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Mon, Jul 24, 2023

FlySto to Debut Flight Data Monitoring Product at AirVenture 2023

The Dawn of GA Flight Analytics

FlySto is an aviation software startup about the business of providing general aviation pilots and aircraft owners flight-data monitoring and analytics similar to those utilized by airlines and militaries.

A portmanteau of Fly and Story, FlySto sets forth its product: “Tells pilots data-driven fact-based ‘Flying Stories you can trust’ for better and safer flying.”

FlySto is making ready to launch its flight data analysis software at EAA’s AirVenture 2023 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Designed to provide users immersive insights into their flights and the quality, accuracy, and professionalism of their own flying, FlySto’s software occasions a milestone achievement in the digitalization of general aviation.

FlySto is committed to increasing safety of flight by capturing, archiving, and delivering cutting-edge flight data analysis, review, and debriefing solutions. The company’s software supports a broad range of avionics and navigation app log file formats.

By dint of its purpose-built software, revolutionary features, and intuitive design, FlySto’s product affords users an easy, efficient, and effective means by which to contemporaneously track flights and glean valuable insights vis-à-vis their aeronautical proficiency.

FlySto co-founder and certificated pilot Patrick Lienhart stated: "We were looking everywhere for an adequate solution that could do what we needed, however, we couldn't find anything that met our requirements, so we started our own solution and created FlySto.”

Mr. Lienhart continued: “For instance, some avionics do not contain flaps or gear configuration information, so we developed functionality in FlySto that shows it through application of aerodynamic algorithms, for selected aircraft types. Our team of pilots and developers is passionate and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable with great software by focusing first and foremost on the product and user experience to provide our users with a game-changing solution."

Lienhart concluded: "FlySto represents our relentless pursuit of innovation in aviation, and we are thrilled to offer our users a transformative, amazing and fascinating tool that they'll love to use and apply to always keep learning.”

FlySto’s key features include:

  • Seamless upload and rapid processing of a broad range of avionics and app generated log file formats, as well as automatic combinations of flight and engine data from different systems.
  • Perspectives including 2D/3D maps and cockpit view replays with realistic flight instrument overlays, waypoints, Nav/Comm frequency, weather report history, and graphs of all parameters—including engine data.
  • Traffic pattern comparison and replay.
  • Approach scoring and landing parameters.
  • Takeoff, cruise and landing performance comparison of actual vs. book values based on and corrected for ambient atmospheric conditions.
  • Video upload and automatic synchronization deriving of computer vision technology and featuring realistic flight instrument overlays.
  • Custom configurable warning rules to flag excessive parameter values and deviations.
  • Traffic and wake-turbulence awareness with graphical depiction of proximity traffic as well as highlighted areas of wake-turbulence caution and danger.
  • (Fleet) Insights dashboard with aggregate and statistical data for trend analysis.

FlySto is free to use, for the time being, and may be accessed through on desktop and mobile devices. Dedicated iOS and Android apps are in development. FlySto’s intuitive user interface and seamless integration with selected third-party services facilitate automatic log uploading.



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