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August 18, 2021

USPA Issues A-100000 to Jeff Huang

Milestone License Issued Almost 70 Years After First Issuance

The parachuting community, under the guidance of the US Parachute Association, has guided skydivers along a skill path using a series of licenses that start with 'A' and then go on to 'B' and so forth. An 'A' license is a stepping stone to be able to jump pretty much unsupervised at most dropzones throughout the country and elsewhere, and is a pretty solid indicator of achievement for a new parachutist. In 1952, the nascent PCA (before it became USPA) issued the very first A license to Lew Sanborn of Massachusetts. Almost 70 years and 100,000 licenses later, Jeff Huang of Wainan, China, has earned A-100000. Huang made his first jump in November 2018 and jumps at a drop zone in Inner Mon

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Airborne-Flight Training 08.12.21: Ray Av-Scholarships, Spartan-SkyWest, A&P Pro

Also: HAI Scholarships, Helicentre, Pan Am B757 Sims, I Hart Flying

275 young aviators can now achieve their dreams of flight thanks to EAA’s Ray Aviation Scholarship fund. The Ray Foundation provides EAA up to $10,000 to deserving youth aviators to cover their flight training expenses. That support totaled $1 million in 2019 and $1.2 million each in 2020 and 2021. SkyWest’s Pilot Career Pathway is partnering with Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology at their Tulsa, Oklahoma flight campus. The benefits to erstwhile pilots may be significant… Program highlights include tuition reimbursement from SkyWest as Spartan Cadets reac

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Ampaire Demonstrates First Hybrid Electric Aircraft in Scotland

First To Fly Potential Airline Route

Ampaire is celebrating a major milestone for Scotland with the first set of hybrid electric flights taking place in the north of the country on August 12th. The trials are part of the Sustainable Aviation Test Environment project, led by Highlands and Islands Airports. Running on battery power and a combustion engine, Ampaire’s Electric EEL is a modified six seat Cessna 337.

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PA ANG Helps Fight West Coast Fires

First Time The Pennsylvania ANG Has Used This Asset To Fight Fires

Pennsylvania Air National Guard members are serving as imagery experts, providing live aerial video streaming to fire bosses working on the front lines of the devastating California wildfires. Activated at the request of the National Interagency Fire Center, the Airmen are tactical air control party specialists and part of the 148th Air Support Operations Squadron. It's the first time the Pennsylvania ANG has used this asset to fight fires.

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Tamarack's Klinginsmith Calls for Aviation Industry Unity at ICAO

Remarks Made While Speaking At Sustainability Event

Jacob Klinginsmith, President of Tamarack Aerospace Group, was reportedly the first industry leader to warn that the aviation would not reach world sustainability goals without immediate industry cooperation, as noted in his remarks at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Pre-Stocktaking Sustainability Webinar last week. Aviation representatives at the stocktaking event agreed with Klinginsmith and discussed current and upcoming technologies to aid in reducing fossil fuel usage and noise pollution. Klinginsmith and Tamarack were one of a very select group chosen by ICAO to represent new technology designed to reduce aviation’s impact on the current climate crises. He also pr

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Vantis Testing and Validation Progress Report

Multiple Flights on the Network Reportedly Completed

Vantis is integrating UAS into the National Airspace System (NAS), with the goal of making the process repeatable, scalable, and economically viable. Testing and validation of Vantis, North Dakota’s statewide UAS network, is well underway with more than 125 UAS and 25 manned aircraft test flights completed on the network during the developmental testing stage. Operational testing will begin this fall, and a request for proposal (RFP) soliciting a variety of unmanned aircraft to participate and provide the highest level of operational approval and safety data is anticipated to be released within the next month.

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Airborne-Unmanned 08.10.21: XPONENTIAL21 Is A Go, ERAU Drones, NASA v UAVs

Also: Autel To Abandon EVO 1, OFT-2 Woes, TSA v Drones, uAvionix Receives FAA TSO

ANN has received a communication from AUVSI in which they state, "As XPONENTIAL approaches in less than two weeks, we're closely monitoring COVID trends globally and locally in Atlanta. We want to confirm for our community that we are proceeding as planned with the event, and to share some pertinent information. They go on to say that Mandates that the city of Atlanta has recently announced are aligned with the Health + Safety Plan we've already had in place, reinforcing our efforts to keep attendees safe while engaging on-site." As the FAA develops policies to safely int

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Airborne 08.13.21: Raptor-NG? No, Really..., ArkanSTOL!, 5G Drone Races

Also: Balloon Champs, Pyka ePlanes, First DA50 RG Demo, Jennifer Homendy Confirmed

Remember the Raptor kit aircraft prototype that ended up in a cornfield? Well, believe it or not… Peter Muller unveiled a new design and it's called the Raptor NG. While the original bird promised the moon and never succeeded in doing much more than getting off the ground, the Raptor NG goes WAY beyond the original hype and bluster of the elder, recently corn-fed, Raptor. The new bird is... get this... a multi-electric-hybrid ducted fan airframe with a unique 'box-wing' configuration. Mark your calendars! ArkanSTOL Opens Spectator Registration For Ozark Backwoods

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Airborne 08.11.21: Blackshape GabriƩl, Bahamas VAX Regs, United Mandates

Also: FAA On The Warpath, Wings Over North Georgia, Tamarack Joins ICAO, OFT-2 Valve Issue

Ameri Aircraft Sales and Service in Houston, Texas, is now the exclusive sales and service dealer for the Blackspace line of aircraft. The Gabriél is the trainer version of their higher performance Prime model, certified in the EU and about to become certified by the FAA under reciprocal agreement protocols. Gabriél is a tandem-seat, retractable-gear design constructed of carbon-fiber prepreg, steel and aluminum. It is powered by a Lycoming IO-320-D1B 160 hp engine turning a Hartzell three-blade constant speed prop. Our friend, Jim Parker of Caribbe

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NTSB Prelim: Larry H Sligar Cozy MK IV

The CHT Still Kept Rising, And The Engine Ceased Producing Power

On August 2, 2021, about 1554 mountain daylight time, a Cozy MK IV airplane, N1361S, sustained substantial damage when it was involved in an accident near Rushville, Nebraska. The commercial pilot and passenger sustained serious injuries. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. The pilot reported that after takeoff, he noticed that all four cylinder head temperatures (CHT) were higher than they should have been as indicated on the engine monitoring device. He noticed that the CHT never stabilized and never decreased in temperature after the takeoff.

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AD: Boeing Company Airplanes

AD 2021-17-08 Prompted By Reports That Several Of The Fittings That Provide Attachment Between The Radome And Fuselage Were Cracked

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain The Boeing Company Model 737-800 and -900ER series airplanes. This AD was prompted by reports that several of the fittings that provide attachment between the radome and fuselage were cracked to the point of failure on airplanes modified in accordance with a certain supplemental type certificate (STC). This AD requires demodification of the STC installation on the airplane by removing the external equipment installed during the STC modification (including the radome, antenna, and associated structure), installing doubler and fasteners, and system deact

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AD: GE Aviation Czech s.r.o.

AD 2021-15-10 Prompted By Several Reports Of Engine Gas Generator Speed (Ng) Rollbacks

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all GE Aviation Czech s.r.o. (GEAC) H75-200, H80-100, and H80-200 model turboprop engines. This AD was prompted by several reports of engine gas generator speed (Ng) rollbacks occurring below idle on GEAC H75-200, H80-100, and H80-200 model turboprop engines. This AD requires an inspection of a certain part number (P/N) fuel control unit (FCU) and, if deficiencies are detected, replacement of the FCU with a part eligible for installation. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products. This AD is effective September 21, 2021.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.18.21)

Aero Linx: The Taylorcraft Foundation The Taylorcraft Foundation is exclusively organized for charitable, educational & scientific activities and will preserve the history and technical information of the Taylorcraft airplanes. This Foundation is a chartered State of Ohio Corporation and has been granted IRS 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit, tax exempt, organization. The Taylorcraft Foundation maintains archives, provides information and research assistance when possible to aircraft owners, and works to preserve Taylorcraft history.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.18.21): Transponder

Transponder The airborne radar beacon receiver/transmitter portion of the Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS) which automatically receives radio signals from interrogators on the ground, and selectively replies with a specific reply pulse or pulse group only to those interrogations being received on the mode to which it is set to respond.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (08.18.21)

"Today's flight to Wick went without a hitch, flying at 3500 feet and 120 miles per hour. The Electric EEL is easy to fly, flying a total of 5 hours here. This EEL model, Ampaire's second aircraft, has been flying for over a year, demonstrating the reliability and economy, as well as the potential to transform regional aviation. Its flight characteristics are quite conventional, except for new power management indications in the cockpit." Source: Ampaire test pilot, Justin Gillen, Ampaire after celebrating a major milestone for Scotland with the first set of hybrid electric flights taking place in the north of the country on August 12th.

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