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February 28, 2011

As Predicted... Cirrus 'Merges' With China's CAIGA

The End Of A Uniquely American GA Icon?

Cirrus has admitted that the company will "merge" with the China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (CAIGA). The scenario is described as a "definitive merger agreement pursuant to which CAIGA would acquire Cirrus."

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Updated: Concerns Grow Over Much-Delayed/Hyped Cirrus Jet Program

Schedules Missed, Refunds 'Delayed,' Staff Disappearing, And Questionable Marketing May Mean Downfall Of Once-Iconic Cirrus

ANN Editorial Note: ANN understands that 'an announcement' is pending, within hours, concerning Cirrus Aircraft... we are monitoring the situation as we write this and will report back as soon as concrete info is available. -- ANN E-I-C The past few years have not been kind to one of the former darlings of the GA world... Cirrus Design/Cirrus Aircraft. With thousands of SR20 and SR22 aircraft in circulation, there is little doubt that the company once guided by GA wunderkind Alan Klapmeier has fallen on hard times. Up and through the better economic times leading into 2008, Cirrus enjoyed pretty significant success under

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Building Student And Teacher Interest In STEM Through Aviation

Central New Jersey-Based Program Joins 2011 WAI Conference To Showcase A Comprehensive Business Education Partnership

Leaders of a business-education partnership in Central New Jersey are participating in the 22nd Annual International Women in Aviation Conference, and showcasing a comprehensive, community-based approach to stimulating and sustaining interest in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) through the lens of aviation.

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FAA Announces Recovery Act Funded Improvements

Pitt-Greenville Airport Terminal Project Paid For By ARRA

The FAA on Friday announced the completion of the expansion and renovation of the passenger terminal at the Pitt-Greenville Airport in Greenville, N.C., which was paid for with $7.9 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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Certified (Finally!): Avidyne DFC100 Autopilot For Entegra R9-Equipped Cirrus

DFC100 provides Dual-source Attitude-Based Digital Autopilot Capability and Full-time Flight Envelope Alerting

In one of the most tortuous FAA certification delays in recent memory, the FAA has finally coughed up some long-overdue paperwork and given the much-anticipated Avidyne DFC100 its flying papers. With both TSO and STC approval of the DFC100 Digital Flight Control System, the autopilot provides the precision and reliability of a dual-source attitude-based flight control system, as well as safety enhancements such as a Straight & Level mode and full-time Flight Envelope Alerting.

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Uplift, Outreach, Camaraderie: 2011 WAI Conference Exceeds Lofty Expectations

"Inspire, Enthuse, Innovate" -- and Then Some -- At The Women in Aviation, International 2011 Conference

It has proven to be one of my favorite events... and is one that provides my cluttered cranium with a helluva workout... in addition to the stories, interviews and Aero-TV gigs we pulled off at 2011 WAI confab, this yearly event allowed me to gauge the health of the "soul" of aviation...and by all appearances, despite our industry's bruises and bumps, we flyers are still in fine shape.

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Vicki Cruse Memorial Scholarship Winners Announced

Two Amazing Women Prepare To 'Get Their Acro On'

What should have been but one more sad reminder of a tragic event has turned out to be one of the most uplifting pursuits we've undertaken all year. After receiving a number of impressive submissions, ANN CEO, Jim Campbell, finally had to make up his mind and make what turned out to be some very tough selections. Working through a number of applications from some truly deserving applicants, the first two scholarship recipients were decided upon... Kelly Marie Hoffman of San Carlos, CA, and Christy Lynn Garvin of Powder Springs, GA.

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Aero-TV: We Find Bigfoot -- Found Aircraft’s (Really) Big Bird

Are You Ready To Fly Into The Bush??? Bigfoot IS!

In and amongst all the things we say and do to convince the world of the utility of today's aircraft, and the modern destinations they are expected to service, we sometimes forget how well some specially adapted aircraft do in servicing areas of the world that are ANYTHING but modern... or improved... or even paved.

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