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Sat, Apr 25, 2015

Levil Technology Upgrades Wireless Integrated Avionics Module

New iLevil2-SW And iLevil2-AW WIAMs Offer WAAS, AHRS, Increases In GPS Sensitivity, Battery Life, Dual Band ADS-B Reception

Levil Technology Corporation, manufacturers of GPS/ADS-B/AHRS/SV portable systems for iOS and Android tablets, has announced an upgrade to their existing line of high-performance Wireless Integrated Avionics Module (WIAM) systems. The new, portable iLevil2 SW and the permanent-mount iLevil2-AW will provide the foundation for a complete, virtual IFR panel display on any iPad or Android device. Their dual-band design will allow pilots to see more ADS-B traffic at any altitude—above or below 18,000 feet.

“As with all of our proven products, these WIFI enabled systems are compatible with multiple mobile platforms, so pilots can choose from a wide range of apps and devices suitable for their budget and flying needs,” explained Ananda Leon, Systems Engineer and General Manager at Levil Technology. “They can also connect to as many as 10 devices simultaneously, providing redundancy and almost limitless panel display diversity. Both systems feature rugged designs for use in extreme environments including, heat, cold, turbulence and vibration in both fixed wing and rotary aircraft.”

Working with all major GPS/ADS-B apps, the portable iLevil2 SW is a godsend when primary avionics or power systems fail—or anywhere situational awareness can be improved for VFR or IFR flying—including Synthetic Vision (SV) and obstacle displays.

The iLevil2-SW’s improved, larger solar panel also adds up to an hour of extra battery life.

The iLevil2-AW is designed to be a permanent-mount WIAM and connects to the aircraft’s pitot static system, enabling it to provide accurate indicated airspeed (IAS), vertical speed indication (VSI) and barometric altitude for display on a compatible tablet app. This iLevil WIAM is well suited for LSA’s, experimental and kit/homebuilt and ultralight aircraft where weight and cost are a concern.

The iLevel2 series also introduces limited compatibility with a major Navigation App (ForeFlight) and provides additional innovative solutions such as the new Aero Watch App for Android Wear smart watches. These breakthrough wireless integrated avionics modules also have advanced circuitry that significantly improves GPS and ADS-B sensitivity, capturing more traffic and weather data than any other platform.

Both systems have internal AHRS for attitude output to provide reliable pitch, roll and heading information wirelessly to Synthetic Vision applications, as well. Its No-drift technology provides un-matched accuracy even during aerobatics.

iLevil2-SW and iLevil2-AW features add up to the best performing and most adaptable systems available for a wide range of future-proof capabilities, apps and tablets:

  • iLevil’s no-lag, state-of-the-art internal AHRS drives Synthetic Vision apps,including the newest SV release from ForeFlight.
  • iLevil2-SW’s new, larger solar panel extends battery life by as much as an hour.
  • Better circuit design doubles GPS sensitivity
  • WAAS gives the best possible altitude data and one meter lateral accuracy
  • Dual band ADS-B (1090/978 MHz) sees all the traffic-- at all altitudes--generated from air- to-air and ground-to-air data
  • ADS-B weather data is available even where ground stations are remote and competitive systems simply won’t receive
  • ForeFlight Simulation protocol compatibility includes: Attitude and Synthetic Vision display, GPS Navigation and Traffic information. (Weather display not available yet)
  • iLevil2-AW is equipped with three serial ports to allow multiple connections with autopilots, engine analyzers and future ADS-B out transmitters required by 2020.
  • Rugged, heat/cold, vibration/shock resistant case extends product lifetime
  • List price is $1,195.00 for iLevil2-SW and $1,395.00 for iLevil2-AW.

“We believe there is simply not a better portable system available today—and no other system is compatible with as many apps for iPad and Android. Soon, we will announce a major breakthrough in stand-alone ADS-B out technology, complementing the current line of iLevil2-SW and iLevil2-AW,” Ananda added.

FMI: www.aviation.levil.com


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