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Mon, Mar 11, 2024

Czech Manufacturer Shows off 1-gram Remote ID Module

"BS" Module Offers Even Lighter, Cheaper Compliance

Dronetag announced a new offering among their portfolio of Remote ID broadcast modules, the 'Basic Solution'.

The 'BS', as the Czechs unfortunately abbreviate it, tips the scales at a nigh invisible 0.035 ounces, or a single gram, making it the "tiniest and lightest remote ID solution on the current market". The module can be had as a standalone purchase for $85 or in a combined pack with enclosure, battery, charger, and antenna for 99 bucks, though they say that's more of a limited-time introductory price. Knowing their American audience, at least, Dronetag says that the upgrade to the full package comes in "at the price of a single BigMac menu", proving that Euro manufacturers really can measure things in a way we can understand. The systems are in stock and ready to ship, allowing drone operators to come into Remote ID compliance before the March 16th deadline (which is when the limited pricing ends).

The Basic Solution system sports a new enclosure design and improved battery slot, allowing users to install it with an independent power supply from the aircraft using a standard M1.6 threaded column. The board used inside the unit has solder pads for those tinkerers who want to embed it a little tighter into their aircraft, as well as a power options to draw from its own battery, the drone's, or any other 5-volt power source. The Basic Solution suit supports "Spektrum XBUS and SRXL2. It can also feed telemetry data to the Betaflight or similar flight controllers via UART, acting as a GPS module while simultaneously broadcasting Remote ID data."

"The Dronetag team is on a mission to prove the usefulness of RID, which many pilots still consider a bureaucratic annoyance," said CEO Lukas Brchl in a moment of honesty. "I am sure that making drone flying a little more organized will help us all – allowing advanced commercial operations in the airspace while adding new features that we, pilots, appreciate. And our latest generation of products goes precisely this way."



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