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January 12, 2022

Airborne 01.12.22: Delta Drops College Req, Alaska Winds, Train v 172

Also: Ultralight Symposium Canceled, SSA Convention Nixed, Instagram CFI Fraud, UND PPL Scholarships
Delta Airlines has notified prospective pilot candidates that the company has reduced its minimum hiring requirements. The reception was mixed, with more than a few non-industry commenters decrying the decline in standards. Those in the pilot career pipeline should be excited, as the drawing back of the non-essential standards in the biggest legacy carriers means that at last the long-prophesied pilot shortage may be upon us. A severe windstorm struck Alaska earlier last week, wreaking havoc across the south central region, with winds up to 91 mph causing damage to vehicles, power lines, and equipment. Witnesses were surprised to see the level of damage c

Train v Downed Skyhawk Results In Dramatic Rescue

Injured Man Yanked from Wreckage Seconds Before Impact

One viral video this week showed a dramatic, last-second save by a Los Angeles Police Department officer who rescued a recently-crashed pilot out of his plane only seconds before an oncoming train collided with the wreckage. The LAPD released the Foothill Division Officer's bodycam footage, saying they "displayed heroism and quick action" with their response. The units were called to an afternoon crash landing involving a single-occupant Cessna 172 that came to rest on top of the Metrolink Antelope Valley line train tracks. The aircraft appeared to have had rough go of things on the way down, as its nose gear had collapsed and was rendered immobile. The pilot, bleeding from his face, seem

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Masten Expands Operations, Doubling Pace

Forward-Thinking Management Add 2nd Facility, Stocks Up On Components For Guaranteed Assembly

Masten Mission 2 is now in the works, as the company announces the start of an ambitious lunar program aimed at reaching the lunar south pole with their Xelene lander. The Haworth Crater is hoped to be the landing site for government and commercial payloads as it assesses surface composition, volatility, and radiation ahead of planned human missions expected to take place under the Artemis program. Masten aims to offer lunar delivery missions to all near and far-side of the moon locales, from craters to plains, poles to the equator. Masten's inbuilt heat and power systems c

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And... Another Show Falls -- Sunderland UK Airshow Canceled

"Maybe Next Year" Says Council for 3rd Time In a Row

The Sunderland, UK city council has announced it will not be holding the Sunderland Airshow this summer, saying that the decision is the result of its public-facing consultation last August, and increased uncertainty around Covid in the near future. The statement issued is couched in a gentle, slightly uncertain manner of speaking, but there should be no mistake: The show is canceled. The event once stood among the longest-running seaside airshows, performing over 30 years with a festival of activities, displays, and arena events. Sunderland was one of the premier places to see the aerobatic Red Arrows, and the gamut of Royal Air Force steel as it streaked across the skies.

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