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February 11, 2021

Airborne-Special Edition 02.11.21: Aviation Safety Resources' Larry Williams

Also: Next-Gen Airplane Parachutes, Lighter, Smaller, and More Cost-Effective, Coming Soon

ANN’s Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell has an interesting background as a test pilot... but one of the most exciting programs he was part of …..was flying and testing the first early generation of emergency airframe parachute systems on several different Cessnas, while working with two separate development programs. The technology has progressed so much since then, but the next generation of airframe recovery parachute systems is undergoing preparation for the civilian market and beyond... promising better/lighter materials, small sizes, and lower costs. Our Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell interviewed Aviation Safety Resources’ CEO and President Larry Williams to get the inside

NASA Weighs Options for Additional ISS Crew Transportation

Considering The Adding Of A Seat On The Spring Soyuz Mission to the ISS

A rotating crew of NASA and international astronauts have called the International Space Station home for more than 20 years. To ensure a consistent U.S. presence on the space station through the years, NASA has implemented safeguards to ensure crew transportation is always available. NASA now is considering obtaining a supplemental seat on the upcoming spring Soyuz crew rotation mission for a NASA astronaut to add additional capability to the agency’s planning. The agency issued a public synopsis to identify all sources that potentially could provide the crew transportation service in the needed timeframe beyond the capability NASA already has in operation with the agen

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