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June 12, 2022

B-29 Doc Publishes Flight/Ride Schedule For Oshkosh

Rare Opportunity To Take A Trip Into History

B-29 Doc is returning to EAA AirVenture in 2022 and will offer flight experiences along with ground and cockpit tours. Doc will also be a featured performer in the air show throughout the week. B-29 Doc Flight Experience rides will be available in Appleton, WI, July 27 and 28. B-29 Doc rides will operate at Wisconsin Air, located at N870 Endeavour Dr. Appleton, WI, 54914.

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Classic Aero-TV: Debby Rihn-Harvey – A Look at Competition vs. Airshow Flying

From 2010 (YouTube Version): Decorated Champion Offers Unique Perspective on Aerobatic Community

On December 6th through December 9th, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel hosted over 1,500 air show professionals and enthusiasts to the 2009 International Council of Air Shows Convention. Started in 1967, the annual ICAS Convention provides professionals a community forum in which to network with industry leaders, plan upcoming air shows, and offer continued support to fellow performers and represent

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USAF Assigns MH-139 Grey Wolves To Joint Base Andrews

25 New Helicopters Will Replace The Base’S 21 Aging UH-1N Hueys

The Department of the Air Force selected Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, as the fourth location to host MH-139 Grey Wolves. The 25 new helicopters will replace the base’s 21 aging UH-1N Hueys. The additional four aircraft will allow the base to execute continuation of government operations and distinguished visitor transport mission requirements without augmenting support units.

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Airborne 06.03.22: Aerox Expands, A-10 Survives, Lilium Transition

Also: Tilt-Rotor AW609, 2022 Hurricane Season, B-29 DOC Salutes Women, MD Helicopters

Breathe easier! O2 Aero Acquisitions and Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems has acquired the aviation oxygen assets of Air Craft Industries -- doing business as Sky-Ox. The acquisition broadens Aerox’s line of portable oxygen systems for cargo, commercial, business, and general aviation users—as well as STCs [Supplemental Type Certificates] for O2 systems in a range of general aviation aircraft models. The United States Air Force (USAF) brass has had their knuckles cracked trying to push the “Warthogs” A-10 Thunderbolt II into the dust bucket yet ag

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Electra Acquires Airflow

Hybrid-Electric Blown-Lift eSTOL Plane Developer Acquires Airflow

Electra has acquired California-based Airflow. The transaction creates an addition to the rapidly emerging advanced air mobility (AAM) market. The announcement was made at the UP.Summit, an annual gathering of leaders in transportation innovation hosted by investment firm UP.Partners. The acquisition places Electra's order book at almost 800 planes, allegedly 'beyond break-even' for commercial development.

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Mesa Air Group Enhances United Aviate Partnership

Building Time the Smart Way

Mesa Air Group has announced that Mesa Airlines pilots participating in United’s Aviate program shall henceforth earn service credit towards their United transition for flying across all of Mesa’s operations—including American Eagle. The Aviate program is a career-development initiative that provides pilots building flight hours with Mesa a path to aircrew positions with United Airlines. Previously, pilots participating in the program earned service credit hours only while flying aircraft operating as United Express. 

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The Civil Airway to Bliss

Love-and Aircraft Restoration Will Keep Us Together …

“Pilots should only marry other pilots if they want to stay married.” So says Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Maj. Deb Maynard, who along with her husband, CAP Capt. Tim Maynard have lovingly restored a 1961 Cessna 310 that now traverses the skies of America’s Pacific Northwest and Alaska, often on CAP search and rescue missions. Captain Maynard found the vintage, twin-engine Cessna—one of the iconic aircraft types flown by CAP—in North Pole, a small city in central Alaska.

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Klyde Morris (06.10.22)

Klyde Just Can't Believe This Has Gotten To This Point...


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FAA Updates Guidelines for Sound Insulation Programs Near Airports

More Tax Money Spent On Those Who Built Near Airports... and Expected Them To Get Quieter

The FAA has updated guidelines on how to develop and implement sound insulation programs to mitigate sound exposure to homes, schools, and medical and other facilities near airports. The circular, Guidelines for Sound Insulation of Structures Exposed to Aircraft Noise, provides standards, processes and procedures, and guidelines for all phases of developing and implementing a sound insulation program. It also has technical updates on program development, including property surveys, acoustic engineering principles and testing methods, establishing boundaries, and determining noise level reductions.

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MT Propeller STC Offers Performance Boost To 300 Series King Air Operators

Better Climb, Better Speed, Better Looks

MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH, the German producer of composite aircraft  propellers, has received the Revision of the FAA STC SA03525NY for installing the Quiet Fan Jet 5-blade Propeller MTV-27-1-(E,N)-C-F-R(P)/CFR260-65b on the Beech King Air 300/350 series powered by P&WC PT6A-60A /-67A engines. The STC is now also valid for the Beech King Air 300/350 with a MTOW up to 17,636 lbs. The installation is also certified by EASA STC 10050861 R4.

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NTSB Prelim: Airborne Windsports Pty Ltd Edge XT-912-L

Witness Stated That The Wind Condition Was “Swift” With Gusts

On May 29, 2022, about 0800 central daylight time, an Airborne Windsports Edge weight shift control light sport airplane, N490F, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Granite Shoals, Texas. The pilot and passenger were fatally injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. A residential security camera located near the Granite Shoals/Bob Sylvester Airpark (2G5), captured the trike at 0709 taxiing towards the approach end of runway 20.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.12.22)

Aero Linx: The International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training (IAPGT) We are an Association of people who fly, build or regulate Gyroplanes, who have a dream of a single Gyroplane pilot licence accepted in every country around the world, and a community of Gyroplane Pilots who are free from accidents. It's up to all of us to share our knowledge and keep gyroplane flying safe. Gyroplane Flying Instructors, in addition to teaching the minimum standards prescribed by the regulator in the country in which they are operating, can opt-in to the IAPGT framework. This means they are working in accordance with the IAPGT Voluntary Code of Practice.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.12.22): Tentative Calculated Landing Time (TCLT)

Tentative Calculated Landing Time (TCLT) A projected time calculated for adapted vertex for each arrival aircraft based upon runway configuration, airport acceptance rate, airport arrival delay period, and other metered arrival aircraft. This time is either the VTA of the aircraft or the TCLT/ACLT of the previous aircraft plus the AAI, whichever is later. This time will be updated in response to an aircraft’s progress and its current relationship to other arrivals.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (06.12.22)

“Pilots should only marry other pilots if they want to stay married.” Source: So says Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Maj. Deb Maynard, who along with her husband, CAP Capt. Tim Maynard have lovingly restored a 1961 Cessna 310 that now traverses the skies of America’s Pacific Northwest and Alaska, often on CAP search and rescue missions.

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