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November 13, 2022

Updated: Tragic MidAir At Wings over Dallas Airshow... B-17, P-63 Down

P-63 Overtakes B-17, Collides, Sending Both Down

Updated 2122ET, 11.12.22:  It has been a brutal weekend... a bloody brutal weekend. Two warbirds flying during the Wings over Dallas Airshow, a Boeing B-17 and a Bell P-63 King Cobra, were downed via a midair collision in which the left banking P-63 overtook the Bomber from its left and took out the aft fuselage section, pretty much severing the airframe aft of the wing. The P-63 appears to have disintegrated on impact, while the two primary sections of the B-17 fragmented as they descended to impact near a highway. 

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Regional Airline Association Sounds Alarm on Pilot Shortage

"We are on the precipice of a wholesale collapse of small community air service" says RAA Head

Things are looking pretty nasty for small community service in the future according to Regional Airline Association (RAA) head Faye Malarkey Black. During a recent meeting, Black spoke with industry stakeholders to sound the alarm about impending retractions of service amid a widespread dearth of qualified pilots. 

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EASA Approval Adds Skids, SAR Mode for Leonardo AW169

New Single-Pilot Search & Rescue Mode Auto-Flies Predetermined Search Pattern

Leonardo's AW169 helicopter’s options list grows with the recent EASA approval of a skid undercarriage, IFR, single pilot,  and advanced search & rescue modes. The new skids add another option past the usual retractable or fixed landing gear commonly seen on the type, making the AW169 the only modern CS29-certified aircraft to offer the trifecta. With certification in hand, Leonardo can now begin deliveries of skid-equipped AW169s, with the first unit destined for Italian law enforcement.

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IAWA Award Winner Says Plenty Space for Women at the Top in Aviation

"More Work to Be Done", says Former Airbus Exec

Katherine Bennett, CBE and CEO of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, has been named 2022 Woman of Excellence by the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA). The body cites her "unwavering commitment to the advancement and support of women" in aviation, adding her to the pool of recognized leaders helping to advance their sisters and build the landscape of aeronautics. During her address in accepting the award, Bennett said there's still much more to be done to represent women in aviation, despite the headway made in recent decades. 

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Klyde Morris (11.11.22)

Klyde Bemoans The Lack of Respect Given Falcon Jets...


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VFA-131 Given Captain Michael J. Estocin Award

Wildcats Recognized for Excellence, 100% Sortie Rate Among Naval Strike Fighter Squadrons

The Wildcats of VFA-131 have been recognized for their outstanding 100 with the Captain Michael J. Estocin Award. The unit was represented by Commanding officer Erin Flint during the handover at the squadron's hangar at NAS Oceana on November 3rd. Each year, the award goes to the best strike fighter squadron to recognize outstanding achievements in naval aviation. It is named for Captain Michael J. Estocin, a naval aviator who received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Vietnam War.

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Leesburg, VA Student Aviation Expo Successful

As Industry Hungers for New Hires, Companies Reach Out to the Next Generation

ProJet Aviation hosted the 16th annual Aviation Education & Career Expo at the Leesburg Executive Airport to the applause of more than 800 attendees. The event allowed the gathered students, educators, and parents to hear from keynote speakers and assess the wide variety of careers in aviation that lay off the beaten path. The Expo featured keynote speakers, live demonstrations, and representatives from over 70 aviation organizations, including the usual standbys from the US military, emergency medical airlift, law enforcement, maintenance/avionics repair, government agencies, private aviation, and more. 

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Classic Aero-TV: How You Start A GREAT Aero-Life--Horizon Hobby’s Alex Vanover

From 2014 (YouTube Version): Alex Has An Amazing Future Ahead Of Him... Because He Wants It

It seems like most pilots love their toys, and even more so if they fly. ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell is no different, and he took the opportunity at EAA AirVenture 2014 to stop by the Horizon Hobby display to see how aircraft modeling is doing. He spent time talking with Alex Vanover who is the Hobby Town demo pilot. While the video story is about the modeling side of aviation, Vanover’s story as a demo pilot is also unique. However, you’re going to have to watch the video to understand what is so unique about Vanover…y

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APFA Announces American Airlines Picketing Event

Amid Shorthanded Attendants, Longer Hours, and Rising Costs, Employees are Hungry For Relief

American Airlines Flight Attendants will hold a series of picketing events at 11 of their bases across the US. They intend to draw attention to "management's continued rejection of contract proposals that will improve American's operational reliability and Flight Attendant work life," a result of shifting factors colliding to create a number of problems for the average employee.

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Bell Moves S'more Metal at European Rotors 2022

Independent Rep Airborne Purchases 4 Bell 505s for Baltic Region Sales

Bell sold 6 of its 505 helicopters at European Rotors 2022, quite a successful showing for an American manufacturer playing an away game. The Bell 505 marches on as one of the most versatile, multimission rotorcraft as always, with a private customer buying a delivery model 505 direct from the Bell booth. The 4 aircraft sold are bound for the new independent representative for Bell in the Baltic states, Airborne. They'll soon go on to start their careers in customer hands, as private transports and flight training machines. 

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NTSB Prelim: Scoda Aeronautica LTDA Super Petrel LS

Accident Airplane Collided With A Power Transmission Line That Spanned The River

On October 2, 2022, about 0900 Central daylight time, a Scoda Aeronautica LTDA, Super Petrel LS, N892SP, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Perma, Montana. The pilot was sustained fatal injuries. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. According to a witness, he and the accident pilot departed Polson Airport, Polson, MT, about 0800, as a flight of two.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.13.22)

Aero Linx: International Birddog Association The concept for an organization dedicated to the Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog originated with Mr. Phil Phillips of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Phil had served as a U.S. Army Aviator in Vietnam and had flown numerous combat missions in the Birddog. Once back in the States and beginning a career in the private sector, he thought affectionately about the humble little

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.13.22): Night [ICAO]

Night [ICAO] The hours between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight or such other period between sunset and sunrise as may be specified by the appropriate authority. Note: Civil twilight ends in the evening when the center of the sun’s disk is 6 degrees below the horizon and begins in the morning when the center of the sun’s disk is 6 degrees below the horizon.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.13.22)

"This afternoon, two aircraft were involved in a mid-air collision at Dallas Executive Airport. The aircraft were a B-17 Flying Fortress and P-63 Kingcobra, both out of Houston. Currently we do not have information on the status of the flight crews as emergency responders are working the accident. The Commemorative Air Force is working with local authorities, the FAA, and the NTSB will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident." Source: The sad CAF statement that confirmed the tragic accident that befell two CAF aircraft at the Wings Over Dallas Airshow.

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