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March 23, 2022

Airborne 03.23.22: TL Aircraft Stream, 24-Volt Rotax 915 iS/C, WAI2022!

Also: Douglas A-26 Restoration, Dassault M&O Seminars, SkyWest Ordered to Continue Service, Young Eagles Day
Wow... talk about your Walter Mitty moments... ANN’s Jim Campbell got a  test flight in the TL Aircraft Stream tandem RG composite rocket. Powered by a Rotax 100HP ULS, the Stream’s sleek lines are an eye catcher right from the get-go. A fighter style side-stick and adjustable rudder pedals make acclimating to the cockpit an easy event, and the side-hinged canopy offers superb visibility for your next fake fighter adventure due to the skinny nose allowed by the tandem configuration. Foreshadowed earlier this year, Rotax has unveiled the 24-volt version of their 915 IS/c engine, delivering up to 800 watts for a range of aircraf

Rotax Unveils 24-Volt 915 iS/C

141-Hp, 183-pound Engine Now Offers Power, Charging for Everything Under the Sun

Foreshadowed earlier this year, Rotax has unveiled the 24-volt version of their 915 IS/c engine, delivering up to 800 watts for a range of aircraft configurations. A standby in the experimental and sport plane world, Rotax took everything users love about 915 IS and added the power needed to run a full suite of power-hungry, high performance avionics and charging systems. The 24-volt system is available for new Rotax 915 iS/c engines, both certified and ASTM-compliant.

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OneWeb Goes with SpaceX for Launch Services

Only 66% Complete, New Contract Could See the Completion of Global Satellite Network

OneWeb has found its replacement for its former Soyuz accommodations, selecting SpaceX to launch the brand's satellites into orbit. For now, the details of the deal and terms of the agreement remain confidential, OneWeb being fairly mum on exactly how many of their satellites will make their way aboard in the near future, only saying that the "agreement will enable OneWeb to resume satellite launches." The first is expected to take place later this year. 

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AeroSport Bushcat... More Than Meets The Eye

The Bird Is Rock-Solid In Terms Of Its Overall Stability And Control... Especially In Pitch

ANN’s Jim Campbell finally got out of the office this past weekend to visit Deland’s AeroSport operation and check out current versions of the AeroSport Bushcat, as well as TL North America’s Stream tandem and Sting, side by side, two-seater. While we’ll have some more info on the TL offerings in the next few days, the little Bushcat, with pricing WELL below $100K, offered some serious surprises. The so-called ‘tube and rag’ two seater is a really rugged aircraft that pushes 800-1000 fpm climb rate at near gross and nearly 90 degrees O.A.T.

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Airborne-UnCrewed 03.15.22: LAANC Applications, uAvionix Bought, Joby-CAE

Also: EHang Lays Groundwork, GAMA Inducts 2, Spaceport Camden, Central Colorado UAS

The FAA has announced the opening of applications to those interested in joining Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC). The agency will allow apps in order to join as approved LAANC service suppliers, allowing them to join the ranks of the drone industry. The program is a joint effort between the FAA and the unmanned industry as a whole that enables smoother, safer integration of remotely piloted and autonomous systems into the nation's airspace. uAvionix has announced its impending acquisition by DC Capital Partners. The company will join the r

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Sporty's E6B Adds Pan-Apple Device Support

From Tablets to Watches, Phones to Laptops, the Pilot's Computer is Ready to Go with a Single Purchase 

Sporty's has released their E6B Flight Computer app on the Macintosh platform. This makes it a one-stop, multi-platform purchase that will grant access to every device in the Apple ecosystem. Users will get a pilot-coded, pilot-designed app, with an " intuitive menu layout and plain English explanations for each function." The interface has been designed for a consistent user experience across all systems, retaining as much as possible between iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

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Hartzell Prop Discount Available to Recreational Aviators

Roster of Backcountry-Ready, Lightweight Propellers Good for $1,000 Off 

Hartzell has extended a discount available to buyers from the Recreational Aviation Foundation, grabbing $1,000 off and sending a quarter of that back to the RAF mission. The deal will be running through the end of the year, valid for any purchase of Hartzell's backcountry flying product line, including 3-blade Voyagers, 3-blade carbon fiber Raptors, 2 and 3-blade carbon Trailblazers, and 3-blade carbon Explorer model propellers.

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Texas Aerospace Technologies Becomes South American Dynon Distributor

Will Assume Duties to Oversee Dealers, Sales, Support for Region 

Texas Aerospace Technologies has become a Master Distributor for Dynon Avionics. Their position among the Dynon fold will make them responsible for establishing sales and marketing of the brand portfolio, specifically the SkyView Avionics System, throughout the South American Region. Texas Aerospace will also take charge and establish new dealers in the area, a task now under the responsibility of recently appointed regional sales manager Vanderlei Anjos da Silva. 

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Classic Aero-TV: The Rotax 915iS - Rotax's New 'Big Bad' Engine

From 2017 (YouTube Version): EASA Certification Process Nearly Complete…

The Rotax 915 iS engine has been in the pipeline for some time, but now the engine is nearly ready to get flying. Marc Becker, Aircraft Business Manager for Rotax, told ANN editor Tom Patton at AirVenture that the company is nearly finished with the EASA certification process, but there is still some testing to be done. According to the company website, the Rotax 915 iS offers more power, the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, full take-off power up t

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Dassault's Regional Maintenance and Operations Seminars Return

After a 3-year Hiatus, Touring Falcon Education Available Once Again

Dassault Aviation has announced the beginning of its educational extravaganza on April 6, in Paris, France, and ending May 24 in Chicago, Illinois. During the M&O seminar series, they will tour across 7 cities in North America, South America, and Europe to meet clients, customers, and supporters. Jean Kayanakis, senior vice president of worldwide customer service and assistant head over its service center network, said Dassault can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

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NTSB Prelim: Cessna 182Q

The Controller Stated, “I’M Receiving A Low Altitude Alert. Check Your Altitude”

On March 8, 2022, at 1846 central standard time, a Cessna 182Q airplane, N182XT, was destroyed when it was involved in an accident near the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP), Panama City, Florida. The private pilot and passenger were fatally injured. The airplane was operated by the pilot as a personal flight conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91. Review of Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revealed that the pilot initiated an instrument flight rules (IFR) cross-country flight from his home airport of Jack B

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.23.22)

Aero Linx: Air Marshal Association Our predecessor association, FAMSNJ, was formed in 2009. We merged with another group of unrepresented TSA employees to be the OLE component of a TSA-wide professional organization. It became apparent that FAMs stood alone, both in the severity of discipline and the lack of avenues of redress. In March of 2013, the FAMs split away and formed the AMA under the guidance of the Communication Workers of America/AFL-CIO. It became quickly apparent that a traditional union was not a good fit for federal agents, so in 2015 we ended our affiliation with the CWA and formed the Air Marshal Association. 

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.23.22): Radio Magnetic Indicator

Radio Magnetic Indicator An aircraft navigational instrument coupled with a gyro compass or similar compass that indicates the direction of a selected NAVAID and indicates bearing with respect to the heading of the aircraft.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (03.23.22)

"The cost-effectiveness of owning and operating this kind of machine can not be overemphasized while the fit and finish we noted on several examples was more than laudable. Most important, the bird was just plain fun." Source: From a collection of remarks by ANN Editor-In-Chief and Test Pilot, Jim Campbell, after a test flight the previous weekend in an AeroSport Bushcat.

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