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June 07, 2005

CAP Deadstick Incident Ends 'Commendably'

IL CAP Aircraft Incident Ends Safely, Expertly

On Saturday June 4, 2005, Illinois Wing pilots Major Chuck Hoepe and Lt. Col. Oggie Oetken were flying Cessna N65747 (a 1982 Cessna 172P Skyhawk) when they experienced an in-flight engine failure.

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US Airways, America West Pilots Meet

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You...

For the first time since US Airways and America West announced plans to merge, leaders of both companies' union pilots sat down in Phoenix Monday in what was billed as a "getting to know you session."

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Rescued Skydiver: What Happened In Costa Rica?

Sole Survivor: Aircraft Was Like Roller Coaster

The only person to survive the crash of a single-engine skydiving aircraft said the plane was "moving like a roller coaster" when the pilot yelled to everyone, "Jump!" The plane went down and only 34-year old William Slattery survived.

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Body Parts Come Crashing Down On Suburban NYC

Apparent Stowaway Didn't Make It All The Way

It rained body parts in Long Island, NY, Tuesday, as the corpse of an apparent stowaway aboard a South African Airways flight from Dakar to JFK partially disintegrated when the crew lowered the plane's landing gear.

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AD: BAE Systems

AD NUMBER: 2005-11-13 MANUFACTURER: BAE Systems SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2005-11-13 SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Model BAe 146 airplanes.

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AD: Boeing

AD NUMBER: 2005-11-09 MANUFACTURER: Boeing SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2005-11-09 SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Boeing Model 727-200 series airplanes equipped with a No. 3 cargo door.

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AD: Bombardier

AD NUMBER: 2005-11-11 MANUFACTURER: Bombardier SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2005-11-11 SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Bombardier Model DHC-8-400, -401, and -402 series airplanes.

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Toxic Rocket Talk -- It Could Be Environmental Problem

New Fears Aboard Oil Platforms Near Newfoundland

At first, they were worried about being hit by de-orbiting debris. That threat has passed, only to be replaced by a new one: the possibility that highly-toxic fuel may leak out of the splashed-down debris.

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NTSB Judge Dismisses Four Emergency Orders


Could it be that someone at the Farmingdale, NY, FSDO has a vendetta against Michael Tarascio and his family?

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US Airways Worker Killed In DCA Mishap

Woman Operating Belt Loader Pinned Against Plane

A US Airways fleet service agent was killed at Reagan National Airport early Tuesday when the belt loader she was operating somehow pinned her against an aircraft, crushing her.

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Wi-Fi Flies

United, Verizon Team Up For First Run

Anxious to compute while you commute? That possibility is much closer to reality, now that United Airlines and Verizon have been given the go-ahead by the FAA to start operating in-flight wireless internet service.

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One Lost In Bangladeshi F-7 Mishap

Pilot Okay As Fighter Ploughs Into Homes, Businesses

One woman was killed Tuesday when an F-7 fighter flown by the Bangladeshi Air Force went down in the outskirts of Dhaka. There was no immediate word on the cause of the mishap.

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Deep Impact: Take Aim...

NASA's Space Eyes Focus on Deep Impact Target

On July 4, NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft will attempt an extraordinarily daring encounter with the far-flung comet Tempel 1, which is hurtling through space at tens of thousands of miles per hour. As if that is not challenging enough, the comet's size, shape and other characteristics are not entirely known.

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AAL 757 Makes Emergency Landing In Miami

You Get The Jack And I'll Get The Spare...

Remember the old saw about how flying is hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. Well, let's not get carried away, but there were some moments of intense consternation for the crew of an American Airlines 757 Monday as the aircraft had to make an emergency landing because of a blown tire.

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Hercules To The Rescue

Canadian C130 Picks Up 92 Stranded Quebecers Threatened By Forest Fire

Some might consider the Lockheed-Martin C130 Hercules something of an ugly duckling. It's squat, utterly utilitarian in appearance. But for more than 90 people stranded by fire in northern Quebec Monday, the C130 dispatched to rescue them was probably the most beautiful aircraft they'd ever seen.

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Jeremy Johnson Gets A Clean Slate

FAA Clears Helo Pilot Who Helped In Utah Flooding

The FAA has given 29-year old Jeremey Johnson a clean slate.

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NBAA Welcomes Naples Court of Appeals Decision

NBAA has welcomed a court decision upholding authority for the FAA to take action against unreasonable restrictions on certain types of business aircraft. At the same time, the Association's enthusiasm was tempered by some of the specifics related to the case.

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Cub Dreaming On The Road

American Legend Aircraft Announces Planned Tour of its Legend Cub Light-Sport Aircraft

American Legend Aircraft Company announced that the company plans to take its Legend Cub aircraft on a demonstration tour throughout the central and northeastern United States. The Legend Cub will begin its tour with a stop in St. Louis, MO, and make its final stop in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, before heading back to Texas to prepare for the first of many future annual treks to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The Legend Cub is a light-sport category aircraft that will appeal to recreational flyers of all ages in all areas of the world.

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Terror Tigers of the Skies?

Sri Lankan Rebels Acquire A Modest Air Capability

Who the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are depends less on your point of view than it used to do. Once, a case could be made that the LTTE, a violent terrorist group fighting for a racial/ethnic homeland separate from Sri Lanka, were freedom fighters. They claimed many grievances, and made a case that they had been mistreated and subjugated by the majority Sinhalese of the island nation. But their methods -- they're the guys who put suicide bombing on the map 20 years ago -- and the nihilism of their target selection turned many who usually flock to the side of the underdog against them.

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A Little Room To Breathe In Kerrville

Quarterly Sales Up 162-Percent

Mooney Airplane Company Monday posted sales of $9,385,000 for the first quarter of 2005, representing an increase of 162-percent as compared to sales of $3,582,000 reported in the first quarter of 2004.

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Safety Board Bristling?

NTSB Issues Rare Statement After AAL 1420 Verdict

The NTSB stands by its report on the mishap that killed eleven people in June, 1999. This, in spite of a jury's decision to award the widow of American Airlines Captain Richard Buschmann, who died in the crash of AAL Flight 1420 in Little Rock, AR.

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When The Dust Settles (On Iraq)

USAF Aircraft Grounded By Grit, Poor Visibility

Just about midnight recently, the wind kicked up in Iraq just as suddenly as if someone had turned on a light switch, bringing with it huge clouds of dust that rolled in and obliterated everything from view.

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Innotech Aviation Named To Provide Line Service For Honeywell HTF 7000 Turbofan

Powers New Bombardier Challenger 300

Montreal-based Innotech Aviation has been approved as a line service center for Honeywell's HTF 7000 turbofan engine. Under the agreement, Innotech will perform engine removal/replacement, hot section inspections, major periodic inspections and line maintenance.

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ANN Free Classifieds Featured Ad: Darter 100

For Sale: Darter 100

1966 Darter 100, Lycoming 320 1970TTAE, compressions 75-75-75-77, Cleveland wheels/brakes, Auto gas STC, No damage history, all AD's completed Exterior Quality: 7, Interior Quality: 7 Used, will sell for $18,000.00

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (06.07.05)

"The problem surrounds the general public's fairly negative feelings about 'small aircraft' -- those 'little airplanes.' So in the very title ("Small Aircraft Transportation System 2005: A Transformation of Air Travel") of this forum today we are using two words that outside of [the aviation] world have a negative connotation. Are we preaching to the choir at this event? Are we ignoring the huge task ahead of us all: to guarantee that, if we build it -- SATS -- they will come? Remember -- this is a general public that thinks of a Beech 1900 commuter propjet as a 'little airplane.'"  Source: AOPA President Phil Boyer, speaking at the SATS rollout in Danville, VA. His point: FAA and NASA must focus on people, not technology, if they are to transform the nationa

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