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Sport Aviation News

Thu, Nov 27, 2014

AeroSports Update: What Is An LSA, And How Do I Know?

The Term Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Is A Description Of An Aircraft, Not A Specific Type Of Aircraft Airworthiness Certification

Anyone that holds a sport pilot certificate, or anyone that is exercising sport pilot privileges, is limited to flying an aircraft defined as a light sport aircraft. If a pilot is not limited to sport pilot privileges, an LSA may be a perfect choice for an aircraft, but it’s not a required choice. LSA is a definition of an aircraft and is not necessarily related to the aircraft airworthiness certificate.

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Wed, Nov 26, 2014

AeroSports Update: Lycoming Dual Fuel Engine Powers Aviat Husky

While Everyone Is Talking About Electric Airplanes, Let’s Not Forget The Research Going On For A Dual Fuel Engine Using Gasoline And CNG

Earlier this month, Lycoming Engines hosted Stu Horn, President of Aviat Aircraft Inc., who flew the company’s Aviat Husky CNG to Williamsport, PA. This innovative aircraft is powered by a Lycoming IO-360-A1D6, which has been modified to be the world’s first dual-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) aircraft, and can be powered by CNG or 100LL aviation gasoline with the flip of a switch.

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Tue, Nov 25, 2014

EAA Seeks Path Forward On Stadium Overflights

Flights Became More Common, Popular Following Sequestration In 2013

This week, EAA representatives met with FAA officials to explore possibilities to continue popular stadium overflights in experimental category aircraft, including those prior to NFL games, NASCAR races, and other major public events.

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