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March 27, 2022

NIMBY Congresswoman Proposing Max-Altitude Helo Flight Requirement

Upcoming Bill Would Require D.C. Area Helicopter Traffic to Fly Higher Above the City for Noise Reduction

Aero-Ignorant Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (Democrat from the District of Columbia), has announced her impending introduction of a bill that would require helicopters in DC-area airspace to fly at the maximum altitude permitted by the FAA. Norton is the co-chair of the simplistically-minded Quiet Skies Caucus as well as a member on the Subcommittee on Aviation. She has made a name for herself as a long time complainant over the amount of helicopter noise experienced by the average Washington DC citizen on a daily basis. Her office has not released much detail on the bill...

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Air Force Research Laboratory Widens Gaze to Luna

Seeks Industry Assistance in Design & Development of Moon Patrolling Satellite

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate released a draft Request for Proposals this month seeking partners to set the initial parameters of a theorized lunar surveillance platform. The lab is casting a wide net in looking for additional brainstorming in their efforts to refine a conceptual spacecraft conceived by the Directorate, the Cislunar Highway Patrol System (CHPS) satellite. As imagined now, CHPS would "provide space domain awareness beyond Geosynchronous orbit, in the region of the moon that is experiencing increasing activity."

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NBAA Applauds Passage of AAM Act

New Working Group Will Assess Needs of AAM Infrastructure, Lay Groundwork for Accelerating eVTOL Future

NBAA pleased to hear about the passage of the Senate's new Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act. The organization said that the act "facilitates the creation of policies, procedures and programs to support the integration of this emerging aviation sector into the country’s transportation infrastructure." The bill joins a companion piece passed by the US House of Representatives in November of 2021 that instructed the Department of Transportation to begin laying the groundwork necessary for the wholesale transformation of the aviation system that will likely arise from the proliferation of lightweight, short-range

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Airbus Sees Sea Success with Un-C'd UAV

VSR700 Autonomous Take-Off and Landing Tests Show Promising Results in French Armament Program

Airbus Helicopters has begun trials on its autonomous takeoff and landing capabilities for the VSR700, an uncrewed system currently in development with the French Armament Directorate. The trials took place using a modified Giumbal Cabri G2 with a custom-made autonomous takeoff and landing system (which Airbus designates as an ATOL, an uncommon acronym). The helicopter operated from a civilian vessel equipped with a landing pad on the tail off the coast of Brest, France, doing a series of tests on the approach procedures required prior to landing in the vicinity of a vessel.

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Airbus Selects Catalyst Engine for Eurodrone

Advanced Next-Gen Turboprop Finds Another Home 

Airbus has chosen the Avio Aero Catalyst engine for use in their upcoming Eurodrone UAS, equipping a pair of the propeller and engine combination on the future aircraft. If the nomenclature sounds familiar, the Avio product is the same as GE's Catalyst, the advanced turboprop engine. The Catalyst program is a solid choice for the Eurodrone program, being developed and manufactured through an association of European manufacturers, freeing it up from overly restrictive ITAR issues from the outset.

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First Lift Hexa Completed

Qarbon Aerospace Delivers Initial Production Model

Qarbon Aerospace has shipped the first complete HEXA eVTOL, built under a partnership with designer LIFT Aircraft. Qarbon is a manufacturer of composite components and assemblies, boasting more than 1.65 million square feet of factory space to complete large manufacturing jobs. LIFT is based in Austin, Texas, designing and developing their single-seat eVTOL aircraft, the Hexa, but lacking the necessary outlay to produce the 432-lb. carbon fiber frame in-house. Their work with Qarbon, specifically the Thailand location, has enabled them to bring their project to fruition far smoother and faster than they would have been able to all on their own.

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Klyde Morris (03.25.22)

Klyde Has Rarely Been More 'On Point'


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Nicrocraft C172Q, R/S Exhaust Risers Now Available

Parts Catalog Swells to 230 Amid Additional FAA-PMA Approvals

Owners and operators of the Cessna 172Q, 172R, and 172S have a new option ready for their aircraft's exhaust systems, now that Nicrocraft has received FAA-PMA certification for its exhaust risers. Made from heat resistant 321 stainless steel, Nicrocraft backs each one of their parts with a 12-month, unlimited hour warranty that starts from date of installation, the same policy as the rest of their products. The risers are made for installation on Lycoming O-360 and IO-360 engines. Now, the entire exhaust system, including the fore and aft risers, can be replaced with options for long and short overboard mufflers.

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Classic Aero-TV: The Bally Bomber - The All Time Ultimate Warbird Replica?

From 2019 (YouTube Version): Aero-News Talks With The Airplane's Builder

One of the many unique airplanes at AirVenture 2018 was a 1/3-scale B-17 bomber built by Jack Bally, who talked about the 17-year project with Aero-News at the show last summer. Bally said that the idea was born over "too much beer one night with a bunch of buddies" as they talked about what kind of airplane they could build that would be the only one of its kind. They settled on the B-17, because as far as they knew, there were no flying 4-engine scale models WWII airplanes. They had orig

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NTSB Prelim: Cessna 182D

Airplane Touched Down On A Soft Dirt Crop Field And Nosed Over

On March 02, 2022, about 0800 Pacific standard time, a Cessna 182D, N8814X, sustained substantial damage when it was involved in an accident near Mortmar, California. The commercial pilot sustained minor injuries. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. The pilot reported that shortly after departure from Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport, the airplane climbed to 400 ft above ground level and leveled off. Shortly after level off, a noticeable decrease in engine rpm was observed by the pilot, followed by a total loss of power.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.27.22)

Aero Linx: The Commercial Spaceflight Federation

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is the leading voice for the commercial spaceflight industry. Founded in 2006, CSF and its 85+ members are laying the foundation for a sustainable space economy and democratizing access to space for scientists, students, civilians, and businesses. CSF members are responsible for the creation of thousands of high-tech jobs driven by billions of dollars in investment. Through the promotion of technology innovation, CSF is guiding the expansion of Earth’s economic sphere, bolstering U.S. leadership in aerospace, and inspiring America’s next generation of engineers and explorers.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.27.22): Radar Flight Following

Radar Flight Following

The observation of the progress of radar-identified aircraft, whose primary navigation is being provided by the pilot, wherein the controller retains and correlates the aircraft identity with the appropriate target or target symbol displayed on the radar scope.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (03.27.22)

“I hear from D.C. residents almost daily about helicopter noise. Helicopters can harm health, quality of life and structural integrity of homes. I am pursuing a multipronged approach to combat helicopter noise in DC, from working with federal agencies that fly helicopters in DC airspace to pursuing legislation.”   Source: A comment from yet another aero-ignorant lawmaker, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (Democrat from the District of Columbia),  looking to appease a vocal minority of her constituents into believing that putting even greater restrictions on helicopters will improve thir quality of life... until they need one.

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