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July 08, 2005

Security Threat Level

But No Change Expected For Aviation

In the aftermath of the London bus and subway bombings, US Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff Thursday raised the terror alert level to "orange" or "high" for rail and mass transit systems. At this point, however, he has not changed security restrictions for general aviation or the airlines.

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Can Kliper Clip Canaveral's Plan For New Space Plane?

ESA Considers Partnering With Russia On New Space Vehicle

While the world awaits the return to flight of the American space shuttle Discovery, Europe is considering a new manned spacecraft. The Kliper project which Russia proposes to build was one of the hot subjects of the recent Le Bourget airshow. 

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Tears and Memories in Savannah

Military Mourns Loss Of MH-47 Crew In Afghanistan

More than 800 people -- service members and family -- gathered Thursday for a memorial service at Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah, GA, remembering the crew of an MH-47 Chinook that went down in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. It was the deadliest single attack on American forces since the fighting in that South Asian country began in 2001.

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NASA's Next Problem: Hurricane Dennis

Powerful Hurricane Continues Stalking Florida Peninsula

One of the busiest people in Florida these days has to be the guy who drives the huge tractor that carries the space shuttle to and from the launch pad.

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US Airways Never Had It So Good

But At What Cost To Labor?

It wasn't a well-attended bankruptcy court hearing Thursday. It lasted only 30-minutes or so. But it may have been the most important to date for US Airways in its effort to forge a new airline with Phoenix-based America West.

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Cirrus Design Boss: Getting It Right Starts With 'Right Now' (Part 1)

Part One Of A Series of Chats With Cirrus Design's Alan Klapmeier

Over scrambled eggs with Alan Klapmeier, it's hard not to get the impression that the boss of the nation's fastest growing GA manufacturer is just as driven as ever.

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Arlington 2005 Continues Winning Ways

The World's Friendliest Fly-in Keeps Up Its Rep

I love the first day I walk into Arlington, each year, and my encounters with every level of the staff I've met over the years...

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Dan Strohl Sez... Don't Miss Dan Strohl's NW EAA Fly-In Forums!

We got a cool note while we were looking over our mail after a hard day playing, uh, working out at the 2005 NW EAA Fly-In... 

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Boeing In The Doghouse

Old Problem, New Fine

The State Department has allegedly told Boeing that the company may be fined up to $47 million for selling airliners to China without an export license for a small computer chip. The sales took place between 2000 and 2003.

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Klyde Morris 07.08.05

Klyde's Not A Fan Of Frivolous Lawsuits Either!

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Free AEA 2005-2006 Edition Pilot’s Guide To Avionics Launches At OSH

Featuring All-New Tear-Out Avionics Troubleshooting Guide

It's been called the best freebie at Oshkosh gets bigger and better, adding new features to its 2005-2006 edition. This year's Pilot's Guide to Avionics adds a tear-out Avionics Troubleshooting Guide, an in-depth Terrain and Traffic buyer's guide, a complete product manufacturer list, and an updated avionics glossary.

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The Ten Best Flying Movies, Ever (Part Two)

Show Time Continues

Aero-Views by Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien The movie reviews continue…  In case you missed it, See Part One.

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Second Falcon 7X Takes Flight

Joins Flight Test Program

Falcon 7X s/n 02 (registration F-WTDA) flew for the first time Tuesday from Dassault's facility in Bordeaux-Merignac, France with test pilots Philippe Deleume and Jean-Louis Dumas at the controls. The flight took off at 1407 local time in ideal conditions and lasted 2 hours 15 minutes.

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What's The Catch?

NASA, Tennessee Students Demonstrate Catch Mechanism For Future Space Tether

A team of university graduate students and faculty from Tennessee, with the help of NASA engineers, have "launched" a subscale spacecraft model and caught it in mid-air with a unique rendezvous or "catch" mechanism.

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Aero-Views: Ingrates on Afterburner

By An Irritated Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien

When Tom MacRae of Peoria, Arizona sat down to write a letter to the editor about some jets that had annoyed him, he put his sarcasm into afterburner.

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KSC Dedicates New Control Tower

Briefs Airspace

NASA will hold a briefing at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) at 0900 Friday, July 8th, on the restricted airspace over East Central Florida for the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. Immediately following the briefing at the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF), there will be a dedication ceremony for the new NASA Air Traffic Control Tower at KSC.

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Water-Balloon Bombing Lands Non-Rated Pilot In Hot... Water

Single Engine Aircraft Dropped Water Balloons On Classic Car Festival

A 21-year old man is in hot water with authorities in Logan City, UT, after police say he used a single-engine aircraft to bomb a crowded parking lot... with water balloons.

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New EFB To Save 308,000 Pounds Of Fuel

Class III Electronic Flight Bag System for Boeing 777 Trans-Atlantic Operation

Global ePoint, Inc. today announced Wednesday an enhanced version of the AirWorks "Electronic Flight Bag" system. The system was introduced at the 22nd Annual International Aircraft Cabin Safety Symposium in Brussels, Belgium recently. AirWorks is a division of Global ePoint.

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Aero-Views: Aw, C'mon... We Can Do Better

Especially After London, GA Is Under The Microscope

By ANN Senior Editor Pete Combs In the WBT Radio newsroom Thursday morning, I saw it all unfold. From initial reports that an electrical transient caused explosions in the London subway to the bus bombing and the final certainty that our cousins across the pond were under attack, I saw the whole thing.

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Longbow Drawn

Army Signs For More

The US Army paved the way for continued modernization of the world's most capable multi-role combat helicopter by signing the first production engineering contract with Boeing for Block III AH-64D Apache Longbows.

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ANN Free Classifieds Featured Ad: Aztec

For Sale: Piper PA23-250 Aztec Series


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Colorado TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM:  5/5602  Issued:  07/07/2005 17:00  Effective:  Immediately - Until Further Notice  State:  CO  Facility:  ZDV - DENVER (ARTCC),CO.  Type:  HAZARDS  Description:  WETTMORE, COLORADO 

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (07.08.05)

"We'll look into this kind of stuff. We just want to let people know that you can get caught for doing that kind of stuff." Source: Logan City, UT, Police Lt. Rod Peterson to the Herald-Journal newspaper, after a 21-year old non-pilot commandeered a plane, flew low over a crowded parking lot and bombed it with water balloons. At least twice. The unnamed young man faces no police charges. Instead, he'll be investigated by the FAA.

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New Mexico TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM:  5/5632  Issued:  07/07/2005 22:10  Effective:  Immediately - Until Further Notice  State:  NM  Facility:  ZAB - ALBUQUERQUE (ARTCC),NM.  Type:  HAZARDS  Description:  8.85 NAUTICAL MILES SOUTHEAST OF TAOSNM. 

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New Jersey TFR: 07.08.05

NOTAM:  5/5589  Issued:  07/07/2005 16:10  Effective:  07/08/2005 18:00 - 07/08/2005 20:00  State:  NJ  Facility:  ZNY - NEW YORK (ARTCC),NY.  Type:  HAZARDS  Description:  EDISON TOWNSHIP N.J. 

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