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August 04, 2022

Snowbird Pilot Uninjured After Emergency Landing

British Columbia Incident Under Investigation

On Tuesday, 02 August 2022, a Snowbirds aircraft suffered what Canadian military officials are calling a hard landing while departing North Peace Regional Airport (CYXJ) in Fort St. John, British Columbia. The aircraft’s pilot is said to have escaped serious injury. Emergency crews from the North Peace Regional Airport Fire Department converged on a hay-field southeast of the departure end of CYXJ’s Runway-11. The City of Fort St. John Fire Department reportedly arrived to find the fire resultant of the incident already extinguished. Though the actual cause of the incident remains unknown, a witness reported hearing a sound akin to a plane wit

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Boeing New Midsize Airplane In Limbo

What Might Have Been

Among the less conspicuous losses of the 737 MAX imbroglio was Boeing’s shelving of plans to develop a New Midsize Airplane (NMA) to replace its popular 757 and 767 models. The aircraft—which was to have been called the 757-Plus—would have competed with Airbus’s A321XLR—a long-legged (4,700-nautical mile) A320 variant the consortium plans to bring to market in 2023. The aerospace rumor-mill has long whispered about Boeing developing a new NMA jet—often referred to as the Boeing 797 ...

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Ivy Tech and LIFT Academy to Offer Pilot Degree Program

To the Flight Levels Via the Indiana Prairie

Ivy Tech, the public community college system in the U.S. state of Indiana, has partnered with Indianapolis-based Leadership in Flight Training (LIFT) Academy to offer a Professional Flight Associate of Applied Science degree. The program comprises 32 credit hours of didactic classroom instruction and approximately 260 flight hours. Students will contemporaneously purse Associate degrees and FAA Commercial Pilot certification. Graduates will have the option to obtain their Flight Instructor certificates.

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Wings Of Hope On A Lifesaving Mission

Wings Of Hope Delivering Lifesaving Support Since 1963

During EAA AirVenture 2022, we checked in with Mr. Steve Williams, Chief Pilot for Wings of Hope to learn more about their mission. Wings of Hope has a rich and storied history going back to its humble beginning in 1963, thanks to the vision of Mr. Mike Stimac, a missionary with Medical Missionaries of Mary and support from like-minded individuals in the diocese and some fund-raising, they acquired the first aircraft in the fleet, a Piper Super Cub 18A. Then, as today, its mission is one of hope, “to save and change lives through the power of aviation”.

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SmartSky Announces Nationwide Coverage

Mobile Broadband Coast to Coast

SmartSky Networks—formerly known as Jetpool Ventures—is a North Carolina-based developer of air-to-ground broadband connectivity and communication systems for business and commercial aircraft. The company’s proprietary technology amalgamates the best of 4G and 5G telecommunications to deliver consistent connectivity that affords air-travelers data-transmission rates—both to and from their aircraft—comparable to those of terrestrial systems. SmartSky’s real-time, low-latency, bidirectional data-link ensures compatibility with and on-spec performance of new and enhanced apps, services, and hardware.

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VerdeGo Aero Partners with Raytheon

Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Pioneer Gets $12-million Boost

VerdeGo Aero, the Daytona Beach-based manufacturer of hybrid-electric aerospace power-plants, has succeeded in raising $12-million in a Series “A” funding campaign spearheaded by RTX Ventures (Raytheon Technologies). The monies will finance the expansion of VerdeGo’s operation and accelerate the development of emergent hybrid-propulsion technologies. By partnering with VerdeGo, Raytheon Technologies has concomitantly furthered its own efforts to better the sustainability of 21st Century aviation and set a precedent within the aerospace industry of which it is such a storied and integral part.

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NTSB Updates Definition of Unmanned Aircraft Accident

Airworthiness Certification Replaces Weight Consideration in Accident Criteria as Board Prepares for UAV Delivery

The NTSB has addressed shortcomings in the previous definition of “unmanned aircraft accident” in a recently published rule to go into effect August 15. The change is designed to help to address recent developments within the industry that have made the prior weight-based definition somewhat lacking when determining the board's response to aircraft accidents.

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FAA Broadens Approval of uAvionix AV-30-C EFIS Display

Over 190 Aircraft Models Added to Approved Model List

uAvionix, the Montana-based avionics concern that recently celebrated the delivery of its fifty-thousandth ADS-B OUT system, has announced that it has received FAA approval to expand the Approved Model List (AML) for its AV-30-C Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) by over 190 light-twin, and high-performance single-engine aircraft models. The approval affords operators of myriad popular aircraft to outfit their machines with uAvionix’s compact, highly-functional panel display. 

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Airbus Prototype Wing-Box Assemblies Ready for Testing

Wing of Tomorrow Program: What’s In a Name?

Airbus, the European aerospace consortium, has announced that its Wing of Tomorrow research and technology program has successfully delivered the first of three-prototype wing-box demonstrators by which the airframer seeks to advance its wing technologies. The recently delivered prototype incorporates over one-hundred discrete technologies applicable to both extant and future Airbus programs. Undertaken in 2016, the Wing of Tomorrow program explores the design, manufacture, and industrialization of novel wing concepts conducive to upping the speed and reducing the weight of Airbus aircraft.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.04.22)

Aero Linx: The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) is the Training and Safety arm of the Soaring Society of America (SSA). Our mission is to provide instructors and pilots with the tools needed to teach/learn both the stick & rudder skills and the Aeronautical Decision Making skills needed to safely fly a glider. We also provide information and analysis of incident and accident trends in order to develop better training tools.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.04.22): ICAO Three-Letter Designator (3LD)

ICAO Three-Letter Designator (3LD) An ICAO 3LD is an exclusive designator that, when used together with a flight number, becomes the aircraft call sign and provides distinct aircraft identification to air traffic control (ATC). ICAO approves 3LDs to enhance the safety and security of the air traffic system. An ICAO 3LD may be assigned to a company, agency, or organization and is used instead of the aircraft registration number for ATC operational and security purposes. An ICAO 3LD is also used for aircraft identification in the flight plan and associated messages and can be used for domestic and international flights. A telephony associated with an ICAO 3LD is used for radio communication.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (08.04.22)

“Delivering sustainable aviation technologies to help our customers bend the emissions curve remains one of Raytheon Technologies’ most important priorities. Our investment represents one of the ways we’re working to deliver a more sustainable future.”

Source: RTX Ventures managing director Daniel Ateya discussing how VerdeGo Aero has succeeded in raising $12-million in a Series “A” funding campaign spearheaded by RTX Ventures.

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