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April 01, 2005

FAA Proposes AN-26 Modification Rules

Objective: Reduce The Risk Of In-Flight Fire

To reduce the risk of fire spreading aboard aircraft, the FAA Friday proposed requiring operators of more than 800 US-registered Boeing aircraft to replace or modify certain insulation blankets over the next six years.

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TSA Detonates Dog In Dallas

Beloved Family Pet Dynamited In Case Of Mistaken Identity

04.01.05 Special Edition: TSA Director Admiral David C. Stone (pictured below) apologized today for a tragic incident at Dallas-Fort Worth where a new screener mistakenly declared a family's beloved Schnauzer suspicious.

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Lawyer Declines Frivolous 767 Lawsuit

Integrity Turns Costly For California Ambulance-Chaser

04.01.05 Special Edition: A momentary burst of integrity turned sour for Rio Linda, CA, plaintiff's attorney Sheckwell Shapiro when he declined participation in a massive lawsuit, only to be sanctioned by the American and California Bar Associations.

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Next Boeing Jet Name: 707 Mark II

Retro Name Will Be Matched By Retro Design

04.01.05 Special Edition: After a major crisis caused by the looming exhaustion of middle digits for Boeing's well-known 7x7 naming convention, the management of the company has found a solution.

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TSA Conducts Weapons Recognition Training

Standards Are So High That All Must Pass, Instructors Reveal

04.01.05 Special Edition: After years of being crucified in the press for stripping travelers of harmless items while letting guns, grenades and meat cleavers onto airplanes with clockwork regularity, the TSA has finally done something about it.

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