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April 21, 2007

Diamond Aircraft, BRS Developing 'Chute For DA50

If Successful, Would Be Option On Super Star

It's becoming clearer every day that Diamond Aircraft intends its upcoming, five-place DA50 Super Star single piston aircraft to go wingtip-to-wingtip against the offerings of a certain company in Duluth, MN... and to that end, it's likely the plane will also become the first Diamond piston offering to sport a ballistic recovery parachute, as well.

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Tests Show It Takes More Than A Little Hail To Break A Columbia

Composite Airframe Outlasts Metal Testing Rig

 It may not be the prettiest piece of hardware ever to come from Bend, OR... but a Columbia airframe -- complete with more than 100 sites of deliberately inflicted unrepaired damage, a host of structural and nonstructural repairs plus as many as 25 intentional manufacturing defects -- was recently subjected to a punishing fatigue analysis equivalent to 25,000 flight hours at loads exceeding the Columbia’s Utility Category certification levels.

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Pickering Council Gives Thumbs-Down To Airport Proposal

Contends Airport Is A "Bad Idea"

During its April 16 meeting the Pickering, Ontario City Council approved a resolution calling for public hearings for a proposed airport... while officially maintaining its opposition to one.

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Hostage, Gunman Dead Following Standoff At NASA Facility

Contract Worker Employed At Agency For Approx. 13 Years

Police haven't said publicly yet what may have led a contract worker to take hostages inside Building 44 at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX Friday, in a standoff that ended with the fatal shooting of one hostage and the apparent suicide of the gunman.

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NTSB: Pilot, Passenger Were Intoxicated In CA Accident

Witnesses Report 8-10 Beers Consumed Shortly Before Flight

According to a preliminary NTSB report, the pilot and passenger of a 1948 Ryan Navion A had consumed eight to 10 beers shortly before a March 30 crash in North Valley, CA.

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Tyndall AFB Rescue Center Coordinates Glider Crash Rescue

 Members of the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center assisted in the saving of a life April 16 as it coordinated the rescue response for a glider pilot who crashed in the mountains near Franklin, W.V.

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Brussels Airport To Compensate Airlines

No Landing Fees On Fridays In May

To compensate for flight delays and cancellations that occurred April 13 because of striking airport firefighters and security staff, Brussels Airport will let airlines land and take off for free every Friday in May.

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US Warns Against Flying Indonesian Airlines

Country Says Warning Has No "Influence"

The FAA downgraded Indonesia's oversight rating this week, prompting the US Embassy in Jakarta to issue a warning calling for all American citizens traveling in Indonesia to avoid flying local airliners.

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Feds Say MIA Was A Hub... For A Drug Ring

Cargo workers Used To Smuggle Cocaine, Heroin

Federal authorities say Miami International Airport was the hub of a cocaine and heroin trafficking ring that used cargo workers to smuggle the drugs. More than 500 pounds of cocaine and 81 pounds of heroin have been seized so far, following a March bust involving a Comair employee.

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Paula Abdul Is No Sanjaya On Southwest Airlines

Witnesses Say "American Idol" Judge Wanted Special Treatment

We've all heard horror stories of popular actors and singers demanding preferential treatment when traveling by air. Usually, their desires of the ego are sated by corporate jets... but alas, sometimes celebrities must slog through the trenches with the common rabble, as well.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.21.07)


The National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) represents more than 1,300 members in 46 states.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.21.07): Backlash


Term describing the amount of play between gears, or gear mesh. If too loose, the gear can slip, or strip the teeth. Too tight, and excessive wear is caused.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (04.21.07)

“This test should unequivocally quell any lingering misconceptions that somehow a composite airframe isn’t as durable as an aluminum airframe.”

Source: Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation Vice President of Engineering Tom Bowen.

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