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August 18, 2005

AHM Announces Fundraising Program: 'The Last Flying Connie Will Fly Again'

After a major engine blow out in Kansas City last month, The Airline History Museum tells ANN that it has instituted a fundraising plan that will put the Lockheed Constellation back in the air.

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NASA Targeting March for Next Shuttle Launch

NASA is now targeting March 2006 for the next Space Shuttle mission, STS-121. This will be the second test flight to the International Space Station in the Shuttle Return to Flight series.

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Boeing Delivers First AH-64D Apache Longbow for Kuwait

The U.S. government, on behalf of the Government of Kuwait, accepted Kuwait’s first AH-64D Apache Longbow multi-role combat helicopter from Boeing.

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Another Trike CFI!

Sport Pilot Progressing

Wayne Bezner Kerr, of First Light Aviation in Ithaca, NY, successfully completed the FAA requirements for Flight Instructor, Trike (Weight-shift control) Tuesday. The examining instructor/DPE was John Ballantyne from Frederick, Maryland.

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Responsibility, Japan-Style

America is often accused of having a culture hostile to ideas of personal responsibility: self-help books, slip-and-fall lawyers, 12-step recovery cults, you name it, that's us. Excuses, excuses, excuses. The converse is often said of Japan: a corporate screw-up that produces stonewalling and indignant, legalistic defiance in the States would instead produce a teary confession and letter of resignation.

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GAMA Makes Appointments

Announces Vice Chair, Appoints Security Committee Chair, Approves New Member And Board Members

The Board of Directors of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has appointed Jack Pelton, Chairman, President and CEO of Cessna Aircraft Company, to be the association's Vice Chairman.

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UPS Places First Order for Boeing 747-400 Freighters

The good news from Boeing just keeps on coming. UPS has just announced an order for eight 747-400 Freighters. The firm order is the first UPS order placed directly with Boeing for the 747 Freighter family and the carrier's first for 747-400 Freighters.

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Amsterdam Heliport Opens

The first Dutch Heliport opened August 3rd in Amsterdam. It features quick access to ground transport, a VIP passenger lounge, and offers Jet A1 fuel and limited parking and overnight hangarage for transient helicopters.

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Upgraded: Travis County STAR Flight Moves Up to EC145

STAR (Shock Trauma Air Rescue), a public safety EMS helicopter unit operated by Travis County as part of the Austin-Travis County EMS System in Austin, Texas, is upgrading its fleet.

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Arrest Made In Police Helo Shoot-Down

Suspect: Former Marine Wounded In Afghanistan

A 29-year old former USMC marksmanship instructor has been arrested in the August 6th shoot-down of a Bernalillo County Sheriff's helicopter in Albuquerque.

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XCOR to Fly EZ-Rocket at X PRIZE CUP Countdown in Las Cruces, NM

ANN Will Be There To Cover The Eevent... In REALTIME

XCOR Aerospace, Inc. has announced that the company will conduct multiple flight tests of the EZ-Rocket during the weekend of October 6-9 at the inaugural Countdown to the X PRIZE CUP in New Mexico.

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AOPA: Higher GA Fees Likely With Commercialized ATC

Says Concerns Confirmed By Government Report

A new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report confirms AOPA's long-standing concerns about privatization of the air ATC system. Such a move, the report affirms, would be costly for general aviation (GA).

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Aero-Analysis: Shuttle Grounded Until November

No "Immediate Easy Fixes," Says NASA

By Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. O'Brien On Friday, the government's traditional day for slipping bad news to the weekend-bound public, NASA pulled the plug on STS-121's scheduled launch date of 22 September and allowed that, perhaps, a November launch would go on as scheduled. Perhaps not.

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More Illegal Aliens Bagged At Airport

No Terrorist Connection, Just Phony Documents

You'd think the word would get around to the places that illegal aliens get advice, job tips, and false documents: since 9/11 airports are a bad risk for employment. But three Guatemalan men who didn't get the word are facing stiff penalties in the US District Court in Covington, Kentucky.

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NATCA Blames ATC Staff Shortages For Near Misses

Pinpoints Staffing At LA ARTCC

Air traffic controller staffing shortages caused by the Federal Aviation Administration are at critical levels at the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center, resulting in a serious degradation in the margin of safety. Several recent close calls can be attributed to the dangerously low staffing levels caused by unacceptable FAA cuts, proof that the agency continues to mismanage the system, according to unionized controllers.

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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Gets Busy

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, launched on Aug. 12, has completed one of the first tasks of its seven-month cruise to Mars, a calibration activity for the spacecraft's Mars Color Imager instrument.

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Labor Trouble At Polar Air

Company, Pilots Released from Negotiations

Polar Air Cargo and the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) have been released from negotiations by the National Mediation Board (NMB) into the 30-day cooling off period that must occur before either party can engage in economic self-help, which includes the right to strike on the part of the Polar crewmembers.

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UPGRADED: Daniel Webster College's ATC Radar Simulation Technology

For Degree Students Only

When they return to school this fall, air traffic management students at Daniel Webster College (DWC) will be training on equipment for use in ATC training installed just this summer at its Nashua campus by UFA, Inc., of Woburn, MA.

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Enstrom 480B Makes Impression Overseas

Turbine Models Delivered To UK

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation says it recently delivered four 480B turbine helicopters to its dealership in the United Kingdom -- Eastern Atlantic Helicopters this year.

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NxAERO: Strong Demand For Tbm 700 Charter Service

Expands Northeast Network In First Quarter Of Operation

NxAERO, the first North American charter and aircraft management company to use TBM 700 turboprop aircraft, today reported strong customer demand and growth in regional charter service since its launch in April.

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Flight Safety Technologies Tests UNICORN

New Collision Avoidance Radar Component

Flight Safety Technologies says it's completed the first test of the UNICORN collision alerting radar at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) in Marietta, GA. In this developmental test, a partial antenna array was mounted on top of a tower at GTRI to measure the detection performance of the radar against a test aircraft flying pre-determined patterns overhead. Detections were achieved, as predicted, of the twin-engine Aerostar test aircraft. Additionally, detections were confirmed of other aircraft landing at the nearby Dobbins Air Reserve Base.

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Columbia Air Services-Rutland Names New GM, Hosts Vermontfest Fly-In

Nice Way To Say Welcome Aboard!

Columbia Air Services-Rutland says it's named Chris Reece, a former detective with the Guildford County, NC, Sheriff's Department as its new general manager. Reece, a Jamaica, VT, resident, has been assistant manager at Columbia's Rutland Airport facility since 2003 and is experienced in line services and aircraft sales.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (08.18.05)

"It was a black, black day." Source: Airline History Museum President Foe Geldersma, in an interview with the Kansas City Star, on the destruction of America's last flying Lockheed Constellation's number two engine, which dramatically failed during a routine maintenance check on the ground. Oil and gallons of burning fuel spewed from three failed cylinders. Some of the burning fuel was sprayed onto the skin of the aircraft, disfiguring it. The question now is, how the museum will be able to afford repairs.

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