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Fri, Sep 25, 2020

AD: MD Helicopters Inc. (MDHI), Helicopters

AD 2020-18-20 Prompted By Reports Of Abrasion Strips Departing The Main Rotor (MR) Blade In-Flight

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain MD Helicopters Inc. (MDHI) Model 369A, 369D, 369E, 369FF, 369H, 369HE, 369HM, 369HS, 500N, and 600N helicopters. This AD was prompted by reports of abrasion strips departing the main rotor (MR) blade in-flight. This AD requires tap inspecting each MR blade leading edge abrasion strip. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products. This AD is effective October 28, 2020.

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Fri, Sep 25, 2020

AD: Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited Helicopters

AD 2020-19-05 Prompted By A Report Of A Bearing That Migrated Out Of The Swashplate Inner Ring

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited (Bell) Model 505 helicopters. This AD requires inspecting each swashplate assembly bearing (bearing), and depending on the inspection results, removing the bearing from service. This AD was prompted by a report of a bearing that migrated out of the swashplate inner ring. The actions of this AD are intended to address an unsafe condition on these products. This AD becomes effective October 8, 2020.

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Fri, Sep 25, 2020

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.25.20)

Aero Linx: Antique Aeroplane Association Of Australia The Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia is widely recognised as Australia's premier organisation promoting the preservation, restoration and flying of old aeroplanes. “Old Aeroplanes” includes Antique, Classic and Contemporary aeroplanes, both Civil and Military from the 1920s through to the 1960s. The AAAA was formed in 1974 by a group of owners and enthusiasts to fill a need for an association to represent the interests of owners of old aeroplanes at a time where aircraft were being exported or forced out of the air by heavy Government charges and regulation. The most important role of the Association has been to give owners and enthusiasts a unified voice with which to speak to Government instrumentalities. We are the recognised spokespersons for Australia's restorers, maintainers, owners and operators of old aeroplanes. The AAAA is an incorporated association.  It is run by a committee of members el

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Fri, Sep 25, 2020

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.25.20): Contaminated Runway

Contaminated Runway A runway is considered contaminated whenever standing water, ice, snow, slush, frost in any form, heavy rubber, or other substances are present. A runway is contaminated with respect to rubber deposits or other friction-degrading substances when the average friction value for any 500-foot segment of the runway within the ALD fails below the recommended minimum friction level and the average friction value in the adjacent 500-foot segments falls below the maintenance planning friction level.

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Fri, Sep 25, 2020

ANN FAQ: Contributing To Aero-TV

How To Get A Story On Aero-TV News/Feature Programming

How do I submit a story idea or lead to Aero-TV? If you would like to submit a story idea or lead, please contact Jim Campbell via the link below. Please include the following information when submitting a story idea or lead: who the intended subject is, a general story outline of said subject, important dates or deadlines for the story lead, and any appropriate contact information for both yourself and related subjects.

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Thu, Sep 24, 2020

Airborne 09.21.20: B-25 Down In CA, Ampaire Flies Again, UAL Agreement

Also: STC'ed: Avidyne IFD540, Airbus Wins NASA Contract, LogTen Pro Pilot Logbook, SmartSky Beats Patent Challenge

We are still evaluating the information coming in on a crash in the central part of California state, near Stockton,  involving a WWII generation Mitchell Bomber that went down short of an airport and into an 'open' field, where an irrigation ditch, and other impediments, apparently caused serious damage to the airframe.  Three people were on the aircraft. Two were transported to a local hospital, and one was able to walk away. Ampaire has flown its second technology demonstrator. The aircraft is a refined version of its Cessna 337 “Electric EEL” hybrid-electric aircraft conversion. The company refers to the new flight test aircraft as the Hawaii Bird, as it will be flown by Ampaire and Mokulele Airlines pilots on air routes in Hawaii later this year in a se

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Tue, Sep 08, 2020

Classic Aero-TV: Velocity's Spacy V-Twin -- A 21st Century Multi-Engine Airplane

From 2013: Velocity Aircraft Shows Off Their Twin-Engine Model At The AOPA 2013 Convention

While at the AOPA 2013 convention, ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell had the opportunity to get out on the ramp and check out the twin-engine Velocity prototype. He met with John Abraham, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Velocity Aircraft and asked what’s in the future for this unique homebuilt airplane.

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Tue, Dec 31, 2019

SSJ100 Meets The European Standards For Controller-Pilot Digital Communication

Aircraft Will Be Additionally Equipped With Controller-Pilot Digital Private Communications System

SSJ100 aircraft has successfully completed test flights and proved the performance capability of ATN system in real conditions in Europe. The installation of this system is relevant primarily for the operators flying to EU countries. Equipping of all civil passenger aircraft with ATN system starting from February, 2020 is a mandatory requirement of the European aviation authorities for flight operations in various European countries above FL285.

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