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June 11, 2022

HTO … JPX … R.I.P.

East Hampton Airport to Close

In a shortsighted move consistent with the mores of fatuous age, East Hampton, NY town officials have begun the process of permanently closing the East Hampton Airport after litigation prevented the town from converting the airport to a private-use facility. The town had formerly planned to close the airport on May 17 and reopen it 33 hours later, thereby facilitating the facility’s transition from the public-use East Hampton Airport (HTO) to the private, East Hampton Town Airport (JPX).

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Biden Makes Ready to Name New FAA Boss

Send In the Clowns …

In a predictable instance of nepotism and political theater, the Biden Administration will name Democrat standby and aviation industry neophyte Phil Washington its nominee to run the Federal Aviation Administration. Originally from the Altgeld Gardens housing projects on Chicago’s South Side and conspicuously light on aviation experience, Washington exemplifies the Biden Administration’s immutable practice of predicating critical appointments on mysterious standards rather than experience and ability. 

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Airborne 06.03.22: Aerox Expands, A-10 Survives, Lilium Transition

Also: Tilt-Rotor AW609, 2022 Hurricane Season, B-29 DOC Salutes Women, MD Helicopters

Breathe easier! O2 Aero Acquisitions and Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems has acquired the aviation oxygen assets of Air Craft Industries -- doing business as Sky-Ox. The acquisition broadens Aerox’s line of portable oxygen systems for cargo, commercial, business, and general aviation users—as well as STCs [Supplemental Type Certificates] for O2 systems in a range of general aviation aircraft models. The United States Air Force (USAF) brass has had their knuckles cracked trying to push the “Warthogs” A-10 Thunderbolt II into the dust bucket yet ag

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Classic Aero-TV At OSH21: Opener Blackfly Promises Unique Aviation Experience

Blackfly Flies Under Part 103 Ultralight Regs

Hot on the heels of a successful demonstration at AirVenture 2021, we check in with CEO Marcus Leng about Opener’s upcoming Blackfly. The carbon colored, all-electric VTOL aircraft is capable of operation from any kind of surface, even amphibious landings on fresh water. With a scant 313 pound max gross takeoff weight, it flies under Part 103 rules for ultralight aircraft. Pilots will soon be able to enjoy a 30-mile full-charge range, 1,200 foot service ceiling, and 62 mph top speed. When using a 240-volt quick charger, the aircraft can be charged in half an hour.

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NASA’s Mars Helicopter AOG

Ingenious Software Patch to Raise Ingenuity 

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter—a small robotic helicopter operating on Mars— has been grounded due to the failure of an inclinometer. Subject device contains two accelerometers which measure gravitational forces prior to the vehicle’s rotor spin-up and takeoff process. Ingenuity’s navigation algorithms are predicated upon attitude data measured by the inclinometer. Ergo, the craft cannot fly until NASA devises alternate means by which to gauge attitude information.

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AirDialog Announces Fedex Feeder Agreement

Albuquerque Part 135 Operator Throws In With Big Purple

Commencing flight operations on 07 June 2022, Albuquerque NM-based cargo airline AirDialog became the first new Part 135 air carrier to launch with FedEx in over 20 years. The inaugural flight provided cargo service between Gallup and Albuquerque, and instantiated what AirDialog President and Director of Finance David DeRose called, a groundbreaking opportunity to be a part of the FedEx feeder network. DeRose, a former Ameriflight executive, added, “ … we look forward to expanding cargo operations to serve customers in the Southwest and beyond.”

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Marine Osprey Accident Claims Five

Downed Aircraft Carried NO Nuclear Material 

The Marine Corps has confirmed that all five Marines aboard an MV-22B Osprey that went down near Glamis, CA—a small town between El Centro, CA and Yuma, AZ—have perished. The aircraft, which was lost during an 08 June training mission, was assigned to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing based at Camp Pendleton, California. The Marine Corps has confirmed that contrary to initial social media reports, there was no nuclear material onboard the aircraft. The service states recovery efforts have begun and an investigation is underway.

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United States Air Force Squadron Honored

89th Attack Squadron Named MQ-9 Squadron of the Year. 

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, the designer and manufacturer of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) systems, radars, and electro-optics, honored the U.S. Air Force’s 89th Attack Squadron (ATKS) at an event in Rapid City, S.D. The company recognized the 89th ATKS as the MQ-9 Squadron of the Year. Known as the Reaper—and sometimes called Predator B—the MQ-9 is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. The MQ-9 is the first hunter-killer UAV designed for long-endurance, high-altitude surveillance operations. 

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NTSB Prelim: Beech 19A

Performed Two Attempted Takeoffs And Aborted Both Due To Performance Issues

On June 2, 2022, about 1218 Pacific daylight time, a Beechcraft 19A Musketeer airplane, N7641R, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Oroville Municipal Airport (OVE), Oroville, California. The pilot and pilot-rated passenger were fatally injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. According to a video of the accident flight captured by a witness, who was also a student of the accident pilot, the pilot and passenger completed an engine run-up and subsequently taxied to runway 13.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.11.22)

Aero Linx: The US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) The US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) is a volunteer team of US government and industry stakeholders formed to improve the safety of civil helicopter operations in the National Airspace System. The USHST is a partner of the Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST).

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.11.22): Option Approach

Option Approach An approach requested and conducted by a pilot which will result in either a touch-and-go, missed approach, low approach, stop-and-go, or full stop landing. Pilots should advise ATC if they decide to remain on the runway, of any delay in their stop and go, delay clearing the runway, or are unable to comply with the instruction(s).

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (06.11.22)

“We ask for the public's patience as we work diligently with first responders and the unit to identify what occurred...” Source: From the sad statement made by a USMC spokesperson after an accident involving an MV-22. The Marine Corps has confirmed that all five Marines aboard an MV-22B Osprey that went down near Glamis, CA—a small town between El Centro, CA and Yuma, AZ—have perished.  

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