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August 06, 2022

Updated Timeline Posted for Canadian ADS-B Mandate

Take Off to the Great White North

The United States and other countries have published regulations mandating ADS-B on aircraft operating in their airspaces according to differing schedules. Some countries that don’t yet require the equipment have designated special routes and airspace to benefit those who voluntarily equip. In February 2022, NAV CANADA laid out the reasons for, nature of, and effective dates of its plan to require aircraft operating in certain Canadian airspace to meet ADS-B Out Performance Requirements. However, supply-chain breakdowns and other such ramifications of the COVID madness have since compelled the agency to revise the dates on which its ADS-B edicts are to go into

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AVEO Engineering Lights Up & Down Airplane Wings

Aveo Engineering’s Conforma Lighting for Cessna, Mooney, and VANS Aircraft

Aveo Engineering, a privately held company trading under the name Southwest LLC prides itself on providing a product whose components are “not made in China with suspect materials, components, and quality”. CEO, US Navy veteran-owner and Mechanical Engineer Christian Nielsen states that “design is everything” and , according to their website welcomes direct communication via the introductory statement “unlike most of our competitors, you can always drop a line directly to me, the owner” and provides a button to send a message!

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Thrust Flight Commercial Pilot Curriculum Earns FAA Examining Authority

All In the Family

Thrust Flight, the Addison, Texas-based flight academy—has announced that it has earned FAA Examining Authority over the Commercial Single-Engine Land facet of its Part 141-approved training curriculum. Examining Authority enables designated academy personnel to perform check-rides for enrolled students pursuing Commercial Pilot Certification. Such discretion is only afforded flight-schools that demonstrably and consistently provide their students high-quality ground and flight training. Thrust Flight is among only a few institutions in North Texas to receive Examining Authority.

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Taiwan Deals With Own Pilot Shortage

Brothers in Arms: Dire Strait

Almost daily, Taiwanese pilots take to their American-built F-16s to intercept Chinese warplanes inbound to the island nation. The Chinese sorties seek to contemporaneously probe Taiwanese air defenses and make a show of Beijing’s military muscle. A mistake by a pilot on either side could result in a mess the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since 1945. In addition to the immediate and undeniable existential threat posed by its 1.4-billion neighbors to the west, Taiwan is contending with a dire shortage of pilots.

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Bombardier Surges in Second Quarter

With Glowing Hearts, We See Thee Rise

Bombardier, the Canadian company that set out to build snowmobiles in 1934 and today presides over a $25-billion Aerospace empire, has posted strong financial results for the second quarter of 2022. Rapacious demand for Bombardier’s Global Express and Challenger series business jets in conjunction with strong aftermarket performance, robust free cash-flow generation, and one of the industry’s most extensive order backlogs buoyed the company’s profitability metrics across the proverbial board.

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Skylift UAVs to Deliver Medications

The Wight Stuff

Skylift, the U.K.-based maker of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) founded by a pilot, a sailor, and software developer, is making ready to demonstrate the ability of its drones to deliver prescription medications across the Isle of Wight. In partnership with Apian—a drone startup founded by medical students and ex-Googlers—Skylift’s UAVs will convey chemotherapy drugs from a pharmacy at Portsmouth Hospitals University to St. Mary’s Hospital. Deliveries to the Isle of Wight ordinarily take four-hours. Skylift’s UAVs will cut that time down to thirty-minutes—an important distinction in light of the short shelf-lives of many pharmaceuticals. Following t

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Classic Aero-TV At OSH21: John McBean Updates Us On The 21st Century Kitfox

From Oshkosh 2021 (YouTube Version): Kitfox’ McBean: “...New And Exciting Things Coming Out” 

Kitfox President & CEO John McBean gives us a quick rundown on their Kitfox Series 7 trim packages and recent updates at EAA AirVenture 2021. Builders can choose from three trim levels: The Super Sport, the Speedster, and the STi, the STOL specialist of the trio. No matter the trim, each Kitfox retains the trademark folding wings, Nose and tailwheel compatibility, and short takeoff performance.

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Delta's Propel Program Selects Skyborne Airline Academy

High Times and Company Towns

Broadly speaking, the Propel program transforms baggage-handlers and ticket-agents into airline pilots. Viewed through a more refined lens, the program—which was founded in 2018—allows Delta personnel who hold Private Pilot Certificates and have been in the carrier’s employ for more than three-years to undergo a screening process and—if accepted—receive qualified job offers to become Delta pilots.

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GAMA Welcomes New Members

GAMA Raise

Based in Washington D.C. and representing the interests of general aviation aircraft and aircraft system and component manufacturers, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is among the aerospace industry’s most influential and respected trade associations. Since its 1970 inception, GAMA has continuously expanded its focus to encompass the ever-broadening purview of aviation technology and endeavor. In keeping with its egalitarian tradition, GAMA recently welcomed six new member, associate member, and associate member EPIC [Electric Propulsion & Innovation Committee] companies to its diverse and distinguished ranks.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.06.22)

Aero Linx: HeliOffshore HeliOffshore is the global, safety-focused association for the offshore helicopter industry. Our mission is to lead a collective safety conversation, identifying the right priorities, supported by the right resources, delivering the right actions, to transform frontline safety performance. Our Vision: A safer frontline served by an open, responsive and aligned industry so no lives are lost in offshore aviation.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.06.22): Intermediate Landing

Intermediate Landing On the rare occasion that this option is requested, it should be approved. The departure center, however, must advise the ATCSCC so that the appropriate delay is carried over and assigned at the intermediate airport. An intermediate landing airport within the arrival center will not be accepted without coordination with and the approval of the ATCSCC.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (08.06.22)

“We think recruiting should be easier in the next two years because Top Gun is so popular. Many young men dream of flying.” Source: Matt Shen, an instructor pilot assigned to Taiwan’s Seventh Flight Training Wing at the Chihhang Air Base in eastern Taitung city, discussing the influence of Top Gun: Maverick on Taiwanese pilot recruitment. 

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