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May 29, 2024

Warbird Pilot Caps Off 500 Hours of B-29 PIC Time

'Doc' Has a Busy Season Ahead of Itself Heading Into Summer

The warbird community celebrated Mark Novak, Chief Pilot of their B-29 'Doc', and his accomplishment of racking up 500 hours in the vintage bomber. On top of that, Novak built up more than 300 hours of time flying the other B-29 'Fifi', making him the modern era's most experienced B-29 pilot. In celebrating the milestone, the details surrounding how one goes about becoming the world's foremost captain of a nearly extinct type certificate, unsurprisingly starts with 'who you know' like any cool piloting job.

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Midnight eVTOL Certification Criteria Finalized

One Step Closer, But Many More to Go...

Archer Aviation has finalized the criteria for final airworthiness certification of the Midnight aircraft, laying out the path to come as they look to dive into the eVTOL market. The Midnight eVTOL has been given an updated, final set of airworthiness criteria by the FAA, which is a "significant regulatory milestone" but still a ways off from being production-ready. Archer does proudly note that it's one of only "two companies in the world to achieve this certification progress with the FAA for an eVTOL aircraft," helping to cement their position at the head of the pack.

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Airborne 05.24.24: NPS Kills Rushmore Flyover, VAI v NYC, New Reno Home-Roswell!

Also: Samson Sky, CAF Great Plains Wing, New Cert Standards, Flying Start Day

There are, occasionally, blisteringly dunderheaded bits of governmental incompetence to be found with increasing regularity... but the most recent move by the Nat'l Parks Service leaves us shaking our heads and a bit ashamed of Uncle Sam. The leaders of the Arsenal of Democracy consortium had planned to execute a World War II aircraft flyover at Mount Rushmore on Memorial Day to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. It would have been grand... and NOT a sight to miss. Vertical Aviation International is worried that an NYC helicopter port is in danger of permanent cl

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Hangar Company Fires and Sues NATA CEO

Lawsuit Describes Nightmare of Intertwined Businesses

Long Beach Airport is home to some juicy gossip lately, after the Aeroplex and Aerolease Group fired their CEO and began a highly visible, contentious legal duel in the public eye. The outgoing CEO is a somewhat notable industry face in his own right, Curt Castagna, who led Aeroplex as CEO of its expansive hangar and office leasing operations. Castagna is involved in a good deal of industry advocacy, too, working with the local Long Beach Airport Association, Van Nuys Airport Association, and National Air Transportation Associations. Castagna wears many hats, being the president and CEO of NATA, and a co-chair in the EAGLE initiative. 

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Airborne 05.28.24: Jump Plane Down, Starship's 4th, Vision Jet Problems

Also: uAvionix AV-Link, F-16 Viper Demo, TN National Guard, 'Staff the Towers'

A Saturday afternoon jump run, originating from SkyDive Kansas City, went bad when it was reported that, "a Skydiver premature parachute deployment at 14,000 msl damag(ed) the tail section." The turbine-upgraded Cessna 206, N29173, was abandoned by the pilot, who made a safe and successful jump, though the aircraft is a total loss. The parachute-equipped jump pilot exited the aircraft after all six jumpers had cleared the aircraft. The fourth flight test of Starship could launch as soon as June 5, pending regulatory approval. SpaceX notes that Starship’s third fli

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Classic Aero-TV: The New Extra NG Aerobat--Walter Extra Raises The Aerobatic Bar

From 2019 (YouTube Version): The Extra NG Is 'A Whole New Dimension Of Aerobatic Aircraft

Extra Aircraft unveiled its next generation of aerobatic aircraft during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The company says the Extra NG is "a whole new dimension of aerobatic aircraft", featuring an all-carbon rigid base frame - a first in aerobatic aviation history. The airplane truly represents a "quantum leap forward" by offering its owner not just a stunningly beautiful silhouette, but also an ergonomically advanced cockpit. It is designed for maximum pi

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Lakeland Linder Approves Concessions at Airport

With Commercial Service on the Way, Aerospace Center for Excellence Sets Up Terminal Shop

The Airspace Center for Excellence has been given the blessing to begin operating Lakeland Linder International Airport's first concessions store, riding on the tail of new commercial service by Avelo Airlines. Evidently, there weren't too many bidders for the opportunity, with most in the area eschewing what they believed is a non-starter. The approving body came by way of Lakeland commissioners, who voted unanimously to approve the Center's lease agreement. Airport Director Kris Hallstrand admitted that despite their best efforts... nobody really wanted 'in', aside from ACE.

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Airborne-Flight Training 05.23.24: Ray Scholarships, WCA Awards, Air Charter Int

Also: ALPA Warns, ASA Updates Training Logs, Florida Teen Scholarship, Aviation Meteorology

The EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship program has seen its 500th student pilot graduate helped along the way, marking off a significant milestone for the group's most widely useful scholarship. The Ray Scholarship is funded by the Ray Foundation, but managed by EAA. That allows it to source candidates through its network of EAA chapters. Women in Corporate Aviation has announced the recipients of its Spring Scholarship Program, noting that they've had a record amount of applications in the last year. All in all, WCA saw more than 300 applicants for the scholarsh

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2024 SUN N FUN Innovation Preview Segments Published

Massive Aviation News Event Started 2024 Off With a Plethora of Exciting Info

Last year, we introduced the SnF Innovation Preview in which 25 companies introduced over 30 new planes, products, engines, accessories, and more… in other words… a LOT of news. Rotax previewed the powerful 916iS, CubCrafters showcased the Carbon Cub UL, Bose introduced the A30, Aerox revealed the Boomula… and so much more. This year, we went beyond that... way beyond all that, with a larger selection of news announcements that covered ALL aspects of sport, general and commercial aviation... all at the start of the

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Recent Falcon 9 Launch Breaks Delivery Records

Falcon 9 Reusability Emphasized with 21-Time Veteran

SpaceX has really been driving home the concept of reusability for its Falcon series of rockets, with its recent Starlink mission account for the 21st launch for that particular spacecraft. It's a testament to the level of engineering and dedication they had to bring to the table, not to mention the attractive cost savings that come with reusing expensive space assets. In the old days, rockets were one-time use, costlier than even expensive aircraft by an order of magnitude, and about as long-lived as a Dixie cup moldering on a dorm room shelf (about 3 to 6 months, depending on how frequent room inspections are.) That particular Falcon 9 was Booster 1062, which managed to deliver 23 more V2 mini

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EBAA's Passenger Name Record Case Bears Fruit

Polish Court Weighs in On Passenger Name Record Issue

The European Business Aviation Association has taken a victory lap regarding a successful legal victory in Poland, establishing a "historic precedent for the Passenger Name Record (PNR) issue in the country." It was the first 'PNR case' heard in Poland, setting a precedent to shape enforcement into the future. The case in question was brought by an air carrier in the business sector, fined by the Polish Border Guard for allegedly violating PNR law on the books. Poland's Supreme Administrative Court agreed with the plaintiffs, reversing the judgment of the lower court and annulled the decision imposing the fine, aligning its ruling with the provisions of the European Directive 2016/681 (PNR Dire

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Airborne-NextGen 05.21.24: ‘Liberty Lifter’, Cavorite Flies!, Eurodrone

Also: AMA National Fun Fly, Skyfire SF2, Echodyne Gets BVLOS, Av Meteorology Reference

General Atomics' run at developing the Liberty Lifter ground effect aircraft has been put to rest, with their competitor, Aurora Flight Sciences, retaining theirs for the time being. The Liberty Lifter is one funky duck, as far as prospective military projects go. Looking forward to a contentious Pacific theater, DoD planners see a dire need for seaborne transport, beyond the old school's island-hopping and airstrip-chopping. Hybrid eVTOL manufacturer, or better said, developer, showed off its latest flight test using a smaller scaled version of its high-wing Cavorite

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Airborne 05.22.24: NS-25 Chute Failure, #HonorTheWASP, SkyCourier 'Combi'

Also: VAI v Anti-Heli Actions, Electric Aircraft Symposium, 2024 FAA Drone/AAM Symposium, Gravitymaster

Blue Origin's seventh passenger flight ended with a smidgeon of drama when one of its 3 parachutes failed to fully deploy, forcing it to rely on its remaining 2 units. That's not the worst system failure in the world, since the triple-chute system sports redundancy as a baseline, but it's always a little discomfiting to rely on a backup whenever parachutes are involved. Women in Aviation International (WAI) members and friends will honor the valiant service of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) by visiting their graves and leaving an appro

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IMPORTANT: eSportPlane Resource Guide Survey Data Sought

Easy Online Forms Available For Sport Plane Manufacturers And Suppliers To Be Listed In The Upcoming eSPRG

Work on the SportPlane Resource Guide is going well… Albeit a little bit behind schedule, because as we got into this process, things became a bit more complicated simply because we learned we could do an even better job at certain aspects of this project than we thought from the beginning. They say that the enemy of true quality is the phrase "good enough" and we want to be far more than “good enough.” FMI:, Read More

Airborne Programming Continues Serving SportAv With 'Airborne-Affordable Flyers'

With The eSPRG Only Weeks Away From Its Start Date, A-AF Will Help To Support Sport Flyers, Worldwide

With the all-new and all-digital SportPlane Resource Guide getting ready for publication early next year, the Aero-News Network is pleased to announce yet another addition to the Airborne video news programming roster… Airborne-Affordable Flyers. Dedicated to keeping people up-to-date on the most affordable aspects of sport and general aviation, Airborne-Affordable Flyers is one of our most exciting offerings yet. A-AF will delve into more than just the current LSA community, but look at all aspects of aviation to examine and ev

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Klyde Morris (05.27.24)

Klyde Is Looking Forward To All That REALLY COOL Video...


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NTSB Prelim: M-Squared Aircraft Inc Breese

Wreckage Was Located In A Compact Area, With The Empennage Of The Airplane Folded Forward On Top Of The Forward Section Of The Airplane

On May 17, 2024, about 1430 eastern daylight time, an M-Squared Aircraft Inc. Breese 2 airplane, N99VY, was involved in an accident near the Culpeper Regional Airport (CJR), Culpeper, Virginia. The commercial pilot was fatally injured. The airplane was operated as a test flight conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91. According to a representative of Flying Club 1 Inc., which was the club that owned the accident airplane, the pilot planned to complete a local flight to practice air work and aerodynamic stalls.

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We're Accepting Resumes -- AND Hiring! ANN Puts Out 'Help Wanted' Sign

BIG Upgrades In The Works --- ANN Is Seeking EXCEPTIONAL New Staffers

The last few years have been about as challenging a time as we can recall... but we survive (yeah, we're kinda surprised, too) and look forward to 2023 and what we see as a very rewarding (and yes, still challenging) new generation of activities at ANN. After some truly weird times during the pandemic, ANN continues to expand slowly, but surely, and we have some truly intriguing upgrades coming up over the next few months. In other words, we're about to grow again -- REALLY/TRULY -- and in some novel directions. The much-appreciated expansion of  Read More


Expanding Our Vast Horizons... ANN Now Available on Roku and FireTV!

And That's But One Of Over A Dozen Major Developments Planned For The Next Year Or So

Aero-News Network is now available on Roku and Amazon FireTV! That’s right folks. You can now get your daily dose of aviation news… right on the ol' giggle box! This is an EPIC development for our network, one of many to come, and we’re thrilled to offer you this new way to watch our news programming. Whether you’re a traditional website reader, podcast listener, or YouTube subscriber, we’re dedicated to giving you quality, honest, aviation news that you can trust and broadening our reach and audience aggressively in the coming years, so that we may both Grow and Inform the aviatio

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Aero-Biz Survival 101 (1120a): Expert Ideas To Help You Through Tough Times

Brand New! Avoid The Need For A Comeback... Get Your Marketing Right, Right Now!

Some time ago, the Aero-News Network, responding to numerous requests, established a marketing and communications sister company by the name of AEROPRENEUER... and it's been doing amazing work under these difficult circumstances -- and getting results! We're getting rave reviews from our clients, and working hard to earn the trust of a number of new marketing partners along the way. ANN's Amber Cedroni has come up with a few tips to help aero-businesses stay alive in these tough times, and

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The SportPlane Resource Guide RETURNS!!!!

Emphasis On Growing The Future of Aviation Through Concentration on 'AFFORDABLE FLYERS'

It's been a number of years since the Latest Edition of Jim Campbell's HUGE SportPlane Resource Guide first saw the light of day. That massive 1100 page book last featured over 800 exciting sport aircraft from all over the SportPlane universe... at a time when the SportPlane industry was still a healthy, thriving enterprise (those were the days...). While there has been some consideration, off and on, toward updating the nearly 5 pound book, the near implosion of the SportPlane and kit industry over the last decade has made such a pursuit an unwieldy one... until now.

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Read/Watch/Listen... ANN Does It All

There Are SO Many Ways To Get YOUR Aero-News!

It’s been a while since we have reminded everyone about all the ways we offer your daily dose of aviation news here is a full list of ways you can subscribe to our channels and get notifications when there are new episodes or breaking news! 1) Subscribe To Our Newsletter When surveyed, almost half of our audience shared with us that they rely on our daily newsletter to get their aviation news for the day and stay up-to-date in their field or craft. Are you subscribed yet? If not, use the link below to receive our daily Propwash emails that always feature a feed of our latest stories and breaking news. SUBSCRIBE >&g

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.29.24)

Aero Linx: International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training (IAPGT) We are an Association of people who fly, build or regulate Gyroplanes, who have a dream of a single Gyroplane pilot licence accepted in every country around the world, and a community of Gyroplane Pilots who are free from accidents.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.29.24): NORDO (No Radio)

NORDO (No Radio) Aircraft that cannot or do not communicate by radio when radio communication is required are referred to as “NORDO.” 

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ANN FAQ: Contributing To Aero-TV

How To Get A Story On Aero-TV News/Feature Programming

How do I submit a story idea or lead to Aero-TV? If you would like to submit a story idea or lead, please contact Jim Campbell via the link below. Please include the following information when submitting a story idea or lead: who the intended subject is, a general story outline of said subject, important dates or deadlines for the story lead, and any appropriate contact information for both yourself and related subjects.

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