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April 06, 2005

Hawaiian Air Investors Indicted

Two Accused Of Lying About Ability To Bring Carrier Out Of Bankruptcy

They lied. One tried to bribe an undercover Fed. Both are in very hot water. That's the word from the US Attorney's Office in New York's Southern District about Paul Boghosian and William Spencer. Both have been indicted on conspiracy charges in connection with their bid to bring Hawaiian Airlines out of bankruptcy.

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Porn Purveyor Pulled From Plane

Threatens To Sue South African Airline

"I'm seeing my lawyer later this afternoon." AC Hoffmann is mad and looking for trouble. There he was, minding his own business, reading a pornographic magazine on board a Nationwide Airlines flight at Cape Town, South Africa, when a flight attendant asked him to stow the reading material. The reason? The airline told reporters other passengers complained.

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Going Steady: McCauley And Mooney

Prop Maker Signs New Contract With Aircraft Manufacturer

McCauley Propeller Systems will be flying with Mooney Airplane Company's Bravo and Ovation.  McCauley and Mooney have just entered a new three-year agreement that makes McCauley the exclusive propeller supplier for all Mooney Bravos, as well as the exclusive governor supplier for all Mooney Ovations and Bravos.

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NBAA Likes It! Applauds Congress Proposal For Reopening DCA to GA

A Major GA Barrier May Finally Be Torn Down

ANN has just learned that NBAA has hailed the introduction of House legislation to grant renewed access to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport for general aviation aircraft operators.

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NC TFR: 04.06.05-04.07.05

NOTAM: 5/2667 Issued: 04/06/2005 22:50 Effective: 04/07/2005 13:00 - 04/07/2005 14:00 State: NC Facility: ZDC - WASHINGTON (ARTCC),DC. Type: HAZARDS Description: POPE AFB NC.

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NTSB Lists Pilots' Errors In 2003 Midair

A Compendium Of In-Flight And Take-Off Issues Left Two Dead

The NTSB says it was a multitude of errors that led to a fatal midair just above the runway at Westerly Airport in Rhode Island. Two CFIs were killed in the November 16, 2003 mishap.

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Goodbye, Goose Bay

RAF Shuts Down Newfoundland Base

Britain's RAF has turned over the keys to its last North American military outpost to the Canadian government. The Queen's contingent at CFB Goose Bay is gone.

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Boeing: We'll Beat Airbus In '05

Expects To Bounce Back After Two Years As Number Two

Pop Quiz: When you're faced with stiff competition in the marketplace and your fighting for sales supremacy, what do you do?

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Eclipse Eyes Double Eagle II Manufacturing Site

Promises To File Development Plan This Month

If Eclipse has its way, the Double Eagle II Airport near Albuquerque will soon be a very busy place. Already, that strip has been designated as the new home for Utilicraft Aerospace's manufacturing operation. Now, Eclipse has filed paperwork to build its VLJs at the same airport.

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Three Cities Sue MAC Over Airport Noise

Residents Say Airport Commission Broke Its Promise

The cities of Minneapolis, Eagan and Richfield, MN, have joined forces to sue the governmental entity that runs Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, saying its members have broken promises to help alleviate aircraft noise.

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Helo Down: Afghanistan

Details Still Coming To Light

American officials in Kabul, Afghanistan, say a US military transport helicopter -- a CH-47 Chinook -- has crashed in the southeastern part of that mountainous country. All nine people on board, at least four of the Americans, were reported killed.

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Sen. Schumer: Reopen AAL 587 Probe

Says New Information About Airbus Rudders Warrants Second Look

Citing the FAA's new AD on Airbus A300 and A310 rudders, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) wants the NTSB to reopen its investigation into the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 in Queens, NY.

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Rotax Declares That 912-914 Engines Meet ASTM LSA Standards

One of the pivotal aspects of the long-awaited Light Sport Aircraft program was a means whereby the industry could come together and agree on compliance standards in lieu of (potentially) more restrictive and stifling FAA-mandated and administered certification programs.

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USMC General Says Space Plays Vital Role In National Defense

Cartwright: "The Importance Of The Space Mission... Cannot Be Overstated

From American Forces Press Service... Almost 70 years ago, actor Buster Crabbe first portrayed space swashbuckler Flash Gordon, battling Ming the Merciless to protect Earth. Few theatergoers then would have imagined that space would become an important component of national defense.

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ASC To Launch Blitz FAST (Focused Accelerated Sport Training)

Aero-Sports Connection Brings Sport Pilot Ratings Closer To Pilots, Instructors

Londoners, there's no need to look for the nearest tube station; this Blitz is being launched by the good guys, to wit, Aero-Sports Connection. What Blitz? Well, if you're an ultralight pilot or instructor (AFI/BFI), you've probably been scratching your head about what the many changes in Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft mean to you. One of the quickest outfits to get it all figured out (along with --ahem -- Aero-News, of course) was Aero-Sports Connection, and it's announced a series of "Blitz" training events that will get an otherwise qualified ultralight pilot and his aircraft Sport Pilot (or Sport Pilot Instructor) and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft legal as quickly as possible.

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A Blitz Near You? ASC's Tentative Schedule.

This is the tentative schedule for Aero-Sports Connection's FAST Blitz, as of April 4th.

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EAA Eases The Pain Of Conversion To Light-Sport Aircraft

Guide, Forms And Even The "Experimental" Sticker

The Experimental Aircraft Association is making it easy for ultralight owners who want to be a part of the light-sport aircraft revolution, as EAA has developed a new conversion kit that is now available to all ultralight owners.

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You Say You Wanna Revolution? Carter Copter Tests New Rotor

April Tests In Olney, TX, Called A Success

Over the last several days, Jay Carter's wild band of innovators relaunched the Carter Copter Technology Demonstrator into the air with a new rotor blade and other significant changes. So far, the tests seem entirely successful, and Carter engineers are poring over the test data to see what comes next.

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Atair Aerospace Demo's Flocking and Swarming Among UAVs

A More Natural Way To Find The Target

"For the first time in history, autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have flown using flocking and swarming algorithms."

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EU To US: Can We Talk About This Subsidy Mess?

French Aerospace Industry Urges 'Balanced' Resolution Of Airbus/Boeing Dispute

The French aerospace industries association, GIFAS, called Tuesday for a "balanced" agreement between the United States and the European Union in the dispute over public subsidies to aviation rivals Airbus and Boeing, and urged including Japan in the negotiations.

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Aero-Views: Can Marion Blakey's Word Be Trusted?

Aeromedical Service Back To Pits After Administrator Promised They Would Have Necessary Resources

By ANN Senior Contributing Editor Juan Jimenez Last July, those of us who attended EAA's AirVenture at Oshkosh remember the hoopla surrounding the FAA's announcement that the final Sport Pilot Rule was about to become the law of the land. The FAA made a lot of noise... the EAA made a lot of noise... the media made a lot of noise.

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AOPA Scouted Out

Boy Scouts Land At FDK And AOPA

More than 525 Boy Scouts and Scout leaders "landed" at AOPA's headquarters at Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK) this weekend to set up camp on AOPA's "back 40" and explore aviation. Some 16 troops and 10 Cub Scout packs participated, despite miserable weather conditions.

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April 15 Marks Second Annual AOPA Day at Lakeland

Events Include Pilot Town Meeting, Hangar Sessions, Discounts and Prizes

It's become as inevitable as those other two things people think about in mid-April – but a whole lot more fun. AOPA Day returns to Sun 'n Fun on Friday, April 15, 2005, and once again, AOPA members will see benefits from the moment they walk up to the entrance gate.

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Going Steady: Condor Engineering, Aerotech World Trade

Condor Expands Its Commercial Aerospace Presence

Condor Engineering, a provider of avionics databus solutions, Tuesday announced it has expanded its international operations by forming a strategic alliance with UK-based Aerotech World Trade, Ltd. Under the agreement, Aerotech, which has provided representation and distribution services to the commercial aircraft industry for more than 60 years, will distribute Condor's data loader product line to the European, Middle Eastern and African commercial airline markets.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (04.06.05)

"The FAA is providing new, and possibly damaging information about the safety of these rudders and the NTSB owes it to the many families of the victims of the crash and to the traveling public to find out whether traveling on these planes is dangerous." Source: investigation into the November, 2001 crash of AAL 587. Schumer's demand came after the rudder separated from an Air Transat Airbus A310 -- an aircraft similar to the American Airlines jetliner that went down in Queens. After the March 6th Air Transat incident, the FAA ordered the rudders inspectd on all A300s and A310s flying in the US.

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AD: General Electric

AD NUMBER: 2005-07-09 MANUFACTURER: General Electric SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2005-07-09 SUMMARY: The FAA is superseding an existing airworthiness directive (AD) for General Electric Company(GE) CF34-8E series turbofan engines with certain serial number (SN) master variable geometry(VG) actuators installed.

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