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February 10, 2022

Satellite Imagery Fans Spy Iranian Boneyard

Mehrabad Airport Has Grounded Airliners Piled Up Right Off the Taxiway

A picture making the rounds from a recent fly by of Earth survey satellites has exposed the state of the Iranian civil air fleet. A stack of up aircraft of various vintages lie dormant at the Mehrabad International Airport, haphazardly placed together within close walking distance of the warehouses and hangars nearby. Many of Iran's aircraft have been left high and dry under international sanctions, with a significant portion of the airline fleet in-country using planes that were purchased in more wester-friendly times under the Shah of Iran. Left without a steady source of needed parts to keep their aviation infrastructure running, the country has been forced to resort to

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SpaceX Sees Loss of 40 Starlink Satellites

Initial Deployment Phase Hampered by Storm, Units Prevented from Achieving Higher Orbit Before Succumbing to Gravity

A costly lesson in space weather has been learned by SpaceX after its recent Falcon 9 launch carrying 49 Starlink Satellites into low Earth orbit encountered a geomagnetic storm soon after deployment. The resulting damage resulted in the loss of the majority of the units, with only 9 likely to make their way into position unscathed. While the damage to the SpaceX bottom line is unfortunate, reports of visible reentry have begun filtering in, giving astronomers a rare show as they watch the satellites disintegrate.

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17th Coast Guard Rescues Sailors from Flooding Vessel

Sitka, Alaska, Sees Another Winter Rescue 

The 17th District Coast Guard station had a banner rescue this week, making another rescue flight to retrieve sailors in danger in the region of Sitka, Alaska. Watchstanders at the Sector Juneau Command Center received word that the Glory, a 40-foot fishing vessel, was taking on water about 9 miles south of Sitka. The Coast Guard opted to expedite their arrival through the use of Air Station Sitka's MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter, arriving just after the fishermen had stemmed the source of the flooding. In brisk 41-degree, 55-mph winds, the team dropped a rescue swimmer to assess the vessel from below.

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