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January 08, 2022

Taliban MD-530 Crashed During ‘Training’

Regime's Dearth of Aviators Continues To Worsen Aircraft Attrition

The Taliban confirmed a video making the rounds earlier this week that featured one of their inherited MD-350 helicopters coming in low for a landing only to abruptly lift and veer off horizontally before impacting the ground. Like many goings on in the post US-withdrawal Afghanistan, details are few and far between, with rumors abounding unopposed until halfhearted explanations are officially sewn. Taliban spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Inayatullah Khwarazmi blamed technical issues with the aircraft, saying the 2 injured pilots are expected to recover. "The helicopter crashed and is destroyed. Our pilots are injured but we don't have fatalities. One of the pilots is i

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WI Environmental Group Lawsuit Dismissed

Construction In Support of Guard Unit’s Transition to F-35 May Continue

A Federal Judge has dismissed one of the 2 lawsuits filed by an environmental group seeking to halt a series of construction projects required to host the 115th Fighter Wing's new F-35 fighters. The Safe Skies Clean Water organization sought to pause  27 new developments for a study on their environmental effect. The judge said that the National Guard had fulfilled their obligations through their environmental assessments under the law, but Safe Skies wants a much more costly, lengthy study. 

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