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April 17, 2005

Beautiful Weather Greets Light SNF Crowds

But Where Is Everybody?

The weather has been beyond gorgeous at this year's Sun-N-Fun Fly-In -- clear, cool and relatively dry (for Springtime in central Florida). So where is everybody? The airshow performers at Lakeland have done well. There've been no serious accidents reported. Yet some vendors report only getting a third of their normal crowds this year.

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FAA Calls Wichita's Subsidies To AirTran Unjust

Orders City To Remedy "Unjust Discrimination"

The FAA has given Wichita, KS, 30 days to describe how it will remedy what the federal agency calls "unjust economic discrimination"  in its subsidies to AirTran. FAA officials say millions of dollars in federal grant money to Mid-Continent Airport are on the line.

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Crazy Horse (2) Joins The Tribe

Stallion 51 Expands

What's a fighter plane without a wingman? Stallion 51 announced last week that Crazy Horse (2) has joined the stable in Kissimmee, Florida.

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ISS Crew Exchange Underway

A Crowded House Is A Happy House

REAL TIME UPDATE: 1215 EDT -- After arriving Saturday night to dock with the International Space Station, the members of both ISS Expeditions 10 and 11 are going through the process of handing over the keys and preparing for the arrival of the space shuttle Discovery.

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Can You Bend Tin? Cessna Wants YOU

Company On The Lookout For 500 Workers

Cessna says its jet manufacturing business is so good the company needs to hire another 500 sheet metal workers -- the second time since October that the company has decided to add to the workforce.

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Mustangs And Legends: They're Gathering Again

"The Final Round Up"

Stallion 51 Corporation announced last week that The Gathering of Mustangs & Legends: "The Final Roundup" will take place in the summer of 2006.

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Aero-News Picture of the Day (04.17.05)

History On The Wing

This tight formation is a real display of first-class airmanship -- not only are there four dissimilar types here, they are from four different eras, and fought in several different wars for the USA. It takes skill and planning to maneuver in a tight diamond with machines that have such widely varying performance. In fact, the formation was so cool, we decided one picture just wasn't enough to do it justice.

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Replacement Crew Docks with ISS

Pack Your Bags, We're Going Home!

They're here! Commander Leroy Chiao and Cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov watched as their replacements arrived at about 10:20 p.m. EDT Saturday.

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Resources for Sport Pilots

Where the Help Is: ASC, EAA & USUA

One thing for sure: FAA certainly has done one thing by issuing sport pilot and light sport aircraft. They certainly have spawned a billion questions and complicated technical situations.

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Paperless Cockpit Releases New E-Board XP3 EFB

Paperless Cockpit introduces its first all-in-one Electronic Flight Bag capable of displaying the complete approach chart without wasting valuable flight deck space.

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Jack Pelton Talks Airplanes (Part Two Of Two)

Twins, Retractables, And What's Holding Us Back

In the first installment of this interview, Cessna President Jack Pelton opened up to us about his flying roots, his love for general and grassroots aviation, and his current recreational aviation activities.

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Alteon Adds Sims In Atlanta and Miami

Alteon Training (Alteon) received FAA Level "C" certification for two full flight simulators recently installed in its Atlanta and Miami locations.

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Eclipse 500 Gets Some Sun

There was an Eclipse out in the sun today. The Eclipse being the jet of the same name -- the first one in the test program to venture out of Albuquerque -- and the sun was, of course, in Florida, where Eclipse introduced the jet, still in flight test, to the public.

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Fair Fairchilds

Training Was The Allies' Secret Weapon

If you ask a lot of people which type did the most to win the Second World War, some of them would certainly name the mighty B-29 that nuked the Banzai clean out of the Japanese Empire.

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Forward Vision: I See You, Deer

See In The Dark With Infrared Technology

Patrick Farrell asked himself, "If I don't do it, who's going to do it?" He had just heard that a good friend of his had crashed into trees just short of the runway while on a night approach.

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Reports: Airport Security No Better Than Before 9/11

GAO, DHS Reports Blasts "Soviet-Style Screening System"

Listen closely. That sound you hear is the other shoe dropping after TSA Director David Stone (Admiral, USN, Retired) was forced to resign more than a week ago.

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John Goglia To Keynote 2005 Commencement At Daniel Webster College

Will Receive Honorary Doctorate Degree

Daniel Webster will welcome back friend of the College and former member of the NTSB, John Goglia, as keynote speaker for the College’s 36th Commencement on Saturday, May 14, 2005.

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Parade of Light Sport Aircraft Continues: Zenith

In an exclusive interview with ANN, Zenith's Customer Service Representative, Roger Dubbert, he reported that the CH 701 is preferable over the competition because it is an all-metal airplane capable of take-off and landings in less than 100 feet, and which can be built in less than 500 hours.

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Gill Introduces New Battery Capacity Tester

As a continued airworthiness requirement, battery capacity checking just got easier. Thanks to Gill’s new TCT-1000 Battery Capacity Analyzer, checking capacity of aircraft batteries just got easier.

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Raytheon Aircraft Company Receives Highest Level of Recognition From FAA

During a recent visit to Raytheon Aircraft Company, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) presented their Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Phase V Diamond Award.

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Having Trouble Picking Your Seat?

Try To Sit Up Front

Dr. Mark Morrision is happy with his new leather Oregon Aero High-G Safety Seats. It's been a few years since Richard VanGrunsven announced that his new RV-10 Project would use Oregon Aero seats for the front two occupants.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (04.17.05)

"I can't go ANYWHERE without someone asking me, 'Why aren't you building the 210?'" Source: Cessna's Jack Pelton, in an exclusive interview with ANN, during the Lakeland Fly-In. 

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