the Czech Republic. We are issuing this AD to prevent the airbrake handle from becoming loose, which could result in failure of the airbrake control. This failure could lead to loss of

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AD: Cessna

AD NUMBER: 2004-09-05 MANUFACTURER: Cessna SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2004-09-05 SUMMARY: This amendment adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD); applicable to certain Cessna Model 500, 501, 550, and 551 airplanes; that requires a one-time inspection of the brake stator disks to determine to what change level they have been modified (if any), and related investigative and corrective actions if necessary. This AD also requires that the existing markings on the piston housing of certain brake assemblies be eliminated. The actions specified by this AD are intended to prevent wheel lockups that may be caused by cracked or broken brake stator disks becoming jammed in the brake assembly and preventing rotation. Such

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