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January 20, 2023

GAMA & Friends Urge EPA Not to Rush on Unleaded Avgas

While Alternatives Exist, a Premature End to 100LL Could Harm Industry 

A group of 7 aviation stakeholder organizations has formally submitted their comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed endangerment finding of lead in aviation gasoline (avgas). As we've seen in recent years, leaded avgas has become a pressure point in the industry, allowing those hostile to the presence of general aviation in their communities to force out light aircraft use under the auspices of public health. While replacements for leaded aviation fuel are on the way, the changeover will take some time.

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Robinson Helicopter Obtains Approval for Pressure Fueling System

Option for New Production R66s Enables Rapid Refueling and Turnaround with Waist-Level Port

Robinson has received approval for its R66 pressure refueling system, available on all new production models going forward. The 13-pound system enables consistent, rapid refueling from waist level, doing away with the difficulty of stools and ladders to access higher refueling positions. The new fuel cap allows operators to enjoy much faster turnaround between flights, no matter the fuel quantity added.

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