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November 19, 2021

Supply Chain Woes Reach Avidyne

Avidyne Begins Temporary Supply Chain Procedures, Price Quotes Prior To Fulfilment

Avidyne posted a notice on its user forum warning of "unprecedented supply chain challenges in recent months". The company states that they have exhausted all options at maintaining costs and component availability, including stocking electronics 52+ weeks in advance of production needs, but suppliers have cancelled or pulled out of orders. New component shortages and price increases on the wholesale side occur daily, according to Engineer Steve Lindsley. 

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Cessna Crash Found Via iPad Location

Father/Daughter Duo Rescued Using Family Tracking Capability

A father-daughter flight duo involved in a plane crash were rescued by location tracking capability of their devices, said rescuers. Teams initially believed they were dispatched for a recovery operation, only to find, with the assistance of family, that the crash coordinates could be found quickly for an accurate, timely rescue instead. Chief James Serafin of the Bear Creek Volunteer Hose Company told CNN that survivors of crashes in the area were rarely survivable, owing to the heavy forestation. The landing site took the survivors through a section of dense vegetation before coming to a halt in the cold Pennsylvania woods. "I can honestly say, I think every rescuer out there was

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Taiwan President Commissions F-16Vs

Demonstrates Newest Squadron of Fighters at Ceremony

Taiwan's cooperation with Washington grew this week, when President Tsai Ingwen commissioned the first combat wing of F-16V fighters upgraded with American assistance to bolster the island's defenses amid rising tensions over territorial sovereignty. In a ceremony commemorating the addition of another squadron, the country excitedly displayed their new Vipers by demonstrating low formation passes and combat take offs to music before a crowd. Frequent exercises and border testing incidents have raised fears of conflict in the region as mainland China glares over the strait at the autonomous island nation. The Viper model of the long running F-16 Fig

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Flightradar 24 Removed from Chinese Services

Radar App, ADS-B devices Seized Over NatSec Concerns

The aircraft tracking and route viewing app Flight radar 24 recently disappeared from online stores in China, and hundreds of ADS-B devices have been seized in what seems to be a government crackdown on aviation hobbyist data collection. Chinese national security authorities claim that various foreign institutions have been trying to recruit citizens to share data with them in an apparent effort to track and monitor the transit of aircraft throughout the country. While such services are perfectly legal in many countries, the collection and transfer of such information could be deemed illegal under Chinese data law.

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Cheaper By The Dozen(s): Airbus Receives 408 Orders in Dubai

Airbus scored a solid win at the 2021 Dubai Airshow, the first major post-pandemic event of its kind, when total orders and commitments totaled 408 aircraft. The agreements covered a spectrum of their commercial offerings, including the first sale of their A350F freighter derivative. In all, the company obtained 269 firm orders, and 139 commitments, an impressive outcome on the heels of a year that had appeared, at times, to be the beginning of a global economic implosion. Just before the show, Airbus launched its optimistic new global market forecast showing a progressive shift in demand away from fleet growth to accelerating retirement of older, less efficient aircraft.

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Samad Joins Hands with Aerosud

Work on the Starling Cargo eVTOL Moves Towards Manufacture

SAMAD Aerospace has signed a memorandum of understanding with South African outfit Aerosud for the development and manufacture of their upcoming Starling Cargo aircraft. Aerosud’s engineering expertise in commercial aerostructure part design and production make it a sound partner as the project moves towards certification. The Starling Cargo aircraft, in current design, is a remotely piloted aircraft with autopilot capability, with a cruising speed of 83 knots and a range around 120 nautical miles. The fixed-wing aircraft has 4 sets of twin rotors embedded in its fuselage, allowing for vertical takeoff and efficient cruise.

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Classic Aero-TV: American Barnstormers Tour-Bringing Old-Style Aviation Back

From 2019: American Barnstormers Tour Storms Through AirVenture

From July 5-29, 2018, the 2018 American Barnstormers Tour undertook a 5-city, 5-state tour through MO, IA, SD, MN and WI. The 2018 American Barnstormers Tour exclusively featured 10 vintage Travel Air open cockpit biplanes. Five of the biplanes will function as static displays at each venue, with owners and restorers available to answer crowd questions. Five of the biplanes offered ride experiences to tour attendees. The goal of the tour was to extend fellowship, to bridge a gap between the modern day and aviation history, to allow folks immersive flight experiences in the biplanes, to dra

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Airborne 11.15.21: DeLand Showcase!, TL Sparker, Moon Landing Delays

Also: Classic Air Medical, AMO Coke Bust, Honeywell Inertial Navs, EpiShuttle Approved

The 2021 DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase, delayed multiple times by COVID concerns, finally took place this past weekend at the Deland Municipal Airport. Sporadic weather caused issues throughout portions of each day, but the flying community nevertheless showed up in reasonable numbers following all the trauma of 2020. TL Ultralight, of Czech fame, has worked with their American cousins, TL Aircraft, to release their newest sport plane for discerning, hungry customers stateside. The carbon and kevlar shell provides maximum crew protection in case of rough off-airport

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NTSB Prelim: Cessna 150L

Airplane Veered Off The Left Side Of The Runway Into Grass And Impacted A Chain Link Fence

On October 31, 2021, about 0937 central standard time., a Cessna 150L, N6713G, sustained substantial damage when it was involved in an accident near Forrest City Arkansas. The pilot sustained fatal injuries and the passenger sustained minor injuries. The personal flight was conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91. According to the passenger, the pilot landed the airplane on runway 36. After touchdown, the pilot asked the passenger if he was on the rudder pedals. The passenger responded that he was not on the rudder pedals. The pilot then said to the passenger that he could not slow down the airplane.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.19.21)

Aero Linx: International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences Membership of ICAS is open only to national societies according to their statutes dedicated to the advancement of the science of aeronautics (or aeronautics and space), having their seat in a nation which has been recognized by the United Nations. Per nation only one Member Society can be admitted.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.19.21): Instrument Approach Procedure

Instrument Approach Procedure A series of predetermined maneuvers for the orderly transfer of an aircraft under instrument flight conditions from the beginning of the initial approach to a landing or to a point from which a landing may be made visually. It is prescribed and approved for a specific airport by competent authority.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.19.21)

"We will honor all purchase orders received and accepted prior to today for shipment in 2021. All promotions are suspended. All new purchase orders going forward and orders scheduled in 2022 will be subject to a temporary Component Cost Increase Surcharge. We will establish these surcharges at the beginning of each month. When we accept a purchase order, we will confirm the price and delivery of that order, or we will provide our best estimate of our timeframe for delivery. Please confirm this surcharge amount with your dealer." Source: A note from Avidyne, on a user forum, about their supply chain issues and how they are affecting their ability to deliver products to customers while the situation remains problematic.

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