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January 23, 2011

Classic Aero-TV: LSA Market Perspectives – What Will Attract Customers in 2010?

2010 Sport Aviation Expo Company Attendees Reflect on the LSA Market

ANN Note: As we cover the 2011 US Sport Aviation Expo, ANN has to admit that we have great concerns about the direction and viability of the LSA market. While events like the US SAE have done a spectacular job (no kidding... we are truly impressed) of helping to provide a focal point for all things LSA, the poor direction provided to LSA by the FAA and a number of the alphabet associations leaves us wondering whether or not the the tremendous potential offered by the LSA market will ever get the chance to become a reality. 

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Research From The 2011 US Sport Aviation Expo: The Business Of LSA

For Some Companies, It Was Sadly Lacking At Sebring

Aviation has such a strong mystique and charisma to it, that anyone can make money in it. Aviation is not a get rich quick field. It's a get rich slowly, consistently, doing what you want to do, while being paid for flying field. And anyone can do it.

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Pilots Committed To Mesa Air Group’s Success

However, Union Says Management Must Recognize Pilots’ Contributions To Airline As Company Emerges From Bankruptcy

First Officer Marcin Kolodziejczyk, chairman of the Mesa Air Group (MAG) unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), issued a statement after the announcement today that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court confirmed MAG’s Plan of Reorganization.

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Travel Companies Launch Effort To Keep Airlines On Comparison Shopping Sites

Concerns Raised About 'Direct Connection' Options Offered By Individual Carriers

More than 115 of the nation's largest travel companies and organizations have launched "Open Allies for Airfare Transparency," an industry-wide effort to urge major airlines to share all of their fare and ancillary fee information through the distribution systems they currently use.

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FAA Document Clears Up Some IFR Departure Confusion

What To Do When No Departure Procedure Is Issued With Clearance

Some confusion exists as to what a pilot is supposed to do when a "Cleared as Filed" clearance is issued by ATC from an airport, but no Departure Procedure (DP) is assigned in the clearance. ATC at some airports may not issue a Departure Procedure as part of the clearance.  

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Booms Away! Airbus MRTT Losses Part Of Refueling Boom In Flight

Company Says Cause Is Not Yet Clear

As the announcement for the awarding of a contract for a new Air Force tanker nears, Airbus has suffered what some analysts are calling a setback in the $35 billion program.

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NASA Prepares to Launch Next Earth-Observing Satellite Mission

"Glory" Will Improve Understanding Of The Sun, Earth's Climate

NASA's newest Earth-observing research mission is nearing launch. The agency says the Glory mission will improve our understanding of how the sun and tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols affect Earth's climate.

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Wichita Aero Club Highlights New National Center For Aviation Training

First 2011 Luncheon Held At The Recently-Opened Facility

The Wichita Aero Club launched its third year by focusing a spotlight on the Air Capital's newest aviation resource-the National Center for Aviation Training ... and its new president and chief executive officer, Dr. Tony Kinkel.

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Gone West: Capt. Clarence 'Clancy' Prevost

His Suspicions Led To The Arrest Of 9/11 Terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui

ANN has received word from ALPA that Capt. Clarence "Clancy" Prevost, pilot with Northwest Airlines for 25 years before retiring in 1993, has passed away. Prevost is probably best known for his actions in 2001 as a simulator instructor working for a flight school near Minneapolis.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (01.23.11)

"This center, the programs it offers, and the graduates it produces, are key to Wichita remaining the 'Air Capital of the World'.  Source: Wichita State University President Donald Beggs.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.23.11): Light Gun

A handheld directional light signaling device which emits a brilliant narrow beam of white, green, or red light as selected by the tower controller.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.23.11)

Aero-Linx: Light Sport Aircraft Headquarters Have fun at Sebring? Here's a fairly complete listing of links to manufacturers, along with information about flight training and LSA rules.

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