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October 29, 2004

Zero G And I Feel Fine

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to float weightless in space… looking down at the big blue marble from high above the Earth? Not since NASA's Apollo missions have Americans had space so much on their minds… thanks to the X-Prize. A few weeks ago, Burt Rutan's company won that $10 million award by becoming the first to fly to the very edge of space twice inside a week. It's proof that governments' monopoly on space travel has been broken. Now, a lot of companies are springing up… hoping to cash in on this new fascination with space. One of them is based in Fort Lauderdale.

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ANSARI X PRIZE To Be Awarded Nov. 6 To SpaceShipOne Team

Think of what you could do with $10 Million bucks... The $10 million ANSARI X PRIZE will be awarded to Scaled Composites, LLC, creators of SpaceShipOne, during a special ceremony and public rally Sat., Nov. 6, 2004, 10-11:30 am, at St. Louis University High School's athletic field next to the St. Louis Science Center, 5050 Oakland Ave., St. Louis, MO. Burt Rutan, Scaled Composite's team leader, will accept the check from Peter Diamandis, MD, chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation.

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GAMA: GA’S Strong Recovery Continues

GAMA has announced that the general aviation industry continued a strong recovery through the third quarter of 2004. Industry billings were up 15.9 percent to $7.8 billion for the first nine months of 2004, while total units rose 7.7 percent to 1,928.

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Delta Reaches Last-Minute Deal With Pilots

Airline Could Dodge Bankruptcy Bullet

Delta Air Lines says it's reached a tentative agreement with its pilot union on pay and benefit concessions -- a deal designed to deliver $1 billion in long-term, annual savings. In a statement to ANN, Delta said it would achieve those savings through a combination of changes to wages, pension and other benefits and work rules. Pilots have until Nov. 11, 2004, to vote on the agreement through an expedited electronic ratification process.

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Goodbye, Old Friend

Boeing Rolls Out Last 757

Boeing Thursday marked the completion of its 757 commercial airplane program, as thousands of employees and special guests saluted one of history's most successful passenger airplanes.

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Queen Of Sky: Grounded

Delta Suspends FA Blog Star For Posing In Uniform

It's not like Ellen Simonetti was posing naked. But after she posed for pictures published on her blog site, the Queen of Sky was told by Delta Airlines to get thee out -- suspended indefinitely without pay.

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Klyde Morris 10.29.04

Klyde Keeps Putting Mayor Daley In His Place... Underground

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Connecticut Aviation Firm Under Microscope

Did Key Air Give Gov. Freebies?

Did a Connecticut charter service give Governor John Rowland and his friends a free ride to Vegas in return for a sales tax exemption? That's the question and the FBI is asking.

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Israeli Firm Develops Flying Car Concept

Multiple Uses, No Exposed Rotors

It's an automobile. It's a VTOL aircraft. Automobile! Aircraft!! Wait a minute (chuckle). You're both right.

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Dutch Company Introduces PALV

"Personal Air Land Vehicle"

What happens if you cross a gyrocopter with a car and a motorbike? The PALV. The engineering and design firm that came up with this hybrid concept calls it a personal air and land vehicle -- a solution to increasing congestion in our cities, highways and skyways.

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New Research Helps Protect Airplane Engines From Freezing Drizzle

System To Be Tested At DIA This Winter

Halloween weather has tricked, not treated, airport meteorologists the past two years in Denver. Heavy freezing drizzle -- appearing to be harmless light drizzle -- has cost airlines as much as $2 million in engine damage in a single storm as jets have waited for takeoff. Now, Roy Rasmussen of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has developed a new system to identify the drizzle accurately.

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Sporty's 2004 Sweepstakes Winner Solos Sweepstakes Skyhawk

Pilot: Flight Was "Uneventful" (Oh, Yeah... He's Going To Fit Right In!)

Two months after taking delivery of his brand-new Cessna Skyhawk, Sporty's 2004 Sweepstakes winner A.C. "Doug" Douglass has successfully soloed at Tallahassee Regional Airport. Douglass described the flight as "uneventful."

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USCG Air Units To The Rescue

Two Sailors Saved Near Hawaii

Two Pearl Harbor Sailors were rescued by Coast Guard air units Sunday after their 21-foot Bayliner sank, leaving them treading water off the coast of Waianae for nearly 19 hours.

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Groen Merges With... Groen

All In The Family

Groen Brothers Aviation says it plans to merge its two subsidiaries, American Autogyro(AAI) and Groen Brothers Aviation USA (GBA-USA) before the end of the year.

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EDO Gets The Nod To Develop F/A-18 Missile Launchers

Project Could Be Worth $100 Million

EDO has been chosen by Lockheed-Martin to design and develop fixed-wing, dual missile launchers for the Joint Common Missile (JCM) on F/A-18E/F aircraft.

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Boeing, FAA Check Older Aircraft For Scribing

Could Be Evidence Of Bigger Problems

Those tiny fuselage cracks -- they look like scratches, really -- in older commercial aircraft could be a sign of much worse problems to come. That's why the FAA and Boeing are conducting a detailed study on scribe marks to see if they're an indication of structural weakness on the aircraft's skin.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (10.29.04)

"The proposed pilot savings, as difficult and painful as they are, will make a meaningful contribution to a massive company-wide effort underway to help transform Delta into a formidable and viable competitor. I am extremely grateful to all of Delta's employees who are making enormous sacrifices to help our company restructure on its own terms and avoid bankruptcy." Source: Delta CEO Gerald Grinstein, after union pilots tentatively agreed to a compensation give-back of up to $1 billion a year. The deal still must be ratified by the rank and file.

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