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July 28, 2017

Airborne 07.28.17: Stan Lee at OSH17!, SecAf, Pipistrel Alpha Electro

Also: MGL Updates Avionics Line, Oshkosh Montage, DeLand Showcase 2017, Jack Pelton Interview, Part 5-Fini

As part of Women in Aviation Day, Secretary of the Air Force, Heather Wilson, was at AirVenture on Wednesday and ANN’s Maxine Scheer had a chance to sit down with her to get her opinion on ATC Privatization... AirVenture is one of the industry's main venues for introducing new products for experimental aircraft. ANN’s Jim Campbell talked to Matt Liknaitzky from MGL avionics about their latest avionics offerings... EAA’s main outreach to bring young people into the

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Airborne 07.28.17: Stan Lee at OSH17!, SecAf, Pipistrel Alpha Electro

Also: MGL Updates Avionics Line, Oshkosh Montage, DeLand Showcase 2017, Jack Pelton Interview, Part 5-Fini
As part of Women in Aviation Day, Secretary of the Air Force, Heather Wilson, was at AirVenture on Wednesday and ANN’s Maxine Scheer had a chance to sit down with her to get her opinion on ATC Privatization... AirVenture is one of the industry's main venues for introducing new products for experimental aircraft. ANN’s Jim Campbell talked to Matt Liknaitzky from MGL avionics about their latest avionics offerings... EAA’s main outreach to bring young people into the aviation community is the Young Eagles program, which offers free orientation flights to kids who are interested in learning to fly. At AirVenture 2017 they announced a h

Lake Renegade Down At AirVenture Seaplane Base

Four Hospitalized Following The Accident

Four people were hospitalized Thursday after the Lake Renegade amphibious airplane three of the four were aboard went down on takeoff from the seaplane base at AirVenture.

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Eric Whyte Recieves Phillips 66 Aviation’s Young Eagles Leadership Award

Wisconsin Native Accepts Honor In Home State During AirVenture 2017

Phillips 66 Aviation is happy to announce this year’s EAA Young Eagles Leadership Award winner, Eric Whyte, of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Whyte’s experience with the EAA Young Eagles program is unique, holding the distinction of being the first individual to transition from Young Eagle to Young Eagles volunteer pilot. He took his first Young Eagles flight on August 5, 1992 and has been active in multiple capacities with the EAA for the past 25 years. To date he’s flown nearly 600 Young Eagles.

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Jeppesen And Aopa Team Up To Launch 2017-18 Captain Jepp Challenge

Second Year Of Program Challenges Pilots To Sharpen Their Aviator Skills, Offers Chance At Prizes For Participation In Learning Opportunities

Boeing, through its subsidiary Jeppesen, and the AOPA recently announced the second year of the "Captain Jepp Challenge" program at EAA AirVenture to encourage continued pilot learning and the enhancement of flying skills. Participants in the program will register to attend free, in-person or online seminars, forums, educational courses and webinars throughout the year to earn program points and be eligible for prize drawings.

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ALPA, NATCA And EAA Aspire To Inspire The Next Wave Of Aviation Employees

Students Can Get Basic Information From Aviation Works Website

The Airline Pilots Association announced at AirVenture that they are collaborating with both the Experimental Aircraft Association and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association in an effort to attract the next generation of professional aviation workers.

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Hartzell Engine Technologies: New Name, Streamlined Business

Several Brands Rolled Into A Single Group

Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies, announced streamlined business organization within the Hartzell corporate umbrella at Oshkosh on Tuesday. Citing several new acquisitions and business lines coming on-board within the last short while has created a diverse group of products now affiliated with the venerable Hartzell name.

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High Performance Landing Gear For Certified And Experimental Aircraft

How Do You Talk About Wheels And Bearings And Make Them Sound Interesting? You Make A Better Product And People’s Ears Will Perk Up

Beringer has come out with several new products that were introduced here at Oshkosh this week. Most products are geared towards the Bush plane market, the Cub and Husky crowd but all can be used on many other certified aircraft and  the experimental market as well.

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Proteus Aircraft Celebrates 19th Birthday At Airventure

Scaled Composites Airplane First Flew In 1998

Scaled Composites Model 281 Proteus is on display at EAA Airventure Oshkosh and celebrating the 19th anniversary of its first flight. Proteus first flew on July 26, 1998, and has made over 1000 flights. Visit Proteus at Boeing Plaza for an up close look at the plane and to take a picture as a Proteus “Test Pilot”, then stop by ScaledBase for special Proteus swag and to meet the crew.

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CFIs Can Vie For A Scholarship Valued At $18,000 Fron NAFI And King Schools

Application Is Available On The King Schools Website

A fortunate CFI will be awarded the second NAFI/King Schools Scholarship for Certificated Flight Instructors. The scholarship, which is to help flight instructors further their education and training, is valued at $18,000, including access to the entire King Schools library of courses for life. The application form is now available online at the King Schools website.

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New iPad-Based Data Recording System Bows At AirVenture

Plane Smart Is The Latest Offering From Guardian Avionics

Guardian Avionics is branching out into an iPad-compatible data recording system called Plane Smart, which it introduced at AirVenture this week.

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ONE Aviation Receives FAA Approval Pertaining To Eclipse 500/550

Extended Tip Tank Configuration

ONE Aviation announced today, at EAA AirVenture 2017, FAA approval of an unrestricted increase in the structural life limit of the Eclipse 550 and the Eclipse 500 in the extended tip tank configuration to 20,000 flight hours or 20,000 cycles, whichever occurs first.

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CEO Xylon Saltzman Returns To one-G Headquarters

Will Conclude Work On FAA Approval On Swiss12

Following an enthusiastically received rollout of the Torrance44 prototype at EAA AirVenture, CEO Xylon Saltzman now returns to one-G simulation headquarters in Seattle for a much anticipated final evaluation by the FAA of the Swiss12, a new proposed Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) based on the Pilatus PC12.

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ONE Aviation Selects Alteos Interactive Window System

Utilizes Nuance V2 Shading By Vision Systems

"Project Canada" ... the Eclipse 700 ... will be fitted with Alteos Interactive window system developed by PPG.

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Flight Design Bought By German Investment Group

New Company To Be Called Flight Design General Aviation GmbH.

GA aircraft manufacturer Flight Design has concluded the sale of all major company assets to the investment group LIFT Holding and will be based at a new and modern facility near the historic town of Eisenach in the Thuringia region of Germany. The company will now be called Flight Design General Aviation GmbH.

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FAA Administrator Michael Huerta Bids A Farewell To Osh

Final Speech At AirVenture Touches On Drones, ADS-B, ATC Privatization In what will be his final speech at AirVenture as Administrator of the FAA, Michael Huerta thanked EAA and the aviation community for welcoming him as the non-pilot "accidental administrator", and said he was proud of what he and the agency have been able to accomplish over the past seven years.

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Continental Announces The Expansion Of Its Diesel Engine Family

CD-262, CDR-282 Engines For Fixed And Rotary Wint Aircraft

Continental Motors Group, Ltd of Hong Kong, Alabama, USA and St. Egidien, Germany, announced that its family of Diesel engines is expanding with the CD-265 and CDR-285 engines. The CD-265 is intended for fix-winged applications while the CDR-285 is designed for rotary wing applications.

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DRL Drone Racing Finale To Air On ESPN

Eight Best Pilots Will Face Off In London Friday Night

The Drone Racing League (DRL) has announced the premiere of the 2017 Allianz Circuit Season Finale, the Drone Racing World Championship, which will air on ESPN this Friday, July 28 at 9 PM EST. Following an epic playoff race in Munich and an electrifying 2017 season, the world’s eight best drone pilots face-off at the DRL Allianz World Championship at the iconic Alexandra Palace in London, fighting to be crowned the World’s Greatest Drone Pilot.

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Trig Avionics Stacks The Deck To Provide ANN's OSH17 Special Event Coverage

High-Tech, Light-Weight Trig Avionics Delivers Their Latest Innovations to Oshkosh!

Trig Avionics are experts in the design and manufacture of compact and innovative certified avionics for light aviation. Our dealer coverage continues to expand; we now have 800 dealers in over 42 countries, with an established Approved Trig Dealer network in North America. Providing first class customer support in the U.S. we also have an Approved Trig Service Center at Mid-Continent Instrument and Avionics. This team provide support and service for all Trig products. We recognise the value in this sponsorship package and we want to use Oshkosh as a focal point to communicate the following key messages...

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Wipaire To Outfit New Mission Aviation Fellowship Aircraft

Wipline 8750 Amphibious Floats To Be Installed At South St. Paul Facility

Wipaire, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mission Aviation Fellowship International (MAF I) has selected Wipline 8750 floats and Wipaire’s single-point fueling system to outfit the organization’s latest aircraft. The new Cessna 208 Caravan is slated to serve in Bangladesh, where MAF flies over 70 organizations bringing health, hope and healing to some of the most vulnerable and remote communities in the world.

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Progressive Aerodyne's Searey, the World's Best Sport Amphib, Presents OSH17!

Check Out The New Progressive Aerodyne Searey Elite and Searey Adventure at OSH Display #193

Progressive Aerodyne was founded in 1991 by Kerry Richter and his business partners, Wayne Richter and Paige Lynette. With a long family history of building ultralight amphibious aircrafts, the company took the opportunity to create a new amphibious aircraft design and named it the Searey. Thus, the Searey took form and began flying in November 1992. The next year, the Searey Classic was introduced to the general public and was very well received, assuring two years worth of orders for the company and marking a place for the Searey name in aviation history. Since then, Progressive Aerodyne has enjoyed a dominant position in the light sport amphibious exper

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UND Continues to Increase Piper Trainer Fleet

Will Deliver Final Aircraft To The School Next Month

Piper Aircraft, Inc. will complete delivery of UND’s trainer order for 2017 next month (August).  The order received from the University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences for 2017 is for a total of 20 aircraft including 16 Archer TXs and 4 Seminoles which completed delivery earlier this month.

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Mooney Is At Oshkosh With Their New M20 U&V Models

Upgraded Airplanes Fresh Out Of Certification

Mooney received certification on both their M20 U and V models in March of 2017. They delivered the first Acclaim Ultra, serial number 330002 to their customer earlier this year and the second, serial number 330003 this week. Earlier this month the company was awarded TIA on the revolutionary Garmin 1000 TXI avionics package. Along with the new avionics the new models bring additional improvements such as a pilot-side door (and wider doors to boot), center-console data entry and a totally new luxury interior.

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Tecnam Aircraft: Progressve Company, Impressive Products

Announces EASA Approval For G1000Nxi In The P2006T Twin

Tecnam Aircraft held a press briefing Wednesday announcing several newsworthy items. Tecnam has received EASA approval for G1000Nxi in the P2006T twin. The G1000 features a number of significant avionics enhancements and brings the P2006T to a state of the art level with wireless database updates, enhanced situational awareness, cockpit connectivity, and synthetic visual approaches.

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Klyde Morris 07.28.17

Alternately ... How About 'That Blowed Up Real Good'


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Grip Lock Ties Brings You Oshkosh 2017!!!

Staying Power... Grip Lock Ties Brings You Oshkosh 2017!

Utah based EAA Members invented GripLockTies for their Air Racers to solve the problems of ordinary zip ties that are either too tight and break or too loose and move around. GripLockTies Innovative Rubber Lined Zip Ties solve the problems of damaged hoses and wires and cuts into structure. Everyone in aviation knows (or should know) not to put ordinary zip ties on Engine Mounts. Old-style slip ties will loosen and cut the wires or worse, cut through the paint and structure and cause damage and at worst engine mount failure. But with Rubber-Lined GripLockTies the rubber lining pads the wires and structure and holds it stable under vibration and eliminates the damage of old sli

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MGL Avionics Leads The Way To ANN's OSH 2017 Special Coverage

Bright, Powerful, Intuitive: MGL Avionics Is A Next Generation EFIS.... Today!

Since 2001, MGL Avionics has been producing avionics for the Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft markets. The flagship product is the iEFIS - a comprehensive flight, engine and navigation instrument designed to meet the demands of the modern pilot. It is the next generation EFIS system utilizing a custom developed, pressure sensitive, sunlight-readable touchscreen that can also be operated using gloves.

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Airborne 07.27.17: FAA--Meet The Boss!, Kitfox S7 Speedster!, Lancair Mako!

Also: Huerta On Privatization, Santa Monica, BasicMed and More!, Tecnam Updates Development Plans, Jack Pelton Interview--Part 4

The FAA Administrator’s Thursday morning forum has become a tradition here at AirVenture. It was Huerta's last rodeo for Oshkosh as the head of the FAA and he took on a number of topics. Tecnam’s P2012 Traveller is progressing well; Shannon Yeager, the Director of Tecnam US gave us an update on the program... ANN’s Jim Campbell talked to the Lancair’s new president Conrad Huffstutler about the company’s latest offering, the 4 place

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (07.28.17)

"My advice to everyone in that is that we need to be thinking about what is going to work for the whole community." Source: FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, responding to a question about ATC privatization at AirVenture Thursday.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (07.28.17): Remote Airport Information Service (RAIS)

A temporary service provided by facilities, which are not located on the landing airport, but have communication capability and automated weather reporting available to the pilot at the landing airport.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (07.28.17)

U.S. Ultralight Association No form of aviation offers the low and slow, wind-in-your-face freedom that ultralight and light sport aircraft can. The dream of flight that many of us had as children can truly be realized with these unique aircraft. Freedom and safety combine to provide the ultimate recreational experience.

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