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Mon, Apr 01, 2024

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez Says Transporter Technology Is 'Eminent'

'We CAN Do Away With Air Travel', AOC Says

04.01.24 Aero-News April 1 Special Edition (Classic)

An added proposal in the Green New Deal to do away with air travel in the next 10-12 years has drawn derision from many sectors, including the aviation industry and conservative media, but its principal champion says that new technology will make air travel obsolete.

Congresswoman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was captured on an open microphone at a fundraising event telling supporters that she has information indicating that Star Trek-like transporter technology is about to be unveiled, which will end the need for climate-destroying airplanes.

"They're on the verge of a breakthrough," AOC tells the supporter. "Pretty soon, we'll all be able to step into a closet, push a few buttons, and be zapped through the ether to our destination. We'll get rid of cars, trains, airplanes, ships ... all of that fossil-fuel-burning stuff."

The supporter asked who was about to introduce this technology. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez said "I'm under an NDA, but let's just say that I have it on good authority from President Putin. We collude ... er ... chat regularly."

Another supporter joining the conversation, asking how people of modest means would be able to afford having the technology in their homes. "Pffffft! It'll be free, of course," the Congresswoman said. "Think of the jobs that will be created by companies building the devices and installing them free in every home. No more rush hours, no more long lines at airports, no more intrusive body scans or pat-downs, no more flat tires, and all the clean air you can breathe and clean water you can drink. We owe it to the planet to move in this direction, even it it does mean colluding ... er ... working with the Russians and Chinese ... oh ... I've said too much."

When reached for comment, a producer of the "Star Trek" franchise who requested anonymity just shook her head and said "Really? She'd better hope to whatever deity in which she believes that a fly doesn't get into the transporter beam with her. I mean I work in Hollywood ... but really?"



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