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September 15, 2011

FAA Bill Could Get Snagged On Senate Procedural Rules

Single Senator Preventing Unanimous Consent To Bring The CR To The Floor

Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn is pretty adamant about not funding some federal highway related items in a continuing resolution (CR) that would yet-again extend FAA funding at 2007 levels through January 30th, 2012 ... to the extent the bickering over procedure could cause another partial shutdown of the agency.

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ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 09.15.11

Sunday was a bad day for dark-skinned airline passengers.
TSA confirms frisking little kids will be phased out.
And DOT wants more info on a la carte airline fees.

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U.S., Australia Agree To Cooperate In Alternative Aviation Fuel Development

Two Countries Will Exchange Information About Sources, Environmental Impacts, More

The FAA and Australia’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism have reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to continue research and development of clean, sustainable alternative aviation fuels. U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Australian Ambassador to the United States Kim Beazley signed the agreement Tuesday.

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ACI-NA Welcomes New Airline Stats

DOT Would Require Info To Assess Effects Of A La Carte Fees

Airline a la carte fees have allowed carriers to pay less in federal taxes, and distort traditional metrics for problems such as lost or mishandled bags. ACI-NA, Airports Council International-North America, is applauding efforts by the US Department of Transportation to gather additional data that will restore the integrity of the denominator in these equations.

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Troubled Canadians Hassled Entering US

Record-Sharing With US Includes Mentally Ill Travellers

Looking back on ten years since 9/11, it's obvious that if you've had an encounter with the police in your home country, you might expect some difficulty in getting cleared to board a flight to the US. But what if that encounter was over a suicide attempt, years in the past, or some other symptom of mental illness which was not a threat to anyone but yourself?

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DOT Proposes Electronic Cigarette Ban On U.S. Flights

LaHood: Ban Would "Reduce Confusion" Concerning Their Use

An NPRM published Wednesday in the Federal Register would ban even faux smoking aboard any domestic airline flight. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood  said the DOT is proposing to explicitly ban the use of electronic cigarettes on aircraft. “Airline passengers have rights, and this new rule would enhance passenger comfort and reduce any confusion surrounding the use of electronic cigarettes in flight,” said Secretary LaHood.

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AIA Presents 2011 Wings of Liberty Award to Senator Patty Murray

Recognized For Support Of Aerospace, Defense Industries

The Aerospace Industries Association presented Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) with the prestigious Wings of Liberty Award September 13, in recognition of her longtime support of the aerospace and defense industry. Senator Murray is a founding co-chair of the Senate Aerospace Caucus, where she continues to call attention to the important issues facing the nation's transportation infrastructure and the U.S. aerospace industry.

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Pratt & Whitney Donates $1M, Engine To Museum

Donation Will Help National WWII Museum To Acquire & Exhibit Corsair Fighter

Pratt & Whitney announced Monday it has donated $1 million to the National World War II Museum to help tell the story of America’s experience in the war that changed the world. The company is also donating a Twin Wasp R-1830-90D, an engine that powered several different World War II aircraft.

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Nemesis NXT 'Relentless' For Sale

Famous Plane On Ebay, Now Sports Lyc O-720

It's one of the sexiest-looking airplanes of all time, and now Kevin Eldredge's Nemesis NXT racer, "Relentless," could be yours during the Reno Air Races. As of early Wednesday morning, the Ebay auction had attracted 12 bidders and a high bid of $125,100, less than the reserve. Kevin estimates the carbon fiber kitplane would take over a half-million dollars to duplicate.

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Piaggio Aero Enters Into Russian Market

P.180 Avanti Ii Aircraft Achieves Russian Certification By IAC

The Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) has granted both type and production certificates to Piaggio Aero for the P.180 Avanti II aircraft. The company made the announcement Wednesday at Jet Expo, 2011.

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NASA Seeks Undergraduates To Fly Research In Microgravity

Two Teams, Experiments To Fly In 2012

NASA is offering undergraduate students the opportunity to test an experiment in microgravity as part of the agency's Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. The program is accepting proposals for two different flight experiences in 2012. Teams interested in conducting student-driven research should submit a letter of intent by Sept. 14.

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AD: Lycoming IO-720-A1B

AD Number: 2011-18-09

MANUFACTURER:Lycoming Engines Model IO-720-A1B Reciprocating Engines

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AD: Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321

AD NUMBER: 2011-19-01

MANUFACTURER: Airbus Model A318, A319, A320, and A321 Series Airplanes  

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Classic Aero-TV: A 2011 LSA Q&A – What Features Do YOU Want In An LSA?

An Interview Series Looking At The People Of The LSA World

One of the most enjoyable interactions we at ANN and Aero-TV undertake at the dozens of events we attend is the chance to talk NOT with the newsmakers... but to those that the news we report on affects most... YOU. At the 2011 Sebring Sport Aviation Expo, we spent extra time asking the attendees a series of five questions... both to gauge the kind of interest that LSA holds for the aviation community as well as the strength of that interest. The home of the US Sport Aviation Expo, Sebring winds up being the bellwether of the sport aviation business as the first big flying event of the

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NASA Announces Design For New Deep Space Exploration System

New Heavy-Lift Rocket Will Take Humans Far Beyond Earth

NASA has selected the design of a new Space Launch System that it says will take the agency's astronauts farther into space than ever before, create high-quality jobs here at home, and provide the cornerstone for America's future human space exploration efforts.

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High-Performance Engine Unveiled For The Experimental Aircraft Market

Superior Air Parts And AC Aeronautical Ltd Jointly Developed XP-408AC Engine Inspired By Formula One Auto Racing

An all-new, 230 horsepower, four-cylinder engine designated XP-408 Advanced Competition (AC) has been unveiled by representatives of Superior Air Parts, Inc., and AC Aeronautical LTD, which jointly developed the powerplant.

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Babbitt Stumps For Short-Term FAA Reauthorization

Holds News Conference At California's Oakland International Airport

FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt held a news conference Tuesday in which he urged Congress to approve the continuing resolution passed by the House Tuesday to fund the agency through January 30th, 2012. Babbitt selected the Oakland, CA, Airport for the event in part because of a high-profile control tower project which would be stopped if the agency is again forced to shut down.

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First Flight: India's C-NM5 From CSIR-NAL And Mahindra Aerospace

Milestone Event For India’s First Public-Private Partnership In Aircraft Development

The first flight of a new airplane is always and exciting event. Wednesday marked the inaugural takeoff for the C-NM5 aircraft, jointly developed by India's CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories and Mahindra Aerospace. The program is India's first public-private partnership in the development of aircraft, and this milestone event is the result of teamwork across three development teams – CSIR-NAL, Mahindra Aerospace and GippsAero, a Mahindra Aerospace subsidiary in Australia.

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Six Of 21 Jets Grounded At Reno National Air Races

Race Pilots, Organizers, Join FAA In Upholding Safety Standards

The Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) announced that six entries of the fastest jet aircraft for the 2011 National Championship Air Races will not race at this year’s event. This was determined in order to align with requirements set forth by both the FAA and RARA for public safety. RARA, in conjunction with Racing Jets, Inc. (RJI), has already begun corrective action and the six jet aircraft are expected to be back in 2012.

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Aero-Analysis: What Is The SLS?

You May Or May Not Know The Details About The Shuttle’s Replacement Launch Vehicle

On October 11, 2010 President Obama signed The NASA Authorization Act of 2010. This placed into effect PL111-267 which is the law that mandated that NASA must do specific things by specific dates in order to bring to reality the government owned launch system that is to be the next step beyond the shuttle. Although, by law, NASA was supposed to produce a complete plan for the nest launch system within 90 days of the law’s signing, that release did not come until September 14, 2011- some 339 days after the law was signed.

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Security Drops To Sixth Among US Public Concerns

But Not All Lawmakers Ready To Relax 'Security Theater'

The year 2011 may go down in history as the year the US Transportation Security Administration got a conscience. Or, at least a clue. After taking lumps over revealing body scans and so-called enhanced pat-downs of young children, TSA last week announced the deployment of less invasive scanners, and now Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says a revised pat-down procedure for children under 12 is being implemented.

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Boeing 747-8 Receives ICAO 'Heavy' Designation For Separation

Ruling Means Newest 747 Can Operate Under Same Separation Distance As 747-400

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has ruled that Boeing's new 747-8 will be able to operate at the same separation distances as the 747-400, designated as "heavy." ICAO, a United Nations agency tasked with codifying principles and techniques for international air navigation, sent a letter to all member nations recently saying that a team of wake experts had examined flight test and simulation data, and that it determined that the 747-8 should remain in the same class as its predecessor and retain the same separation distances.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (09.15.11)

“Safety is our foremost priority here at the National Championship Air Races.”  Source: Mike Houghton, president and CEO of the Reno Air Racing Association.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.15.11): Video Map

An electronically displayed map on the radar display that may depict data such as airports, heliports, runway centerline extensions, hospital emergency landing areas, NAVAIDs, etc.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.15.11)

International Foundation For Aviation And Development

Founded as a non-profit organization in 2005, IFFAAD is incorporated and has its seat in Montreal, host city of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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