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April 26, 2005

Russian Cargo Plane Slides Off Runway At Kabul

AN-12 Was Carrying Humanitarian Aid

A Russian cargo aircraft carrying humanitarian supplies slid off the runway and caught fire in Afghanistan's capital Tuesday. Remarkably, the six people on board were only slightly hurt, according to the airport director.

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Another Big Deal For Boeing

Air India Signs For As Many As 50 777s, 787s

What a difference a year makes. Boeing, stung by its position as the world's SECOND biggest commercial aircraft maker, has been working its sales force overtime, announcing two huge deals in just two days.

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South Carolina TFR: 04.30.05

NOTAM:  5/3266  Issued:  04/26/2005 16:10  Effective:  04/30/2005 05:00 - 04/30/2005 16:00  State:  SC  Facility:  ZJX - JACKSONVILLE (ARTCC),FL.  Type:  SECURITY  Description:  CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, APRIL 30 2005 LOCAL. 

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Where Is Jonathan Leber?

College Student Missing Since Rented Plane Splashed Down In Lake Michigan

A bible college student from Virginia is missing and feared drowned after his single-engine aircraft apparently ran out of fuel and landed in the icy waters of Lake Michigan Monday night. So far, neither his rented Piper PA-28 nor Leber himself have been found and, given the water's temperature, rescuers are fast losing hope.

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UAL Flight Diverted Over Suspicious Vials

Turned Out To Be Herbal Medicine

A United Airlines flight from New York to San Francisco was diverted to Chicago Tuesday, after one passenger reported seeing another handling vials deemed suspicious. The vials turned out to be harmless, according to police.

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Return To Flight: At The Eye Of The Storm

Angelia Walker Is A Very Busy Lady These Days

There's rarely a quiet moment in Angelia Walker's office at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Propulsion engineers stop by to verify data. Supervisors drop in to check on a report. Managers at NASA Headquarters in Washington call for updates.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Program Celebrates Launch Anniversary

Aircraft Maker Touts "Unprecedented" Response

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner program celebrated the completion of its first year since launch Tuesday. During the last 12 months, Boeing says the program has attracted unprecedented demand led by the historic first order for 50 airplanes from Japan's ANA (All Nippon Airways).

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The Reality Of Rising Fuel Prices

SWA's Kelly: They "Put The Whole Industry's Future In Question"

The very future of the airline industry is in question. That's the word from Southwest CEO Gary Kelly when the New York Times asked him about the effects of fuel prices.

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Gulfstream GV Receives TC From JCAB

Gulfstream has received a Type Certificate for the ultra-long-range Gulfstream V (GV) business-jet aircraft from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB).

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CASA Urgent AD: BAe Avro 146-RJ

AD Number: AD/BAe 146/114 Center Fuselage Skin 6/2005 DM Applicability: Model AVRO 146-RJ Series aircraft. Requirement: Establish from the aircraft’s technical records whether the aircraft has previously been inspected in accordance with British Aerospace (Operations) Ltd Avro 146-RJ Maintenance Review Board Report (MRBR) Issue 10 Task SSI 53-20-138 (Maintenance Planning Document Task References 532038DVI-DVI-10000-1 and 532038-DVI-10000-2).

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Trouble Brewing In The Heartland

Machinists Say Onex's Offer "Unacceptable"

The Canadian investment firm Onex hasn't even officially purchased the Boeing facility in Wichita yet, but already there are signs the new management isn't getting along with its workers. Local union leaders say the company's latest contract proposal is "unacceptable."

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Schwarzenegger Promises To Fund Tanker Fleet, If Necessary

Promises To Reverse Budget Cuts To Reinstate Aerial Firefighter Funding

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger promised Monday to reverse deficit-mandated budget cuts so that the state's aerial firefighting fleet can stay in the air.

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Remembering Brian Bruns

Tanker Pilot One Of Three Lost In Last Week's California Mishap

Brian Bruns "was a serious, competent individual who focused on his job and performed it to the best of his ability." That in itself may be the highest praise one pilot has for another and that's what pilots who knew him are saying. This, in the wake of last week's firefighting tanker mishap in California's Lassen National Forest. Bruns, 45, along with 52-year old Paul Cockrell and 41-year old Thomas Lynch were lost in the accident.

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Near Miss Over The Caribbean

BWIA, AAL Flights Take Evasive Action

An American Airlines 757 had to take evasive action Saturday to avoid colliding with a BWIA 737 -- a possible mishap averted by TCAS systems and heads-up flying, according to the airlines and the FAA.

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Large Group Of French Aircraft Flying To EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2005

Ces Avions Fran�ais Arriveront � Oshkosh! (We Know. You Love It When We Speak French.)

Each year, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh draws aircraft from around the globe that arrive to participate in the world's greatest aviation celebration.  This summer's extraordinary lineup of aircraft for the 53rd annual EAA AirVenture, which will be held July 25-31 in Oshkosh, is now being enhanced by the arrival of more than 20 aircraft from France including two vintage Dassault military liaison airplanes.

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Boeing Sells A Mixed Bag To Air Canada

32 Firm Orders, 64 Options

Boeing and Air Canada Monday unveiled their agreement to renew the airline's wide-body fleet with up to 36 Boeing 777s and up to 60 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Air Canada will use the airplanes to modernize its existing fleet and improve operating efficiencies.

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Aeroflex Adds ELT Testing to IFR 4000 Ramp Test Set

ELT Option Combines Two Avionics Test Instruments Into One

Aeroflex has come up with a new emergency beacon testing capability for the IFR 4000 navigation communications (nav/comm) ramp test set. The new ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) option for the IFR 4000 combines two test sets into one and allows airline maintenance personnel and others to eliminate the cost and hassle of having a separate test set just for emergency beacon locator testing. The IFR 4000 is popular with maintenance personnel for its light weight (under 8 lbs.), long battery life (8 hours) and large screen that allows users to see all data in plain English without scrolling to see complete test results.

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Upgraded: Adam Cohn

Will Drive R&D For Xvionics

XVionics, a technology company providing software solutions for resource management in military aviation, says Adam Cohn has joined the company as Vice President of Research and Development. Cohn will be responsible for developing the company's overall technical strategy, finalizing the XVionics product roadmap and executing on all technical programs.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (04.26.05)

"The memory of Desert One propelled a generation, of which I am a part, to assure that America would never again repeat that searing, transforming experience of the 25th of April 1980." Source: Gen. Norton Schwartz (USAF), speaking on the 25th anniversary of "Operation Eagle Claw." Otherwise known as Desert One, the mission to rescue 53 US hostages held by militants in Iran was aborted. Eight air crewmen were lost. But even though the mission failed, it served as an inspiration to citizens and service members alike -- to honor those who've fallen in the line of duty.

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Smith Field Airport (IN) Earns New Future

Airport Authority Votes to Keep Fort Wayne Airport Open Indefinitely

ANN has learned that the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority Board voted 6-0, late Monday, in favor of keeping Smith Field Airport open "indefinitely", and to allow new hangar construction on the airport before the year is over.

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Highs And Lows: The Top 10 News Stories We Observed In Lakeland (Part Two)

You didn't think we were going to leave Lakeland without a chance to throw out some Congrats and/or some raspberries... did ya?

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NBAA Prez Bolen Participates in FAA Funding Forum

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen was busy, Monday, representing the business aviation community in a forum to consider changes to the funding mechanism for the FAA.

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AD: Letecke Zavody

AD NUMBER: 2005-08-14 MANUFACTURER: LETECKE ZAVODY a.s. SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2005-08-14 SUMMARY: The FAA adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all LET a.s. (formerly LET n.p.) (LET) Model Blanik L-13 AC sailplanes.

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AD: Cessna

AD NUMBER: 2005-09-01 MANUFACTURER: Cessna SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2005-09-01 SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Cessna Model 750 airplanes. The AD requires repetitive inspections for clearance and chafing of an auxiliary power unit (APU) fuel tube assembly in the tail cone area of the airplane, and corrective actions if necessary.

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