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October 14, 2022

Sporty's Continues Ornament-al Holiday Tradition

2022 Tree Ornament Features the Legendary Ercoupe

Everyone's favorite funky vintage plane receives some recognition this year with Sporty's Crystal Christmas Ornament, allowing actual or aspiring Ercoupe pilots to celebrate the life of aviation's surprisingly enduring safety plane. The Ercoupe, produced from 1940 to 1969, remains a fixture of ramps across the country, soldiering on with its characteristic low wing and twin-rudder tail while offering pilots a rudderless, "unspinnable" aircraft.

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Classic Aero-TV: Goes Like Heck! - Wipaire's Boss 182 Amphibious Conversion

From 2016 (YouTube Version): Upgrades For Your 182…

Sun ‘n Fun 2016 presented the opportunity to see some really interesting things, and a hopped-up Cessna 182 on floats, called the Wipaire Boss 182 Amphibious, runs pretty high on the list for displaying the, “Right stuff.” ANN’s News Editor, Tom Patton, had the opportunity to stop by the Wipaire display to take a look at this mean looking piece of machinery. To get the scoop, Tom met up with Brittnie Brink, who is with aircraft sales at the Wipaire Company. 

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Robinson Publishes R22/R44 Service Letter for Lycoming Valves

Recent Lycoming Service Bulletin Covered Under Warranty (At Least for the Next 12 Months)

Owners of some R22 and R44 aircraft should take note of a recent service letter regarding Lycoming's lkatest foul-up with their engine's intake valve rotator caps. Affected aircraft include those R22-series Helicopters with O-360-J2As and R44-series Helicopters with O-540-F1B5 engines. Lycoming Service bulletin number 651 covers the issue, and should be complied with at the next scheduled maintenance event. 

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