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Wed, Mar 17, 2010

ANN and Aero-TV Are Ready To Bring YOU DAILY Coverage of AEA2010

Attention GA Companies... It's TIME To Get Your News To ANN!

The 2010 rendition of AEA's annual Tradxe Show and Convention is but 20 days away, and, if history is any indicator, it's likely those of you in the GA sector may have some news/announcements to make.

The Aero-News Network, the aviation world's DAILY/REAL-TIME news and information service, will sport an expert assemblage of ANN's top journalists. Several staffers, including ANN Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, News Editor Tom Patton and E-Media producer Paul Plack, have been assigned to generate dozens of stories about the event, and to work on many more for future distribution to the hundreds of thousands of people (all over the world) who read, view or listen to ANN every day, as well as the many International syndication partners we work with.

And, of course, this year will be particularly noteworthy with the addition of ANN's new Aero-Streaming programs!

'Want to make a timely impact?

As usual; ANN's team of expert aero-journalists will be covering the event from top to bottom; and we'd like to let you lead the news, with your announcements in Aero-News on the day your news breaks, rather than a day late. We're inviting you to send your advance news and announcements to us; with the date (and the time -- Eastern Time -- if critical) you plan to release the information. Our news publication system can be set to release stories within a second of a scheduled release time, so we can honor embargo agreements with uncanny accuracy (and yes, unlike a number of other so-called news services, we keep our word and honor agreed embargo requests). This way, we can help you reach the largest number of potential readers, as fast as possible. 

We would like to invite you to submit your press materials and news packages to us prior to the start of the event in order to allow our team to do as much advance preparation as possible and to get a feel for the stories that will be prominent this year. The sooner we get such data, the more we can do with it, and the more likely it is that you'll find yourself featured in a future ANN newscast, Audio Aero-Cast or Aero-TV Webcast. Submissions are strongly encouraged by E-mail though postal "snail mail" is acceptable so long as it is received in our office ASAP. No aviation entity currently gets to as many people, every day, as ANN is doing now, so we encourage you to get in contact with us if you think you might have a story idea or a subject worth covering.


If you have any story ideas or suggestions as to how we might augment our coverage of this event, please be sure to bring it to our attention ASAP, so that we make the proper assignments for suitable stories.

ANN's Special Event coverage has been a distinguishing feature of our organization since DAY ONE. No one does as much with special coverage of aviation's pivotal events as ANN, and we continue to set the bar higher each time we tackle an event. It's a tough, exhausting, brutally intensive process -- and read by hundreds of thousands of Aero-News readers all over the world.

Of special interest, this year, is the continuation and upgrading of ANN's tremendously popular Aero-TV programming. As you may know, ANN introduced the aviation world to Aero-TV at AirVenture 2007 -- and the business hasn't been quite the same since. Since then, HUNDREDS of DAILY Aero-TV news and feature programs have been disseminated to the world through nearly 100 syndication partners worldwide… resulting in MILLIONS of Video views and downloads throughout the globe. 

If you want concrete proof of the power of Aero-TV Special Event programming, you have only to look over the work our teams did at a number of other special events. NO OTHER news organization offers the hundreds of online and syndicated stories, news-feeds, Aero-Casts (audio) or Aero-TV programming that ANN produced and NO ONE offered near the quality of product our teams produced.

Look over our programming carefully… each episode is produced by journalists with solid reporting credentials, steadfast ethical standards, extraordinary expertise and completed to the highest standards seen in the  aviation journalism industry… bar none. These Aero-Video products can be played on your laptop or PC as well as downloaded to a Video iPod, PDA (or other video device) for viewing at a later time.

Once again, please remember that ANN's Aero-TV Aero-Casts are HIGH-QUALITY video products shot in HDV (no kidding, see for yourself at, and produced by expert aviation and video journalists -- if YOU are going to be seen, featured or interviewed by anyone in the aviation world to best effect, make sure that you are dealing with the Aero-News or Aero-TV! 

So… since ANN will be reporting LIVE from AEA2010, and if you have news item worthy of a story, or Aero-Cast, we urge you to get in touch, RIGHT AWAY, with ANN's Jim Campbell, for possible consideration.

If you need any additional detail, feel free to contact ANN's Publisher, Jim Campbell, directly at Our main office number is 863-299-8680. Jim's cell number is 863-860-5790, though the toll-free 800-356-7767 number will forward to him when away from the office.
Here's what we'd like you to help us with:
Please send us (to

  • Your advance announcement, with as much background as you can provide us.
  • In the absence of an advance announcement, a mutually agreeable appointment or briefing time by which we can work with you, as early as possible, to get the requisite information on news you plan to release at AEA2010.
  • Information as to the availability of B-Roll or other video footage... or your assistance in helping us gather same prior to the beginning of AEA 2010.
  • Important breaking news may allow us to dispatch a mobile news team to your location to gather advance B-Roll and stock footage in order to properly prepare for the release of such news.
  • A photo, or photos (the more, the better -- .jpg preferred).
  • The requisite quotes from the responsible person in your organization or the chance to interview them for same.
  • The authorized release date (and specific time, in EDT, if time sensitive) of your submission.
  • Booth/display numbers/ID or other location information.
  • Name and number(s) of your contact person(s) (and cell number, if possible).

We'll take it from there!
Thanks -- we'll see you at the show!

FMI: We Have AEA2010 News For ANN!


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