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June 27, 2021

Airborne 06.18.21: AEA Live Webcast, magniX EPUs, B-29 Doc Delayed

Also: Walmart Invests in DroneUp, Rocket Lab, Airmen Improvement Act, Crew-3 Launch/Return Updated

One of the ANN's best weeks of the year happens when we gather the crew together to cover all things avionics at the annual Aircraft Electronics Association Convention and Trade Show. ANN, in a 12 YEAR-long partnership with AEA, is pleased to announce the schedule for the upcoming 2021 AEA Convention and Trade Show, to be held in Dallas, TX, June 22-25th, in what will be our record-setting 12th LIVE online programming initiative. Better yet, this programming will also be shared via our worldwide syndicatio

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UND Adds Another R44 Cadet to Training Fleet

UND Took Delivery Of Its First R44 Cadet In 2017

In May, the University of North Dakota (UND) took delivery of its fifth R44 Cadet helicopter. This Cadet, like the University’s other four Cadets, will be used for flight training at UND’s helicopter division located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. “The acquisition of the fifth Cadet attests to how much UND approves of the aircraft. The reliability, performance, and speed of the aircraft allows students to get the most out of each flight training hour,” said Wes Van Dell, UND’s Chief Helicopter Flight Instructor. UND took delivery of its first Cadet in 2017 and by the end of 2020 had fully transitioned to an all R44 helicopter fleet.

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Drone Advisory Committee Attempts To Rewrite Aviation Lexicon

With So Many Safety Issues Coming To Light, Are Language And Titles The Best Use Of FAA Resources?

According to a recent FAA missive... "Aviation is for everyone, and the Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) is working to ensure that everyone feels included. During the DAC's last meeting, FAA requested that they explore a potential language change. As an example, they note that the technical term for drones is unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS. Unmanned. (Apparently choosing to define 'manned' in terms of gender rather than species). Now the committee is looking at ways to make that terminology gender-inclusive because really, they state, so long as a person is flying safely and following the rules, it doesn't matter what their gender is.

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Operations Underway to Restore Payload Computer on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope

NASA Completes Additional Tests to Diagnose Computer Problem on Hubble Space Telescope

NASA is continuing to diagnose a problem with the payload computer on the Hubble Space Telescope after completing another set of tests on June 23 and 24. The payload computer halted on June 13 and the spacecraft stopped collecting science data. The telescope itself and its science instruments remain in good health and are currently in a safe configuration. The spacecraft has two payload computers, one of which serves as a backup, that are located on the Science Instrument and Command and Data Handling (SI C&DH) unit.

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Klyde Morris (06.25.21)

Klyde Indulges in A Shameless Plug For A Cool Company...


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UK Royal Air Force Chinook Fleet Readies For More Aircraft

Contract For 14 H-47 Extended-Range Chinooks Worth $578 Million

US Special Operations Command awarded Boeing a $578 million Foreign Military Sales contract approved by the U.S. Department of State to deliver 14 extended-range Chinook helicopters to the UK Royal Air Force (RAF). The extended range Chinook gives the RAF fleet more versatility to execute the domestic and international heavy-lift missions that only the Chinook can facilitate. “These Chinooks are the future of heavy-lift, built on an existing foundation of advanced capability and life cycle affordability,” said Andy Builta, Boeing vice president and H-47 program manager. “This contract for Block II aircraft sets the stage for the next 60 years of Chinook excellence on

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UAS Innovators Complete Drill to Integrate Drones Into Emergency Response in NJ

Manned and Unmanned Aircraft Used for Potential Emergency Response

Imagine a category five hurricane wreaked havoc in NJ. Before emergency responders are dispatched, a fleet of unmanned aircraft is deployed to gather intelligence, providing real-time mapping and imagery of damaged areas, evacuation routes, utility lines and even people in distress. This scenario was simulated today at the Thunder Room, a state-of-the-art conference facility at the National Aviation Research and Technology Park (NARTP), one of the sponsoring agencies for the drill, along with Cape May County and the Smart Airport Aviation Partnership (SAAP). The drill was managed by American Aerospace Technologies, Inc (AATI), and many partners and participants. For the first time

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NTSB Prelim: Cessna 560XL

An Aural Landing Gear Warning Was Received

On June 4, 2021 at 0954 mountain daylight time, a Cessna 560XL airplane, N615RG, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (ASE), Aspen, Colorado. The pilot, co-pilot, and 3 passengers were uninjured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight.The pilot stated that the approach was stabilized and normal, and that the landing gear indications were normal with three green lights.

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AD: General Electric Company Turbofan Engines

AD 2021-11-07 Requires Inspection Of The Stages 6-10 Compressor Rotor Spool

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain General Electric Company (GE) GEnx-1B64, 1B64/P1, -1B64/P2, -1B67, -1B67/P1, -1B67/P2, -1B70, -1B70/75/P1, -1B70/75/P2, -1B70/P1, -1B70/P2, -1B70C/P1, -1B70C/P2, -1B74/75/P1, -1B74/75/P2, -1B76/P2, -1B76A/P2, -2B67, -2B67/P, and -2B67B model turbofan engines. This AD was prompted by a finding during an inspection by the manufacturer that two stages 6-10 compressor rotor spools in the high-pressure compressor (HPC) assembly were damaged at similar locations. Additionally, the manufacturer reported that certain stages 6-10 compressor rotor spool webs did not undergo a required fluorescent penetrant inspection

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AD: Airbus Helicopters

AD 2021-11-25 Prompted By A Report Of Failure Of An Engine Digital Electronic Control Unit

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Airbus Helicopters (Type Certificate previously held by Eurocopter France) Model AS350B3 and EC130T2 helicopters. This AD was prompted by a report of failure of an engine digital electronic control unit (DECU). This AD requires revising the existing Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) for your helicopter. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products. This AD is effective July 29, 2021.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.27.21)

Aero Linx: EAA Aviation Scholarships EAA invites those who are interested in pursuing flight or a career in aviation or aviation related/STEM fields. We encourage individuals who are well-rounded, involved in their school or community, and interested in the world of aviation to apply for an EAA Scholarship. Please fill out an application for an EAA scholarship during one of the applicable scholarship cycles.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.27.21): Maximum Authorized Altitude

Maximum Authorized Altitude A published altitude representing the maximum usable altitude or flight level for an airspace structure or route segment. It is the highest altitude on a Federal airway, jet route, area navigation low or high route, or other direct route for which an MEA is designated in 14 CFR Part 95 at which adequate reception of navigation aid signals is assured.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (06.27.21)

"Aviation is for everyone, and the Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) is working to ensure that everyone feels included. During the DAC's last meeting, FAA requested that they explore a potential language change." Source: From a recent FAA Podcast in which they note that the DAC has been suggesting a number of changes in aviation language and titles.

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