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February 26, 2024

Airborne 02.26.24: Onerous Piper AD, AEA LIVE Coverage, Belgian F-16 Demos

 Also: More Balloonacy, Collier Trophy Nom's, Daher Internships, New Glenn Debut

Over-reach, maybe? EAA and the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association (VAA) have both filed comments opposing a sweeping airworthiness directive (AD) proposed by the FAA affecting almost every high-wing vintage Piper aircraft. The AD would require rudders built of 1025 carbon steel to be replaced with new rudders made from 4130N low-alloy steel. It’s THAT time of year... and we’re just weeks away from ANN’s annual LIVE webcast of the uber-exciting Aircraft Electronics Aasssociation Convention and Trade Show... where ALL the real cool things in the avionics world are seen for the first time... and again, we’re doing this live. Starting at

Bonanza Society Shucks In-Person Flight Training

Owner Group Finds More Demand for Web-Based Training Services Over In-Person Flight Ops

The American Bonanza Society, the cornerstone Beechcraft owner's group, has announced it will wind back on in-person educational events, ending its direct participation in real-life flight training. The group said that it decided to pivot away from flight training after a year of member study, looking directly at what educational resources saw the most demand in the group. As it happens, flight training wasn't nearly as popular as internet-based offerings. From now on, the Society's board and staff will "step out of the scheduling, completion certification, and financial management loop between our Members and their chosen instructors for their flight trai

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Belgian Falcon Demo Team Ends Season

Aging F-16s End Term as Airshow Faves in Surprise Turn

Belgium's F-16 demonstration team is calling it quits for a time, citing external commitments, aging airframes, and a transition to the F-35 Lightning. In a message posted to the team's Insta account, the Belgians said that they would "not be renewing the F-16 Solo Display for 2024", despite having a banner year in 2023. "Our primary focus now is on training our fighter pilots, fulfilling our operational commitments, and transitioning to the F-35A. We express immense gratitude for the dedication of our last F-16 demonstration pilot, Senior Captain Steven ‘Vrieske’ De Vries. Throughout the past two seasons, he has served as an exemplary ambassador for the Air Force with his 'Dr

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B-29 Doc Has to Reschedule Wichita Flights

"...Our Team Has Been Impacted By Unforeseen And Unplanned Delays"

The scheduled ride flights announced in Wichita, KS, for March 8 and 10 at the B-29 Doc Hangar, Education and Visitors Center have been canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date. “During our planned and scheduled annual winter maintenance season, our team has been impacted by unforeseen and unplanned delays that ultimately led to the decision to make a change to our ride flight schedule in Wichita on March 8 and 10,” said Josh Wells, B-29 Doc executive director. 

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Man Arrested for Scouting Deer With Drones

Grey-Area Operation Taken Down with Undercover Game Warden Sting Operation

An enterprising Pennsylvania man has been making a living by offering his drone services to local deer hunters, tracking down game they hit in an effort to make good on their kills - a job the state arrested him for. Josh Wingenroth had been plying his drone trade for more than a year, despite local authorities stating that state game wardens had warned him against it. The state believes Wingenroth was involved in hunting in an unauthorized fashion, but he plans to appeal, believing that a different, more modern approach to law will see him vindicated.

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Turkish Stealth Fighter Learns from the Best, Flies Like the Rest

NATO Member Bolstering Niche as White Label Purveyor of Modern Combat Tech

Turkish Aerospace Industries sent up its 5th-generation stealth fighter, the KAAN, for the first time, signaling an important milestone on its way to service in the mid 2030's. "Its maiden flight on February 21, 2024, staying airborne for 13 minutes. During this flight, it reached an altitude of 8000 feet and achieved a speed of 230 knots."

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Flightcell Satcom Terminals Announced for Small to Medium Aircraft

Compact, Reliable Gear Grants Global Access to Iridium Certus 100

Flightcell's new DZMx has made the cut to offer access to improved satellite coverage when paired with the Guardian Mobility G6 and G6-S. The combination provides "cost effective mid-band mobile satellite services" for small to medium aircraft. The DZMx is optimized for aircraft that have strict size, weight, and power requirements, giving it a nicely compact footprint all around. It acts as an all-in-one cellular and satellite voice, data, and tracking system when used alone, but with the addition of a Guardian G6 modem, the global Iridium Certus 100 network can be used. That combination drew special attention from Flightcell, who profiled the capability of the new kit in an a

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Grand Aire Takes On Toledo's National Flight Services

Grand Aire And NFS Will Remain Separate Companies

Grand Aire has purchased National Flight Services’ (NFS) FBO assets at Eugene F Kranz Toledo Express Airport (KTOL), expanding its FBO presence with two on-field locations. The acquisition includes FBO equipment—including fueling and de-icing equipment—and facilities on the east end of the airport where Grand Aire will operate cargo-dedicated FBO operations. This is in addition to Grand Aire’s rapidly growing FBO operations at its existing corporate headquarters on the west end of the field.

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Airborne 02.16.24: SnF Constellation!, Drone Soccer, VTOL Challenge

Also: Mandatory CVR Upgrades?, Joby Air Taxi, Hartzell in India, Tuskegee NEXT Summer Program

A rare appearance by the Lockheed VC-121A “MacArthur Bataan” is scheduled for this year's Sun 'n Fun 2024, granting attendees a chance to see one of the last 2 survivors of the type. MacArthur Bataan, manufactured in 1948, cuts a familiar Cold War figure as a classic rendition of a 4-engined prop airliner. The quintessentially post-war design language has yet to be seen again, with a distinctive tri-tail design, sloping roofline, rounded wing, and 4 monstrous radial engines. The Academy of Model Aeronautics reiterated a partnership it's held with the US D

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Classic Aero-TV: PlaneTags and the Business of Resurrection

From 2023 (YouTube Version): Very Cool and Highly Collectable

An offshoot of MotoArt, the first and only concern to handcraft one-of-a-kind articles of furniture from the salvaged structures and components of decommissioned aircraft, PlaneTags is an ever-broadening line of aviation mementos fashioned—hand-cut, stamped, shaped, and individually etched—from the skins of retired aircraft. Cognizant of the innumerable stories preserved figuratively and literally throughout the forlorn carcasses of once-proud aircraft relegated to the world’s boneyards, PlaneTags’s personnel scour the globe in perpetuity, s

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NTSB Final Report: Kolb Firestar Aircraft

The Reason For The Pilot’s Failure To Maintain Control Of The Airplane On Takeoff Was Not Determined

Analysis: The pilot was attempting a soft-field takeoff in his light-sport airplane. A review of surveillance video revealed that, as the airplane began its initial climb, the pitch angle increased, and the airplane entered a steep left bank turn. The airplane turned left about 180° and descended behind trees. The airplane collided with a hangar and terrain before it came to rest in the driveway of a residence. The engine sounded normal from the beginning of the takeoff roll until impact.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (02.26.24)

Aero Linx: Pilots N Paws Pilots N Paws is a non-profit organization that thrives off the generous donations from people like you! Every donation counts and helps us save the lives of innocent animals.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (02.26.24): Landing Minimums

Landing Minimums The minimum visibility prescribed for landing a civil aircraft while using an instrument approach procedure. The minimum applies with other limitations set forth in 14 CFR Part 91 with respect to the Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) or Decision Height (DH) prescribed in the instrument approach procedures as follows: (Note: Descent below the MDA or DH must meet the conditions stated in 14 CFR Section 91.175.) Straight-in landing minimums. A statement of MDA and visibility, or DH and visibility, required for a straight-in landing on a specified runway, or Circling minimums. A statement of MDA and visibility requi

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (02.26.24)

"We have heard that directly from the source. BPPP instructors tell us they fly an average of 11 directly-scheduled training events in ABS-type airplanes for every one ABS/ASF-managed flight. ABS Members use our website overwhelmingly to seek out highly qualified instructors for flight training, and we will continue to support this need by training and identifying more instructors to give you even more training options. BPPP training materials and syllabi will be available to all ABS Members and flight instructors on a new Flight Training Resources web page. Making good information available to pilots and instructors will not change." Source: From a portion of the statements made by the American Bonanza Society as they changed their traini

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