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April 01, 2005

FAA Proposes AN-26 Modification Rules

Objective: Reduce The Risk Of In-Flight Fire

To reduce the risk of fire spreading aboard aircraft, the FAA Friday proposed requiring operators of more than 800 US-registered Boeing aircraft to replace or modify certain insulation blankets over the next six years.

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Cessna's CEO Graduates College

A Real Degree!

04.01.05 Special Edition: Cessna's CEO, Jack Pelton, is a college graduate. This time... from a real school. Pelton flipped his tassel Friday at the Herman LaVritz School of Art and Arc Welding in North Hollywood, CA.

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Radium Plane Parts Removed From LA Warehouse

Part Of $9.3 Million Cleanup

The EPA says it's removed more than a million airplane parts -- mostly control indicators -- from a warehouse in Los Angeles that were built with radium and, according to the federal agency, posed a radiation hazard.

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Herc Down: Albania

Four Bodies Recovered So Far

A USAF C130 went down in Albania, killing at least four troops. Five are missing.

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Advisory: Real News

The Spoof Is Fun, But The News Continues

If you've read ANN for any length of time, you know how we love to spoof the news on April 1st. There is, however, "real" news out there and we want to make sure you know the difference. Our spoofs are preceded by the heading "04.01.05 Special Edition."

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Diamond Intro's 'DA100 Universal Training Aircraft'

Diamond Aircraft has just taken the wraps off an amazing new aircraft that is set to enter the production pipeline in a matter of months. Dubbed the DA100, the multi-engined, piston/jet, retractable geared aircraft is designed to be something of a universal training aircraft capable of fulfilling virtually any training mission.

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Paul Poberezny Retakes Presidency of EAA

EAA Founder Paul Poberezny surprised the aviation world with the announcement that he has retaken the Presidency of EAA.

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A Little Late... USAF Takes Delivery Of Last F-104

04.01.05 Special Edition: The United States Air Force took delivery of the last Lockheed F-104D Starfighter in ceremonies that were conducted late Friday, April 1st, 2005.

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Boeing Announces New CEO

Hugh Hefner New Man On Top

Boeing Thursday decided, "why fight the trend?" and announced Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner has been appointed president and CEO.

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New Reality Show Announced: 'The Surprise Contender'

With failing ratings proving a daunting challenge, Sylvester Stallone’s boxing-themed reality television show has come up with a novel way to try to pull a rabbit from a hat.

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Air Force One Implicated In TFR Violation

Confusion Over Cheney's Location Cited

"It had to happen sooner or later," says one Air Force official who spoke to ANN, on background. The Capitol is all abuzz over the revelation that Air Force One, carrying President Bush, has been cited for a violation of an in-force TFR that was instituted to protect the Vice President.

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TSA Detonates Dog In Dallas

Beloved Family Pet Dynamited In Case Of Mistaken Identity

04.01.05 Special Edition: TSA Director Admiral David C. Stone (pictured below) apologized today for a tragic incident at Dallas-Fort Worth where a new screener mistakenly declared a family's beloved Schnauzer suspicious.

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Adam Aircraft To Certify Eleven New Aircraft

Adam Keeps Coming Up With Surprizes

04.01.05 Special Edition: Adam Aircraft surprized a majority of the aerospace world, Friday, with the announcement that they intend to certify as many as 11 new aircraft in the coming weeks, "now that the A500 and A700 are so very, very close to certification."

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Disney Announces Sun 'n Fun Thrill Ride

In an obvious attempt to take some of the limelight away from the corporate issues that surround Disney's parent company, Disney World has just released a number of details about upcoming attractions for their internationally renowned theme parks.

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Daley's Digs Demolished Under Cover Of Darkness

Two Years After Airport Destroyed, Mayoral Residence Leveled

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's officials residence was destroyed early Friday morning by bulldozers and heavy equipment operating under cover of darkness. It was remarkably similar to the destruction of Meigs Field, which Daley ordered accomplished in the deep of night two years ago.

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Hubble Saved!

Big Eye In Sky Turned Earthward, Finds Terror Kingpin

04.01.05 Special Edition: It was a Homer Simpson moment. As CIA Director Porter Goss was headed for work Thursday morning, he suddenly sat ramrod-straight in the back of his limo. Fearing his boss was having a seizure or worse, his driver immediately made to pull over. But the former Florida Congressman waived him on. "What's wrong?" asked the unidentified driver, alarmed. "I've figured out how to find Osama bin Laden," said Goss. "DOH!"

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LAX Christens Light Sport Aircraft Patterns

GA Terminal Welcomes Sport Pilots

04.01.05 Special Edition: Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn officially extended access of the General Aviation facility at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to the anticipated influx of sport pilots who are commuting to work in downtown LA from outlying airports.

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Lawyer Declines Frivolous 767 Lawsuit

Integrity Turns Costly For California Ambulance-Chaser

04.01.05 Special Edition: A momentary burst of integrity turned sour for Rio Linda, CA, plaintiff's attorney Sheckwell Shapiro when he declined participation in a massive lawsuit, only to be sanctioned by the American and California Bar Associations.

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Scaled Closes, Rutan Accepts NASA Job

Legendary Engineer Cites Burnout, Pension

The legendary aeronautical engineer Burt Rutan shocked the industry Friday by announcing that he was closing the doors of his privately held design and engineering company, Scaled Composites.

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King Schools Intro's Innovative Ground School System

Ever the innovators, King School's John and Martha King have put a lot of effort into coming up with new methods to teach pilots and potential pilots what they need to know about aviation.

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Port Authority Bans Tropical Fruit Imports At Teterboro

NTSB Finds Evidence Of Slippery Banana Peel On Runway

04.01.05 Special Edition: After NTSB investigators made a startling discovery at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on Tuesday, the Port Authority of New York And New Jersey this week instituted a complete and immediate ban on the importation of tropical fruits at the field.

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Fossett Seeks New Record

Adventurer Plans Channel Flight In Radical Compression-Powered Plane

04.01.05 Special Edition: Steve Fossett holds records in jets, gliders, and now, is the fastest man to fly an airplane around the world, and the only one to do it solo. For anyone else, it might be time to retire. For Fossett, it just means it's time to find a new challenge.

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Next Boeing Jet Name: 707 Mark II

Retro Name Will Be Matched By Retro Design

04.01.05 Special Edition: After a major crisis caused by the looming exhaustion of middle digits for Boeing's well-known 7x7 naming convention, the management of the company has found a solution.

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TSA Conducts Weapons Recognition Training

Standards Are So High That All Must Pass, Instructors Reveal

04.01.05 Special Edition: After years of being crucified in the press for stripping travelers of harmless items while letting guns, grenades and meat cleavers onto airplanes with clockwork regularity, the TSA has finally done something about it.

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Marine One Spotted at Local Burger Joint

President Binges on Big Macs

Just hours after President Bush had to abandon Air Force One, in Idaho, after an inadvertent TFR violation, the small town of Saratoga Springs, Utah had a surprise visit from the Commander in Chief himself.

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New Light Sport Aircraft Engine Being Developed

Diesel Radial Engine Designed For 1 HP Per Pound Of Weight!

04.01.05 Special Edition: Radical Radial Engines Incorporated is in the final stages of design of a new 6 cylinder radial engine that is specifically optimized for the light sport aircraft market.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (04.01.05)

"OK, folks... ANN did not suddenly lose its mind (though, there ARE moments... oh, never mind). Check the DATE. 04.01.05. It's April FIRST... a/k/a APRIL Fool's Day. Get It? If you believed ANY of this stuff, you have been fooled, bamboozled, and otherwise become yet another victim of our annual attempt to enjoy the First day Of April with a little imagination and a LOT of nonsense. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did." Source: ANN's Jim Campbell, making sure that ANN readers checked the date before they got too involved in any of the stories we publish on April 1st of each year. Happy April Fool's Day!

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Classified TFR: From Now Til Then

NOTAM:  5/2400  Issued:  04/01/2005 19:20  Effective:  04/01/2005 15:10 - 04/02/2005 01:55  State:  UNK  Facility:  ZNY - NEW YORK (ARTCC),NY.  Type:  VIP  Description:  UNDISCLOSED. 

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