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September 24, 2004

Canadian X Prize Contenders Revise Their Planned Flight to Space

The Golden Space Program, Powered by the da Vinci Project, announced that it has revised its October 2nd planned flight to space in pursuit of the Ansari X PRIZE. Contributing factors to this revision were availability of a few key components and their integration into the overall space flight program. The Project will provide public notice of its intended flights as soon as practicable.

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Piper Hoping To Get Up To Speed ASAP... If the Hurricanes EVER Quit

In response to questions put forth by ANN, New Piper Aircraft has updated us as to the status of their return to full production... interrupted by the "charms" of Mother Nature's production of a series of hurricanes that have been plaguing the "sunshine" state. New Piper's Mark Miller noted that, "We have been working diligently to restore our business operations in the wake of Hurricane Frances. To date, we have resumed delivery of aircraft and parts shipments and brought back half of our workforce - all in just a little over two weeks."

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What Really Brought Von Richthofen Down?

New Evidence Points To Old Injury

Acknowledged as the greatest German ace of World War I, Baron Manfred von Richthofen died April 21, 1918 -- shot down by allied ground fire. But new research indicates it was the baron's bullheaded determination to fly that may have actually killed him.

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Senate Committee OKs New Photo Pilot Certificates

FAA Would Have Six Months To Licenses With Photos

The Senate Commerce Committee Wednesday approved and sent to the full Senate a bill that would give the FAA six months to issue new pilot certificates that include photo identification. AOPA has long advocated for such a move but believes that the six-month time frame for implementation is unrealistic.

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Four Dead In Florida Mishap

Aircraft Was Departing Milton

A single engine aircraft, Cessna model unknown, went down shortly after take-off Thursday near the hurricane-ravaged town of Milton (FL).

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Klyde Morris 09.24.04

Klyde... Ya Think He's A Cat Stevens Fan?

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NATCA: Runway Safety Technology Deployment At Risk

Controllers Union Blames "FAA'S Short-Sighted Budget Cuts"

From NATCA... Turning a blind eye to one of its very own performance goals, the Federal Aviation Administration is dramatically slowing the deployment of a key piece of equipment designed to reduce the threat of runway accidents, providing more proof that the agency's haphazard cuts to its modernization budget are affecting aviation safety.

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Indian Mirage 2000 Down

Pilot Safe

An Indian Air Force pilot is reportedly okay after he ejected from his Mirage 2000 just moments before the aircraft went down in a forest.

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X-43A Update: Captive Carry Rehearsal Flight Set For Monday

Dress Rehearsal For Free Flight

The captive carry flight of NASA's X-43A hypersonic research aircraft originally scheduled earlier this month has been reset for Sept. 27. Should weather or other concerns force a postponement, the captive carry mission could be flown the following day, Sept. 28. 

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Computer Burp Forces Lufthansa Cancellations

Affected Star Alliance Partners, Too

Some 6,000 passengers across Europe were stranded for a time when Lufthansa's check-in computer system went belly-up Thursday.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (09.24.04)

"It's just an unbelievable miracle. You look at that crash site, that wreckage, you'd never believe anyone could have survived." Source: Flathead County (MT) Sheriff Jim Dupont, after learning that two Forest Service workers thought to have died in the mountainside crash of a Cessna 206 Monday night had walked down from the mountain and were hitchiking along a nearby road. Jodee Hogg, 23, of Billings (MT), and Matthew Ramige, 29, of Jackson Hole (WY), were both hospitalized after they were found, both burned. The other three people aboard the Cessna were killed in the accident.

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Special Ops Command Orders 200 Cargo Drones

UAV Can Deliver The Goods On Its Own

Precision-guided munitions have successfully pinpointed aerial bombings for years. Now, the same idea is being researched for airdropping supplies and equipment. One system identified and tested by the Airdrop Technology Team at the US Army Soldier Systems Center here could soon vastly improve the way the military drops extra-light loads of supplies.

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Agusta Aerospace Sends Three Grand Helicopters To Seacor Holdings

Seacor Becomes US Launch Partner

Agusta Aerospace Corporation says Seacor Holdings Inc., an international provider of marine transportation services to the offshore oil and gas industry and parent of Tex-Air Helicopters, has placed an order for three Agusta Grand helicopters, becoming the launch customer in its sector in the USA.

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Going Steady: AirTV, Arianespace

Putting AirTV In Orbit

AirTV has signed a launch services agreement with Arianespace to orbit its first broadband spacecraft, which will deliver a new level of in-flight entertainment and connectivity for airlines worldwide. The AirTV system will provide 60+ channels of live television (in multiple languages) and 40Mbps of Internet, e-mail and data services to aircraft.

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