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July 24, 2015

Quest Aircraft Planning Factory Expansion

Kodiak Production Facility To Double

Quest Aircraft Company has developed plans to expand its Sandpoint, ID factory. The company is adding approximately 75,000 square feet to its Kodiak production facility. Construction is slated to begin in August, with a targeted completion by the end of the year.

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Alaskan Mike Tauriainen Wins Hartzell Trailblazer Sweepstakes

Winner Announced At EAA AirVenture

Pilot Mike Tauriainen, from Soldotna, Alaska, is the grand prize winner of Hartzell Propeller’s Top Prop Trailblazer Sweepstakes.

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A Drone By Any Other Name (UAS) Is Still A Drone

FAA Considers A UAS An Aircraft Subject To Additional Flight Restrictions

So you want to fly a drone. What used to be an activity that was basically unregulated has been grabbed by the FAA as another entity to regulate. While most people agree that reasonable regulation is necessary, our FAA chose to have its head in the sand and failed to anticipate what the rest of the world foresaw and is now playing catchup. Of course, the FAA pays no price for this, only those who are trying actually produce something are.

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Baja Bush Pilots International Fly To Cuba

Fellow Pilots Team To Discover Old Aviation

With recent commercial and travel developments in Cuba, pilots are itching to fly to the largest Caribbean island. Venturing down to Cuba is even easier for pilots using travel groups. In November a group with Baja Bush Pilots International will personally land their own aircraft in Cuba’s retro airports.

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Beringer Aero Celebrates Their 30th Anniversary With Host Of Innovations

New Undercarriages For Both The Certified And Experimental Markets

As pilots we rely on the entire landing gear assembly and do not take it for granted. However it is not an area where we often think innovation would occur. Team Beringer changes that paradigm.

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UND Aerospace Displays One-Of-A-Kind Helicopter

School Brings One Of Eight Glass-Cockpit Sikorsky 300 to EAA AirVenture 2015

The University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences has on display one of the custom built glass cockpit Sikorsky 300 helicopter at the Helicopter Association International exhibit during the whole week of EAA AirVenture 2015.

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MAF Presents New Amphibious Kodiak At AirVenture

Kodiak Will Reach Isolated Riverside Villages In Borneo

Mission Aviation Fellowship is displaying its new Kodiak at EAA AirVenture 2015. The Amphibious aircraft uses Aerocet floats to serve people who live in remote areas.

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B-17 Aluminum Overcast Gives Rides At AirVenture

World War II Bomber Offers Unique Historical Experience

“It’s an iconic piece of American History that comes to your town,” says B-17 pilot Neil Morrison of EAA’s B-17 ‘Aluminum Overcast’. Normally viewed behind velvet ropes, the B-17 was a heavy bomber in WWII. With EAA's touring B-17, however, the public can take rides or ground tours in and around the 74 foot long aircraft.

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Ford Model T Club Offers Rides At AirVenture

Local Club Wants To Share History

For the past eight years, the Dairyland Tin Lizzies Model T club has been at AirVenture, offering rides in their Model Ts. The group operates out of southeastern Wisconsin and is here to share the unique experience of driving around in a Model T.

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SocialFlight Adds Hundreds Of Aviation Destinations

Expanded List Of Aerial Tours Also Added To The Site

SocialFlight kicked off opening day of AirVenture 2015 with their announcement they are a "go-to" source for finding interesting Aviation Destinations and Aerial Tours with the introduction of SocialFlight HotSpots.  

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Tie Down Options At AirVenture

The Claw And Shock Strap Offer Easy, Reliable Tiedowns

In Wisconsin in late July, thunderstorms and high winds are a given. At AirVenture, where spacing between wingtips rarely exceeds two feet, one snapped tie down can result in a two or three aircraft pileup. Pilots will often leave the airshow periodically to make sure their planes are still attached to the ground. Fortunately, there are a few products and tips that allow pilots to enjoy their day instead of checking on their tie downs every five minutes.

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MyGoFlight Unveils An 'Affordable' Heads Up Display Unit (HUD)

HUD Has Been Developed That Will Bring This Technology And Capability Affordably To All In Aviation

MyGoFlight, maker of premium iPad and tablet gear for pilots, will unveil RECON1, an affordable Heads Up Display (HUD) for aviation. The pre-production unit is operational and on display in their flagship store in Hangar B. This is a full sized working unit to be used to convey the concept of the HUD and to finalize production specifications and materials.

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Airborne at OSH15 - 07.23.15: Huerta Brings Little to OSH, Sun Flyer Update, 'That's All, Brother!'

Also: Jack Pelton Interview - Part 4, Trig Avionics Update, 3rd Class Medical, Part 23 Re-Write, UAVs...

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta made his annual speech at AirVenture today, which is intended to focus on issues important to the general and sport aviation pilots that make up most of the AirVenture crowd--but overall, he didn't say much. The first Sun Flyer electric trainer is under construction at Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation’s facility in Colorado. At a news conference at AirVenture Thursday, AEAC president and CEO George Bye said the company has contracted with Arion Aircraft to help build the initial prototype trainer. The FAA has extended an S-T-C for Trig Avionics’ TT31 transponder, which Trig CEO Andy Davis says is an economical way for pilots of b

Airborne at OSH15 - 07.23.15: FAA Says Little, Sun Flyer, 'That's All, Brother'

Also: Jack Pelton Interview - Part 4, Trig Avionics Update, 3rd Class Medical, Part 23 Re-Write, UAVs...

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta made his annual speech at AirVenture today, which is intended to focus on issues important to the general and sport aviation pilots that make up most of the AirVenture crowd--but overall, he didn't say much. The first Sun Flyer electric trainer is under construction at Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation’s facility in Colorado. At a news conference at AirVenture Thursday, AEAC president and CEO George Bye said the company has contracted with Arion Aircraft to help build

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Huerta: No Real Progress On Third Class Medical, Part 23 Rewrite

FAA Administrator Says These Are Complicated Issues Requiring Input From Multiple Stakeholders

Those who came to the annual “Meet the Administrator” session at AirVenture hoping to hear there had been significant progress on issues like the Part 23 rewrite and third class medical reform were disappointed … again … when FAA administrator Michael Huerta would say only that the agency was continuing to work on those and other areas such as integration of UAVs in the National Air Space.

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Burt Rutan Unveils What He Says Will Be His Last Homebuilt Aircraft

SkiGull Dazzles EAA AIrventure 2015  Attendees

What better place than AirVenture for Burt Rutan to unveil his last homebuilt aircraft design (he says), to a standing room audience of Homebuilders. 

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Assembly Begins On First Prototype 'Sun Flyer' Aircraft

Arion Aircraft Contracted to Help Build The 2-Seat Solar-Electric Prototype

Assembly has commenced on the 2-seat prototype “Sun Flyer” solar-electric training aircraft being developed by  Aero Electric Aircraft Corp (AEAC). The company has contracted with Arion Aircraft to help build the initial prototype trainer.

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FAA Certifies Latest Version Of The Jet A-Burning CD-230

Company Says Latest Variant Offers Significant Performance Improvements

Continental Motors Group Ltd, an AVIC International Holding Corporation company, announced today that the latest version of its Diesel CD-230 engine has received type certification from the FAA. This new version of the CD-230 brings significant enhancements to the version certified in 2012.

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EAA Leads Effort To Lift Flight Experiences Moratorium For Warbirds

FAA Lifts Ban On 'Living History' Flights After Four Years Of Advocacy Efforts

The FAA this week lifted a longtime moratorium on new “living history flight experiences” in historic aircraft, particularly warbirds, thanks to more than four years of leadership on the issue by EAA.

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Austin E. Knowlton Foundation Gives Ohio State $10 Million

Gift Will Enhance Aviation, Education And Research

Aviation education at The Ohio State University (OSU) dates back to 1917, when the university opened its School of Aeronautics to provide training for military aviation operations. The university’s aviation programs are managed today out of its Center for Aviation Studies, established in 2011, and located at the Ohio State University Airport at Don Scott Field in Columbus, Ohio.

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Historic AirVenture 2015 Sponsor: Bendix-King by Honeywell

AirVenture 2015 Sponsor: Bendix-King by Honeywell

BendixKing is committed to the creation of innovative, reliable, intuitive avionics for the general aviation pilot. When you choose to fly with BendixKing you can be confident that the products you depend on today will serve you well into the future. The history of the Bendix name runs parallel to the development of King Radio until the mid-1980s, when the Allied Corporation purchased Bendix Aviation and King Radio and combined the two to create the now-renowned Bendix/King brand of avionics.

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Klyde Morris 07.24.15

At Least You're Not Dealing With The Traffic On Highway 41, Klyde


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Swift Fuels Announces Distribution Framework Strategy With Avfuel Corporation

Swift Fuels Has Partnered With Avfuel To Develop An Equitable Framework Agreement Allowing Major Suppliers To Distribute Swift Unleaded 94 Mon Avgas

Swift Fuels, LLC, a recognized leader in developing unleaded aviation fuels, today announced it expects to finalize a fuel distribution framework agreement soon with Avfuel Corporation to distribute its recently launched Swift 94 MON Avgas.

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L-3's ADS-B Solutions Provide More AirVenture 2105 Special Event Info!!!

L-3 Delivers Highly Capable ADS-B Products!

L-3 has delivered flight safety avionics for General Aviation (GA) since 1962, when the business was founded as the avionics division for Learjet in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since then, the company has operated under several names including Jet Electronics & Technology (J.E.T.), BF Goodrich Aerospace and Goodrich Avionics Systems Inc. L-3 acquired the Avionics Systems (L-3 AS) division in 2003. Today the company provides a wide array of avionics technologies designed to improve situational awareness and enhance safety.

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Trig Avionics Stacks The Deck To Provide ANN's OSH15 Special Event Coverage

Trig Excels In Affordable Avionics That Fit YOUR Panel!

Trig Avionics design and manufacture certified avionics for the Light and General Aviation sector. Trig are experts in producing compact and light weight avionics that are smart, affordable and future proof. Trig produces a retro-fit unit called the TT31 and compact transponders; the TT21 and TT22. These are popular, particularly where aircraft panel space is tight. The company also has matching compact VHF radios the TY91 and TY92 VHF radios. Here for the first time at Oshkosh 2015 is Trig’s new TY96/TY96 VHF stack radios and TMA45/TMA44 Audio Panels...

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MGL Avionics Leads The Way To ANN's OSH15 Special Coverage

Bright, Powerful, Intuitive: MGL Avionics Is A Next Generation EFIS.... Today!

Since 2001, MGL Avionics has been producing avionics for the Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft markets. The flagship product is the iEFIS - a comprehensive flight, engine and navigation instrument designed to meet the demands of the modern pilot. It is the next generation EFIS system utilizing a custom developed, pressure sensitive, sunlight-readable touchscreen that can also be operated using gloves. iEFIS combines the undeniable advantages of simplified operation that a touchscreen can offer with rich traditional knob and button controls that are equally indispensable in the cockpit environment. The pressure sensitive touchscreen operates much like a tactile button preventing false activ

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Only Sporty's!!! Sporty's Pilot Shop Helps ANN Cover Oshkosh 2015!

Sporty's Pilot Shop Is A Pivotal GA Resource!

Sporty’s Pilot Shop was founded over 50 years ago by a flight instructor, and ever since has been for pilots and by pilots. Hal Shevers was a young flight instructor when he began selling pilot supplies to his students from the trunk of his car. Soon there was a small store, then a larger one and finally a extensive company headquarters at the Sporty's/Clermont County Airport (I69) in Batavia, Ohio. From humble beginnings, Sporty’s has become the world’s premier pilot shop and the leading developer of aviation education programs. Sporty’s corporate philosophy is summed up by Founder/Chairman Hal Shevers: “The focus of our business remains educational. We educate pilots to be safe and proficient.&

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (07.24.15)

“We’re trying to get away from ‘it’s illegal’. The language we’re trying to develop is ‘it’s not presently authorized’.” Source: FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, at the annual "Meet the Administrator session at AirVenture.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (07.24.15): Lateral Stability

The stability about the longitudinal axis of an aircraft; the rolling stability, or the ability of an airplane to return to level flight due to a disturbance that causes one of the wings to drop.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (07.24.15)

Hatz Biplane Association

The official webpage of the Hatz Biplane Association, dedicated to the education and enjoyment of building and flying Hatz CB-1, Classic, Bantam, and Kelly-D biplanes.

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