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April 13, 2004

Diamond Ready To Show Off New Diamond Star DA40-180FP

Diamond is showing its new Diamond Star DA40-FP this week. This fixed pitch version of the popular DA40-180 Diamond Star addresses the specific requirements of high utilization operators. Diamond is currently conducting target customer focus group sessions to evaluate and finetune the FP. Several flight schools are participating in this process to establish and prioritize their needs and preferences. The FP has been designed specifically to lower both acquisition and operating cost, minimize inspection and maintenance times and maximize dispatch reliability.

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Control Vision Introduces A Pair Of Electronic Flight Bags

Raven Fills Gap Between PDAs and Tablets, Anywhere XP™ Brings EFB Functionality to Tablets/Laptops

Control Vision has taken a bold new step with their product line and they're showing off the results this week. Control Vision Corp. will be previewing the Raven this week -- a new portable computing device for general aviation and Anywhere XP™, a suite of Electronic Flight Bag applications for tablets and laptops. Raven is a completely solid-state handheld computer built by Control Vision with a 6.5-inch diagonal color touch screen. Popular Control Vision applications including Anywhere Map®, Anywhere WX® and Pocket Plates® run on this new large-screen platform using the Windows CE.NET operating system. Additional tools such as checklists and pilots

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FAA Tries To Ground NWA Pilot

Hearing Set For June 22

Michael Hughes is in trouble. The Northwest Airlines pilot was flying a DC-9 from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN) to Sioux Falls (SD) June 24th when he ran into some weather. He's now accused of trying to land in the midst of severe thunderstorms, hail and funnel clouds.

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Buy American, But Fly What You Can

Pentagon Eyes Use Of Foreign Carriers

If the Pentagon has its way, foreign air carriers could soon join a club that has so far been exclusively American. They would be able to contract with the military to haul troops and supplies to the four corners of the globe.

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Come Out Of The Hangar

NWA: Fuel Prices Slowing Airline Recovery

We already know how much it hurts to pull in the gas station and say, "fill 'er up" (at least, those of us who either have willing and able children or are in the habit of talking to ourselves). Now imagine that means pouring thousands of gallons of Jet-A into the fuel tanks of a commercial aircraft and calculate the cost. Oh, yikes. Therein lies the rub for commercial carriers just now struggling to emerge from a three-year long economic slump. Now you know what's going through Richard Anderson's mind. He's the CEO of Northwest Airlines.

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Cessna Twin Owners: Another Heads-Up

Owner Organizations Collecting Usage Data

Several owner groups have joined forces to create a new web site,, to collect usage data for Cessna 300- and 400-series piston twins. The FAA wants this data in order to assess the impact of its proposed Airworthiness Directives that would mandate the installation of a very costly spar strap modification on these aircraft, while the owner groups are hoping that the data will help make the case for substantially relaxing the compliance times that the FAA has proposed (as low as 5,500 hours for some affected models. 

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Another Alert For Passengers And Crews

But This Time, It's The Measles

Passengers and crew members on four commercial flights between Hong Kong, Seattle (WA) and San Francisco (CA) March 26th may have a lingering -- if not dangerous -- memento of their trip: the measles.

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Cessna 182 Down: South Carolina

Three Dead

A Cessna 182 carrying three people from Aiken Municipal Airport in North Augusta (SC) to Greenville (MS) crashed Monday, killing all on board.

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LAX Blackout Causes Delays

Some 100 Flights Delayed

A brief blackout disrupted about 100 flights at Los Angeles International Airport Monday, after a power line apparently failed for about 10 seconds. But the loss of power was felt for more than two hours.

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FAA Launches Online Ice Warning Site

Shows Icing Potential From 3,000 To 18,000 Feet

The government has launched an online warning tool designed to predict inflight icing below flight levels. The program, funded by the FAA's Aviation Weather Research program, was designed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder (CO). It's part of a robust flight forecasting program available at no charge.

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Mooney Delivers Eight Aircraft in 1Q/04

"Building Backlog for Future Delivery"

Mooney Airplane Company, has disclosed that during the first quarter of 2004 is delivered eight new aircraft: six Ovation 2 DX and two Bravo DX models. In addition, the company now claims a backlog of 10 aircraft for future delivery.

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Superior Air Parts Teams Up With Teledyne Mattituck Services

Newest Factory Authorized XP-360 Engine Facility In Mattituck, NY

Teledyne Mattituck Services (TMS) of Mattituck (NY), has been named as the newest authorized engine build and acceptance test-run center for Superior Air Parts' non-certified XP-360 Engine.

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Mr. Stonecipher Goes To Washington

Boeing CEO Hopes To Dispel Notion "That We're A Bunch Of Crooks"

In what was perhaps a version of Richard Nixon's famous statement made during the Watergate investigation, Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher is in Washington (DC) this week (and every week), hoping to prove to both members of Congress and the military that his company isn't run by "a bunch of crooks."

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As If 'Normal' Weather Wasn't Enough To Deal With

The normal hazards of weather are plenty enough to deal with in the aviation biz... but sometimes the natural foes we face pale in comparison to some of the 'unnatural' ones. A T-18 SportPlane (file photo, below) found this out the hard way, getting caught in the rotorwash of a passing helo and paid the price for it's unfortunate proximity. So... in addition to all the natural hazards we face, please keep an eye out, ALSO, for the man-made "Gotchas" that may occasionally creep up and catch you unawares.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (04.13.04)

"My communications people hate that I said that, but it's served us very well," Stonecipher told the Times last week. "If you start talking about ethics and integrity, it's kind of abstract to people. But if you say to someone, 'Do you think I'm a crook?' and they say, 'No, I don't think you are,' it's something that is very clear that you can latch on to." Source: Boeing CEO Phil Condit, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, talking about his weekly missions to Washington (DC), where he hopes to meet with lawmakers, Pentagon brass and anyone else who will listen and "deal with this perception that we're a bunch of crooks." Boeing is currently the focus of two DoD investigations -- one involving a new-age launch vehicle and the other involving a bid to sell

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Defibrillators: One More Item On The Checklist

Heart Shockers Now Required On Most US Flights

Commercial aircraft (other than commuters) are now required to carry heart-shocking equipment that can save lives when time is of the essence. So far, automated external defibrillators have saved more than 45 people on aircraft, both in-flight and on the ground.

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ANN Free Classifieds Featured Ad: Kitfox III

For Sale: Kitfox III

R582 0-timed, Ivo elec prop, LP Aero wndshld/bubble doors, Wing tanks, Matco wheels/brakes, Grove gear, strobes, Icom A200, Garmin GTX 320 xpdr, PAI 700 Vert. Card comp, Elec. Turn Co-ord, ASI, VSI, ALT, RPM, EGT, Fuel Press, Voltmeter, Dig. Clock/Timer Exterior Quality: 8, Interior Quality: 8 Used, will sell for $19,900.00 (or best offer)

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How Much Does THAT One Cost?

Conklin & De Decker Releases Updated Aircraft Cost Evaluator

Conklin & de Decker has released its latest update to the industry standard for operating costs, the Aircraft Cost Evaluator. The handbook/CD ROM software package contains complete and accurate direct costs, fixed costs and annual budgets. Fractional ownership data is included. In addition to the operating costs, the ACEWin+ software contains a library of information with pilot reports, aircraft interior and exterior diagrams drawn to scale, photos and histories.

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GAMA Chimes In On Proposed Restricted Area

Is The Government Justified In Closing Airspace Over King's Bay?

The General Aviation Manufacturing Association (GAMA) doesn't think there's a need for the FAA to close off the airspace over the King's Bay submarine base in Georgia. So, GAMA Vice President for Government Affairs, Brian Riley, has put his organization's opinion on paper and in the federal record.

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ANN Update: Excel-Jet Gets 'Serious' About Certified Light Jet Race

Prototype Now Under Construction

While ANN told you this was coming MONTHS ago, we're pleased to note that the original Maverick TwinJet designer, Bob Bornhofen, is well at work on his latest "Go-Fast" design. In the race among companies offering one of the new fleet of microjets, a virtually unknown new entrant finally chose to go public with a project well on the way to completion.

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Marines To Show Off Harrier At Oshkosh

Jump Jet Returns To AirVenture

The Marine Corps AV-8B "Harrier II" jump jet, the unique fighter aircraft that features vertical takeoff ability, will appear at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004, making demonstration flights during the EAA's 52nd annual fly-in, scheduled for July 27-August 2 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh.

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