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June 02, 2005

Juneau Just Says 'No' To FAA Runway Plan

City Leaders Don't Trust Arresting System

Even though the FAA is conducting public hearings on the matter this week, Juneau, AK, airport officials say they don't like any of the agency's plans for an emergency arresting system. Airport executives say it's the "wrong technology, wrong place, wrong time."

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NASA Interns Head To Japan Space Law Confab

Moot Court In Conjunction With Astronautlical Congress Meeting

Two NASA law interns in the agency's Office of the General Counsel (OGC), Washington, have won a chance to compete in the World Finals of the Space Law Moot Court.

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GAO: NASA Should Have Known Better

New Report Says Shuttle Replacement Should Have Been Sought Long Ago

NASA leaders should have looked sooner and more diligently for a way to replace the remaining space shuttles, according to a General Accountability Office report just released.

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One Small Snip For Neil...

...One Giant Lawsuit For His Barber (Maybe)

It's certainly proof that celebrities have very different problems from the rest of us schleps. Then again, it's also proof that Neil Armstrong is indeed still a celebrity.

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Sikorsky To Build Coaxial Helo

Sikorsky Aircraft is unveiling plans to build and test a demonstrator for a new class of coaxial X2 Technology helicopters...

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Airbus Delays A380 Deliveries

Carriers Are Screaming

The Airbus A380 is going to be late... about six months late. That's the word from the factory and it sent some of the airlines which have already ordered the behemoth passenger jet into angry fits. Some of them want compensation for the delay.

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The EU Strikes Back

Europeans File Promised WTO Countersuit Over Subsidies

One day after the US filed its World Trade Organization lawsuit against the European Union over subsidies paid by EU governments to Airbus, the Europeans struck back, accusing local US governments of spending even more money on Boeing.

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WTO Trade Court: Who Are These Guys Anyway?

World Trade Court Has Real Power

It's the biggest case ever to go before the World Trade Organization's court. Worth billions of dollars to both Airbus and Boeing, the subsidy dispute between the US and the EU will likely take several years and several million dollars to resolve. And the people who will decide the case probably won't even be judges -- at least, not full-time judges.

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Delta Calling: Your Flight's Been Canceled

Airline Scales Back Service To ICT In Subsidy War With City

How's that line go? "It's always the innocents who suffer"? That seems to be the case in Wichita, where, embroiled in a battle over city subsidies to AirTran, Delta Airlines is cutting back on flights.

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DoD Tanker Scandal Report: Spreading The Blame

Investigators Say It Wasn't Just Darleen Druyun's Fault

It wasn't just one person. A new Pentagon report says there's plenty of blame to spread around in the Boeing tanker scandal. It says several top Pentagon officials failed in either awarding the $23 billion contract or simply didn't provide sufficient oversight.

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Gill Redesigns Two Popular Battery Models

Providing Higher Capacity, Power and Improved Handling

Gill Batteries says two of its most popular models just got better.

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WWII Vet Gets An Unexpected Message

'Guess Where Your Old Plane Is'

It's a story that popped up in Lew Griswold's Fresno Bee column Wednesday -- the story of a World War II veteran reunited with his one-time love and constant companion. The veteran is 86-year old Ray Melikian of Visalia, CA. The long-lost love is his Curtis P-40.

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America West Exec: They WERE Operating The Plane

Testifies At Trial Of Accused Drunken Pilots

Called to the stand in the case of two company pilots accused of operating an aircraft drunk, an America West executive and veteran pilot himself testified the airmen were indeed operating the aircraft -- even though they were being pushed back from the gate when they were stopped and arrested.

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Cheney Addresses AFA Class Of '05

Feel The Power Of The Force, Veep Says

Vice President Richard B. Cheney told more than 900 graduating cadets at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, Wednesday that they are taking their places as commissioned officers of the most powerful air and space force in the history of mankind.

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Ethiopian Airlines Increases 787 Order by Five Airplanes

Signs Contract For Ten 787s 

Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines announced Tuesday that the airline has increased its firm orders for the 787 Dreamliner to 10 airplanes by exercising purchase rights obtained with its initial order announced Feb 4th.

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Goodyear Expands Aviation Tire Evaluation into South Africa

Testing Overseas

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber company announced recently that it has selected its second aviation tire evaluation center, the 43 Air School in Port Alfred, South Africa. This is Goodyear’s first center in the Southern Hemisphere.

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2005 COMM1 Aviation Scholarship Program Announced

Helping Young Pilots Get The (Expensive) Training They Need

The Board of Directors at e-Publishing Group says it will host the Fifth Annual COMM1 Aviation Scholarship Program for 2005.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (06.02.05)

"I went the extra mile for an amicable solution, most recently last week by proposing an accelerated negotiation in which I was prepared to offer a reduction of up to 30 per cent of launch investment to the new A350 – and on tighter terms – in return for a similar offer on the American side." Source: EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson lashed out at the US and at Boeing after after the US filed its World Trade Organization lawsuit against the European Union over subsidies paid by EU governments to Airbus.

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Short Notice Missouri TFR: 06.02.05 - 06.03.05

NOTAM:  5/4297  Issued:  06/01/2005 14:30  Effective:  06/02/2005 21:25 - 06/03/2005 00:55  State:  MO  Facility:  ZKC - KANSAS CITY (ARTCC),MO.  Type:  VIP  Description:  ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, JUNE 2 2005 LOCAL. 

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Short Notice Kentucky TFR: 06.02.05

NOTAM:  5/4296  Issued:  06/01/2005 14:10  Effective:  06/02/2005 17:55 - 06/02/2005 21:20  State:  KY  Facility:  ZME - MEMPHIS (ARTCC),TN.  Type:  VIP  Description:  HOPKINSVILLE, KENTUCKY, JUNE 2 2005 LOCAL.

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New York TFR: 06.08.05 - 06.12.05

NOTAM Number :  FDC 5/4294  Location : Rochester, New York near ROCHESTER VORTAC (ROC) Beginning Date : June 08, 2005 at 18:45 UTC Ending Date : June 12, 2005 at 22:00 UTC Reason for NOTAM : Due to aerial demonstrations by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and other military aircraft. Type : Airshow

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Urgent CASA AD: Eurocopter AS 355 (Twin Ecureuil) Series Helicopters

AD Number: AD/AS 355/87 Untimely Firing of Squibs 8/2005 TX Applicability: AS 355 E, F, F1, F2 and N helicopters equipped with Goodrich electric hoist 76370- XXX fitted with any type of motor except Auxilec motors.

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Urgent CASA AD: Schweizer (Hughes) 269 Series

AD Number: AD/HU 269/111 Lateral Control Trim Actuator Assembly 8/2005 TX Applicability: Model 269C, serial number (S/N) 1865 through 1874 with a prefix of S; Model 269C-1, S/N 0169 through 0191; and Model 269D, Configuration A, S/N 0044 through 0050 with an A suffix, helicopters.

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Urgent CASA AD: Eurocopter AS 350 (Ecureuil) Series Helicopters

AD Number: AD/ECUREUIL/111 Untimely Firing of Squibs 8/2005 TX Applicability: AS 350 B, BA, BB, B1, B2, B3 and D helicopters equipped with Goodrich electric hoist 76370-XXX fitted with any type of motor except Auxilec motors.

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