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May 17, 2004

RIP: Col. Robert Morgan, USAF (Ret.)

The Associated Press is reporting that Col. Robert Morgan, USAF (Ret), 85, Commander of Memphis Belle, the famous B-17 bomber which flew combact missions in WWII, died late Saturday night from complications of a fall.

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Critics: Missile Shield's A Turkey

Independent Scientists Say It Just Won't Work

America's much-touted ballistic missile shield is supposed to be up and running by September 30th. But an independent group of scientists say it's not going to work.

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He's Okay... But He Dinged Up The Mustang

Pilot Walks Away From P-51 Replica Accident

A 61-year old pilot from Sylvania (OH) is okay after his P-51 Mustang replica (file photo of type, below) made a forced landing while trying to set down at the Fulton County Airport near Wauseon (OH) Thursday.

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NASA Has An Accounting Problem

Auditing Firm Quits

Not only is America's space agency beleaguered by the ongoing revamp of its shuttle program and a new, underfunded vision for space exploration as put forth by President Bush, but now it's in financial hot water. Its former auditing firm, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, reports $565 billion posted to NASA accounts has been riddled with significant errors and poor documentation.

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Klyde Morris 05.17.04

Little Ant v. Big Media (We're Betting On The Ant)

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Does The JSF Have A Weight Problem?

British Newspaper Says It's Too Heavy For UK Carriers

Like many Americans, the Joint Strike Fighter has a weight problem. So says the London Sunday Telegraph, which reports the new VTOL stealth warplane is 3,300 pounds too heavy to land on two new British aircraft carriers.

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Another Life For The 747?

Boeing Considers New Version As A380 Orders Spike

As Boeing fights a war of philosophy with its chief commercial aircraft rival, Airbus, it appears the Chicago-based airplane maker may be hedging its bets a little. Once again, there's talk that Boeing may build another updated version of the 747 jumbo jet.

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UAL Asks For More Time

Airline Wants To Extend Special Financing To End Of Year

The world's second-biggest airline says it needs more time to pay back $1 billion in special financing obtained since it declared bankruptcy almost 18 months ago.

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ALPA Blasts FAA On Pilot Rest

Says Government "Back-Tracked" On Previous Interpretation

The head of the union that represents most of the nation's airline pilots has condemned an FAA action to back-track on a previous interpretation that would have required airlines to maintain a "do not call" list for pilots who do not want to be wakened during required rest periods.

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T-6B Upgrade Could Be Sold Overseas

Raytheon Takes Trainer To Farnborough

Raytheon figures it this way: If it's good enough for the US Air Force and Navy, it's good enough to market overseas. That's why the company is taking it's T-6B Texan II to the Farnborough Air Show in July.

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Canadian CT-155 Down

Two Crew Members Safe

Two crew members aboard a Canadian CT-155 Hawk military trainer are reportedly safe after they were forced to eject Friday near the military base in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

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Promoted: ANN Associate Editor Juan Jimenez Takes Over Weekend Duty

After a few disappointments in upgrading our editorial profile, ANN is settling into a solid schedule thansk to a few of our veterans. ANN owes a lot to the great work done by Juan Jimenez -- even if it has almost killed him once or twice... and now he's been drafted to take over Weekend Editor duties as former Weekender Pete Combs gets the workweek hot seat.

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B-17 Update: Video Helping Officials Understand Incident

Search Continues In Landing Gear Collapse

As analysis of the landing incident that damaged EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast continues at Van Nuys Airport in California, EAA officials are beginning to get a clearer picture as to exactly what occurred after the airplane touched down safely on Wednesday, May 5. EAA reported earlier this week that recently obtained video footage shows the entire incident from approach to touchdown, roll out, and gear collapse.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (05.17.04)

"All indications are that it would not work. And the administration's statements that it will be highly effective are irresponsible nonsense." Source: Physicist Lisbeth Gronlund, co-director of the global security program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. The non-partisan group has issued a 76-page report detailing its argument that the missile defense program, scheduled to go online September 30th, just won't work.

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Arizona TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/4273 Issued: 05/16/2004 21:51 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: AZ Facility: ZAB - ALBUQUERQUE (ARTCC),NM. Type: HAZARDS Description: PAYSON, AZ.

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USS Reagan Launches Last Tomcat

An F-14 Tomcat from Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 8's Fighter Squadron (VF) 213 Black Lions, homeported out of Naval Air Station Oceana, Va., launched from USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), May 10, in what was (probably) the final Tomcat to leave the deck of the ship.

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Crew Returns Phantom To Florida Sky

Drone Will Fly Again

Arizona-based technicians saved the military $620,000 when they recently rebuilt a QF-4 Phantom II full-scale aerial target drone. The drone had suffered extensive missile damage to its aft section during a warfare exercise over the Atlantic Ocean near Florida's Tyndall Air Force Base.

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Radio Personality's Gag Exposes Flaw In Aussie Airport Security

Rex Hunt To Airport Security: Fork You!

Airports around the world have focused their security attentions on keeping potential weapons and the people who would wield them out of passenger terminals. But what if those potential weapons were available to the people who would wield them AFTER they cleared security? That's the question they're asking today in Australia, where sports commentator Rex Hunt decided to show them all.

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Florida, Georgia Schools Chosen For NASA Explorer Program

Given Special Access To NASA Resources

NASA formally announced the next 50 schools chosen to participate in the NASA Explorer Schools Program. The schools were named at the conclusion of the 2004 Leadership Institute/2003 NASA Explorer Schools Student Symposium May 12 in Cocoa Beach (FL). NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe, Associate Administrator for Education Dr. Adena Loston, astronauts, Agency officials, students and teachers were on hand for the announcement.

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ANN Free Classifieds Featured Ad: Harmon Rocket

For Sale: Harmon Rocket 2004 F-1 Rocket. 35 hours TT, SMOH on IO-540 C4B5. Call 561-373-1595.  Exterior Quality: 9, Interior Quality: 9 Used, will sell for $140,000.00 (or best offer)

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Setting Up Housekeeping

ISS Crew Checks Suits, Takes Out Trash

International Space Station Commander Gennady Padalka and NASA Science Officer and Flight Engineer Mike Fincke eased into a regular schedule of operations in orbit last week, preparing spacesuits for checkouts next week and loading trash aboard a Progress vehicle that will soon depart.

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