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October 20, 2005

Garmin GDL-69A Now Available For DA40

Diamond Star Owners Get Weather And Radio

The Garmin GDL-69A has been certified for the DA40-180 Diamond Star.

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FAA: China Agreement Advances Aviation Safety, Reduces Regulatory Burdens

An agreement signed Thursday between top American and Chinese aviation officials will enhance air safety while reducing regulatory burdens and costs for the airlines and aviation authorities of both countries.

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Kentucky TFR: 10.20.05

NOTAM: 5/9629 Issued: 10/20/2005 17:20 Effective: Immediately - 10/20/2005 18:00 State: KY Facility: ZID - INDIANAPOLIS (ARTCC),IN. Type: HAZARDS Description: BARDSTOWN KY

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Columbia 400 Down In Southern California

First Known Customer-Involved Fatal Accident In Type

A Columbia 400 airplane carrying three people returning home to Arizona after an air show went down Monday morning in a mountainous region of Southern California. All onboard were killed in the accident, believed to be the first involving a certified Columbia (nee Lancair) aircraft.

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Pakistan: Thanks For The Helos, Leave Crews At Home

Earthquake-Battered Nation Accepts Offer From India... Sort Of

While there's no (immediate) threat of a nuclear exchange in this case, Pakistan and arch-rival India are at odds once again. This time, the issue is the help Pakistan desperately needs in the aftermath of an earthquake that killed as many as 80,000 people -- and how India can help.

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After 17 Years, FAA Finally Upgrades Airline Seat Rules

Stronger Seats Designed To Increase Crash Survivability

It's the kind of story for which you might want a fanfare. Something bold and brassy. After all, this has been a long-time coming.

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Never Return To The Scene Of The Crime

Don't Shoot At The Skinny Helicopters, Either

By Aero-News Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien A dispatch from the US Central Command (the four-star military command that is in charge of US Operations in the Middle East) informs us that hostile forces in Iraq are unfamiliar with the two cliches that make up the title and subtitle of this story -- the title, "Never Return To The Scene Of The Crime," is a hoary old bit of advice from detective stories, and TV shows in the same genre. And "Don't Shoot At The Skinny Helicopters," a bit of legendary North Vietnamese Army advice to newbies, actually was found on an instructional sign in an NVA training camp.

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Airman's Frozen Body Found On Mount Mendel Glacier

Part Of Crew Lost In 1942 Crash

The AT-7 went down in 1942. The wreckage wasn't discovered until 1947. Now, one of the crew members aboard that military navigational trainer has apparently been found -- frozen in ice on California's Mount Mendel Glacier. The question now is, who was this airman?

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Southwest Airline's 'Petition Stunt' Irks American Airlines Unions

APA, APFA and TWU Issue Statement In Support Of The Wright Amendment

The following statement was released Wednesday by union leaders at American Airlines regarding Southwest Airline's attempt to repeal or modify the Wright Amendment. That legislation, in effect for decades, restricts flights out of SWA's home airport, Love Field in Dallas.

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They Weren't Supposed To Be On That Plane

Two Young Eagles Took Ill-Fated Flight Because Their Pilot Was Late

Brittany Boatright, a 15-year old freshman at Seattle's Aviation High School "dreamed of flying and traveling the world" according to her mother. her 14-year old classmate, Kandyce Cowart, looked forward to a career in aviation. Those dreams were cut short Saturday when their Young Eagles flight crashed, also killing pilot Eugene Hokanson. But news reports from the Puget Sound say those girls weren't even supposed to be on what turned out to be a fatal flight.

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Memphis Belle Arrives At Air Force Museum

A New Home For An Old War Horse

The "Memphis Belle," the Eighth Air Force's first B-17F heavy bomber to complete 25 successful bombing missions over Europe during World War II, is now at the National Museum of the US Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.

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'Guardian Angels' Swoop Down From Above To Save Lives

But It Ain't Easy Being A PJ

To Hurricane Katrina victims pararescuemen were angels. To injured airmen they're saviors.

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Spirit AeroSystems Gets A Bond

Money Helps Kansas Company Start Work On 787

Kansas Tuesday stepped up for one of its own -- lawmakers unanimously approving $80 million in bond financing for Spirit AeroSystems of Wichita so it can fulfill its part in building Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.

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Aero-News to Test Garmin GPSMAP 396

But Then We Gotta Send It Back... Bummer!

By Aero-News Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien It was the hottest thing in aviation. Did we want one for testing? Uh, duh, yeah. Then the fun started. Before this GPS got turned on it already had about three thousand miles on it.

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Legacy Walk Memorializes Sweginnis, Corradi

Two Popular ERAU Teachers Perished in 2004 Midair

We received the following from news from our guy at ERAU, and the best thing to do is give it to your verbatim.

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NTSB's Ellen Engleman Conners Will Address NBAA Convention's Opening Session

Chairman Designate's Participation in Event Underscores Focus on Flight Safety

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today announced that National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chairman Designate Ellen Engleman Conners will serve as keynote speaker at the Opening General Session for NBAA's 58th Annual Meeting & Convention, to be held Wednesday, November 9, through Friday, November 11, in Orlando, FL. 

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Stray Cargo Drop Nearly Squashes VIPs In India

What Goes Up Must Come Down... Somewhere

By Aero-News Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien It's usually bad news for a junior officer when the commander of the whole armed service knows your name. We visited that fact recently with the hapless Russian fighter pilot, Valery Troyanov, who crashed in Lithuania and was thrown in jail (He was released first to house arrest, and has since gone home to Russia). The most recent officer to be threatened with the "Commander in Chief's Special Projects Officer On An Extremely Short Leash" job is an unnamed Indian Air Force pilot, who made an impression on Air Chief Marshal S. P. Tyagi and a glittering array of other brass.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (10.20.05)

"Delivering petitions collected at bars, restaurants and other non-aviation related venues to Washington is a cheap publicity stunt that uses the false promise of low fares to masquerade Southwest's real objective -- to renege on a compromise they agreed to in 1979 and create a legislatively protected monopoly at Love Field. What they fail to mention in their campaign is the negative affect repealing the Wright Amendment would have on the D/FW Metroplex and surrounding counties from a resulting loss of jobs and economic strength." Source: Statement by American Airlines unions trashing Southwest Airlines for its attempts to repeal the Wright Amendment. That piece of legislation, in effect for decades, restricts flights out of Dallas Love Field. Rather than accept g

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California TFR: 10.20.05 - 10.21.05

NOTAM: 5/9599 Issued: 10/19/2005 20:20 Effective: 10/20/2005 23:40 - 10/21/2005 17:25 State: CA Facility: ZLA - LOS ANGELES (ARTCC)PALMDALE, CA. Type: VIP Description: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER 20-21 2005 LOCAL.

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