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January 25, 2005

Eight Sport Pilot Examiners Are Born

By ANN Contributor John Ballantyne FAA's Manager of the Light Sport Aviation Branch, Martin Weaver, Monday announced that the first eight Sport Pilot Flight Instructor Examiners were appointed on Saturday, January 22nd, in Sebring, FL.

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Delta Ready To Initiate 'Operation Clockwork'

Cutting Fares Was One Thing; Playing With The Clock Is Something Altogether Different

Aero-News has devoted plenty of bandwidth to Delta Airline's "Simplefare" plan -- a cap on even last-minute fares that means no coach passenger will ever pay more than $499 for a domestic round-trip ticket. But that's only part of the Atlanta-based airline's plan to climb out of a swimming pool full of red ink. The other shoe is about to drop at the end of the month. Delta calls it, "Operation Clockwork."

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United's Tilton: No Third Year In Bankruptcy

Predicts A Different Company Come This Autumn

If you hear a happy tune in Chicago these days, chances are, it's being sung by United Airlines CEO Glenn Tilton. But the chances are equally good that not everyone close to United's bankruptcy ordeal is singing the same song.

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Barnstorming: Heroism Comes in Many Forms

I'm going to keep this missive short and sweet... Most folks equate the word "hero" with some feat of death-defying risk and risky behavior. I don't. While it comes in many forms, Heroism (as I see it), comes to pass when someone puts the welfare of others before their own... even when risk is not part of the equation.

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Conklin & DeDecker Looks Into The Crystal Ball

And Sees A Big Market For Little Jets In 2005

From Conklin & DeDecker... VLJ's are still hot. Eclipse flew their certification flight test aircraft at the end of 2004. Right on schedule. Their website has a timeline which gets updated. Anyone interested can see what progress is being made. Certification is still expected early in 2006.

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A380 To Make First US Landing In Florida

But Not Until 2008

French airplane designer Airbus says its new jumbo jet will make its first American landing in Orlando, Florida -- but not anytime soon.

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Insurance Expert Says It's Time To Revisit The Introduction Of The 747

A380 "Poses Significant Insurance Challenges For The Airlines"

With the introduction last week of the 555-passenger Airbus A380, an aviation insurance expert says the world's aviation industry must now look to the past to accommodate what may be its future.

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'Stormaggedon 2005' Grounds Travelers, Leaves A Big Mess

Thousands Of Flights Delayed, Canceled; Logan And Philly Close For Hours

Travelers are calling it "Stormageddon," the powerful winter storm that roared across the Northeast over the weekend, dumping as much as 38 inches -- more than three feet -- of snow in places like Boston, MA.

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DOT Cautions Consumers on Super Bowl Air Scams

Forget Scalpers -- Watch For Shady Tour Operators

Air travelers going to Super Bowl XXXIX this year should be aware that not all tour packages include a ticket to the Feb. 6 game in Jacksonville, FL.

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Jetpod Aircraft Design Advances

Fly, Drive, Park Updated

The Jetpod operating principle of using a through-wing vertical thrust component, along with its unique wing-shape, have been confirmed by City University in London. City have confirmed that the aircraft can take-off or land in a distance of less than 125 meters (410 feet). Also, that the unique wing shape is well suited to low-high speed flight. The Jetpod can cruise at 300 kts (350 mph). The Jetpod halves conventional jet noise. The Jetpod passing overhead at just 300 feet will not be heard over and above normal street traffic. The Jetpod civil airtaxi and personal jet versions have been designed to fly fast and quietly into the heart of major cities. The Jetpod will use very short STOL landing strips that are one tenth of the size of a conventional

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The Battle Over Marine One Gets Personal

Sikorsky And Friends Blast "Foreign" Manufacturers

You wouldn't think, at first glance, that a company founded by a Ukranian whose family came from Poland and then moved to America would make an issue out of foreign competition. But that's just what's happening at Sikorsky Aircraft, where executives say the President of the United States shouldn't go hither and yon in a helicopter of foreign manufacture. That might come as a surprise to Sikorsky's competition in the race to build the next Marine One. The competition, in fact, is led by none other than America's second-biggest defense contractor -- Lockheed-Martin.

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Northrop Grumman, Boeing Finalize Space Exploration Agreement

This Could Be The First Step Back To The Moon

Northrop Grumman and Boeing Chave completed and signed a formal agreement to compete as a team for NASA's new Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) and related human lunar exploration systems.

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EAA Sport Pilot Briefing From Oshkosh Jan. 28

To Be Streamed Live On EAA Web Site

An update on the new sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule and the progress on the infrastructure to make it a success will be held at the EAA Aviation Center on Friday, Jan. 28, beginning at 6 p.m. (Central Standard Time). The briefing will also be available live on the members' area of the EAA website.

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Aero-Views: Obey Federal Law, Go Directly To State Jail

Patrick Burk Was Trying To Do The Right Thing

By ANN Senior Correspondent Kevin "Hognose" O'Brien We at Aero-News didn't know it was going to happen to Patrick Burk (whom we don't know personally). But we knew it was going to happen.

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How To Fly The Garmin G1000

Training Video from Sporty's

Buying an onboard GPS is no small investment -- in terms of money and time invested. Now, you can find out what it's like to fly with the Garmin G1000 integrated glass-panel avionics system in Sporty's latest DVD, "Flying the Garmin G1000."

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TSA Names Federal Security Chiefs In Missoula, Spokane

One's A Navy Vet, The Other A Long-Time Cop

The TSA Monday named Thomas G. Russell, a 30-year veteran of the Navy, as the Montana Federal Security Director (FSD) based at Missoula International Airport.

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DFW International Airport Reaches Safety Milestone For Fourth Straight Year

FAA Finds Zero Discrepancies, Airport Attains Certification

DFW International Airport says it's been recognized by the FAA Southwest Region Office for its safety performance over the past year - the FAA found DFW in full compliance with all federal rules and regulations, with zero discrepancies for the fourth consecutive year. More than 300 Airport employees are involved in DFW's safety operations every day.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (01.25.05)

"Bankruptcy court won't fix your company. A judge, quite frankly, doesn't know the front end of an airplane from the back." Source: Former Continental CEO Gordon Bethune, who once brought that airline back from the edge of the financial abyss, speaking in an interview with the Chicago Tribune about United's promise to emerge from its own bankruptcy by the fall. While refusing to comment specifically on United's situation, Bethune said that too many companies ignore fundamental problems. "It's not about just low cost," he said.

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AD: Pratt & Whitney

AD NUMBER: 2004-26-04 MANUFACTURER: Pratt & Whitney (Correction) SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2004-26-04 SUMMARY:The FAA is superseding existing airworthiness directive (AD) 99-22-14 for Pratt & Whitney (PW) JT8D-200 series turbofan engines.

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AD: McDonnell Douglas

AD NUMBER:2005-02-04 MANUFACTURER:McDonnell Douglas SUBJECT:Airworthiness Directive 2005-02-04 SUMMARY:The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for the McDonnell Douglas airplanes MD-10-10F, MD-10-30F, MD-11F, DC-10-10F and DC-10-30F.

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